Respecting Personal Boundaries and Sending Energy

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In an email conversation with a friend regarding my previous post, Please. . . Please. . . Please. . .DON’T Send Energy!, the other person expressed this idea:

It’s OK to just send energy if you add “they can take as much or as little of the energy as they are open to receive even if it’s none at all.”

My response to this is that it’s essential to honor everyone’s personal space.

Putting the energy into someone’s personal space and then saying, “Well, you can take what you want and leave the rest” means you are already in their space BEFORE asking permission to be there.  You have already crossed the boundary into their personal space without asking permission.  This requires that the other person have the energy and consciousness and personal power to make a decision after you’ve invaded their space.

I know many, many people who have serious personal boundary issues. They may have been abused physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually.   Abuse is rampant in the 3-D world, including in our own culture.

They may not even recognize when someone has invaded their personal space.  They may have been conditioned to be passive or to have mushy or non-existent boundaries.  They may have given away their personal power and don’t feel safe in the world because of that and are afraid to speak up.  They usually don’t know how to take back their personal power, either.  So when you come into their space without permission, they don’t know how to cope.   At least if you ask first, you are letting them know they have a choice.  But once you’ve already violated their personal space, it may not matter what you say – they may still feel helpless to stand up for themselves.

Even with the best of intentions, invasion is still invasion.  If you are a healer, you are ethically bound to honor other beings personal space and boundaries.

Furthermore, having clear personal boundaries is very important for everyone in a world where our privacy rights have been systematically destroyed.

Respecting someone’s boundaries requires that you ask first, and then when you get a “yes”, you can still say, “now, take what you want of this energy and leave the rest.”  When you get a “no” you are still leaving that being’s privacy and personal space intact!

Hari Baba  Melchizedek (a.k.a., John Armitage) once said that he has such strong intention that he can heal people even when it would not be appropriate for their spiritual well-being and when it might not even be their choice.  He has to be very careful when he sends energy to ask permission and to not assume that the outcome should be what he thinks it should be.

I also know I have very strong intention, and I took what he said to heart.  I can only ask permission and ask that the outcome be “for the highest good of all concerned.”  For me to think that I know what the “highest good of all concerned” is for anyone, even myself at times, would be a major ego trip – a journey which I have no desire to take.

So respecting other people’s boundaries also includes the concept that most of us literally has no idea what is best for anyone else.

There’s a beautiful story about Amma, a.k.a. Mata Amritanandamayi, a spiritual teacher from India.  During a darshan (where seekers and students sit in the presence of the teacher and ask questions), a man entered the room who was leper, covered in sores.  Amma immediately arose, went over to him, hugged him, and brought him to sit beside her.  He ask her to heal him.  She then began to lick his sores, which immediately began to disappear.  Leprosy is a terrible disease that literally eats the body away, but Amma is such a high being vibrationally (spiritually) that she could not only heal this man, but do so by licking his sores without endangering her own health.  Amma did not complete the healing – she left him with one sore.  When someone asked about this, she replied that this man needed the leprosy to assist him on his spiritual path and that she had no right to take this from him.

Unlike Amma, most of us have no idea what boundaries we should or shouldn’t be crossing.  So we have to ASK!!

Lessons from God

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Lessons from GOD
I run an aircraft maintenance hangar and a flying school in Biggin Hill Airport Uk with my 2 sons
We fly Cessna and Piper aircraft
One Day I was walking into our hangar I was carrying out the
 Gayatri Mantra Discipline  Chanting Gayatri few thousand times a day even while working
(Sathya Sai Baba had initiated this to me in Shirdi Temple after a Fire ceremony with Shirdi Sai Baba)
As I reached my office Outside my office right in front of me was the largest beetle I have ever seen UGLY and Dead and Large
I am terrified   of    Beetles.
I closed my eyes and  Kicked it aside and said to myself I will  ask one of my staff to throw it out later
I forgot all about this beetle with the pressures of work.
A Couple of hours later I lit  an Incense stick we have an Altar to all the Divine beings, Ganesh, Jesus Guru Nanak, Amma Hugging lady, Sai Baba,  Buddha Allah, etc a small shrine we have, we do in our Hangar.
We have maybe 15 staff they light incense and we do prayers in our aircraft hangar many times in the day.
Anyway I said God thank you for allowing our Aircraft to be safe and train pilots safely and thank you for looking after us
I said “God I love You”.
Suddenly Baba appeared waved his hand and The Wall in front of me suddenly became a huge TV screen and I saw myself walking into the hangar 
Baba then said ” Amarjit You don’t love God, you live in pretence.”
“What’s wrong with you Baba”   I said,   I love God look into the TV I am Chanting The Gayatri mantra prayers as I am walking .
Then Baba said look Amarjit you have just Kicked me, (showing me kicking the beetle)
The Beetle is  not you Baba what is wrong with you
“IT was God you kicked Amarjit” said Baba.
I said “But the Beetle is Dead its lifeless it has no life in it.”
Baba then said ” Amarjit, Lip Service to God is No service at all!”
You might as well not chant any prayers if your consciousness
 does not perceive  God in all you do and see
Your next lesson is to perceive and see God in everything you do and see  I am in the chair you sit on
 I am in the incense stick you are lighting. I am in your aircraft, in your staff, in your customers,
Whatever wrong you do anywhere I feel it instantly
I am in the Floor you are standing on I am every where, I am the air you breathe.
I am the Totality of creation.
This is your next Lesson:   in learning to merge with God raise your compassion to see God in all.” 
Saying this, Baba dematerialised leaving me once again to ponder and think hard.
   Amarjit Singh