Ascension Preparation: Integrating Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

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To move out of duality,

integrate the male and female within you.


In our teleclass last night, we reviewed the different qualities associated with the female chi (yin) and the male chi (yang).

Contrasting characteristics of Female and Male Chi.

Since we all have both the male and female chi and the male and female hormones, we all have both sets of some characteristics to some degree.

The really important issue that is related to preparing for ascension is this:

How do you integrate –

heal your relationship with –

BOTH of these aspects within you?


To help you do this, I channeled the energies of the Mahatma or highest frequency Divine Feminine energy for you to experience.  Then I channeled the energy of the new Divine Masculine Christ Light energy for you to experinece.

In our meditation, we each met with both aspects of ourselves and began the harmonious, loving, reintegration of these two aspects.

Please share below any questions you may have and any experiences you had during or after participating in the teleclass.


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Ascension Preparation: Forgiveness and Gratitude . . .

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. . . Tools of Transformation

In this month’s teleclass, we learned that our Heart Center is the place of alchemical transformation – the place where we can take the dross of lower vibrational emotional patterns and limiting beliefs and raise their vibrational frequencies, turning them into Love, Courage, Joy, and Bliss.

Two of the Divine 5th Dimensional frequencies found in the Heart Center are Forgiveness and Gratitude.  We can learn to use them to focus our attention on what we choose to experience, rather than allowing ourselves to be stuck in old habits of limitation.  We don’t have to accept feeling powerless.  We can call back our power with Forgiveness and Gratitude.

Whenever we feel stuck – that we are in a situation where we have no control and the outcome or the experience itself is bringing us “down” energetically, we can use the Forgiveness Prayer to free ourselves.

I forgive myself.  I forgive myself.  I forgive myself.

I love myself.   I love myself.  I love myself.

Just saying this prayer detaches the energy cords that bind us to a situation that has held us captive across lifetimes.  Repeating this prayer creates openings through which rivers of personal power can once again flow.

In the same way, gratitude call to us the hidden benefits in a situation that seems very dark and devoid of Light.  Just assume that there are golden nuggets, “seeds of equivalent benefit” hidden away in any situation.  Then give thanks for receiving those gifts – just assume that the energy of your thanks will act like fertilizer, water, and sunshine and enable these seeds to grow large and healthy.  You will be amazed as what is possible!!

It’s amazing what happens when you forgive yourself and express appreciation.