Ascension Preparation – Shamballa: Land of the Masters

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We Are Already Masters –
We Just Have to Remember That We are Masters!

In our teleclass today, we visited the Healing Institute in the sacred city of Shamballa, met one of the Administrative Healing Specialists, and received color healing treatments that use a system gifted to humanity by our Arcturian cousins.

A prism breaks visible light into colors.

When I facilitate healing sessions, I am sometimes guided to request special color healing for the individual or animal.  Sometimes I am guided to place the energies of the individual in one of the special color healing Solariums, which are organized by color frequencies.  The individual receives the color healing for 24 hours or more, depending on what the Color Healing Specialists recommend.

There are many other healing systems available at the Healing Institute.  This is also the healing center where the Masters Medical Assistance Program (MAP) has its headquarters.  For more information about MAP, see Machaelle Small Wright’s book, MAP:  The Co-creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program.  (NOTE:  The “white” in this title refers to the use of white light, meaning the full spectrum of available colors, and has nothing to do with racial issues or anything else.)

Please share any experiences you had in our meditation and ask any additional questions by responding to this blog post.  Thank you.