Unity Consciousness Is Here Now.

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It’s time to live in unity

with your Divine Self.

I Am Presence - your true self.

It’s time to shift your intentions.

The Ascension energies are now supporting you to shift your intentions to MERGE with your I Am Presence.

If you’ve been requesting ALIGNMENT with your soul or I Am Presence, this is a good thing.

But alignment implies separation.

In Unity Consciousness

there is no separation.

When you “align” two things, they remain separate from each other, even when working in harmony.

It is an optical illusion that railroad tracks merge in the distance.

Just like railroad tracks working together in alignment, it is only  an optical illusion that they merge in the distance.

Ascension is about merging.

Ascension is about oneness.

Ascension is about your True Self,

your I Am Presence

flowing into your physicality so that

you are no longer divided,

you  are no longer in conflict,

you are no longer caught up in duality.


Ascension is about creating


For years I requested to be in alignment with my I Am Presence.

For years I requested to be in alignment with my Soul path, my Divine Service.

This alignment has taken place.

But I still think, feel, and act separately from my I Am.

Now I know that this is just the beginning.

Now I understand that it’s time for the next step.

Are you also ready for the next step?

The next step is to request complete merger.

Dear I Am Presence,

I now request full merger with you.

May any and all parts of me that vibrate at frequencies less than 5-D be cleansed, transmuted, transformed until all parts of me are ready for complete merger.

May all parts of me that already vibrate at higher frequencies fully merge and integrate with you now.

I AM my I Am Presence.

I AM my Soul’s purpose.

I AM my Soul Path.

I AM my Divine Service.

And so it is!

I Am Infinite Consciousness.

I Am Infinite Consciousness.

The energies supporting this next step are here.

The Divine Light Codes are already in your body, your auric field, your dna.

They are being activated daily.

You are changing.

Your physical body is changing.

Your energy bodies, which are your mind/consciousness are also changing.

It’s happening right now.

So if you feel ready, take the next conscious step.

You have free will.

If you didn’t want to be here to experience this Supreme Ascension experience with the physical body, you would no longer be alive on this planet.

Are you consciously participating?

Ascension is about being FULLY CONSCIOUS.


Ascension is about exercising your FREE WILL to merge with your Divine Self.

*  *  *  *  *

The process of Ascension is challenging in so many ways. 

Need some help?

I’m here to assist you with Energy Healing.


The Magic of 2017 Is Already Affecting You.

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2017 has arrived.  

How is 2017 affecting you?


Even if you can’t feel it, the energy is downloading into your bodies very rapidly.

The new energy is much lighter and vibrates much more quickly.

Patricia Cota-Robles reports that we are receiving a new energy wave every of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance each and every hour from midnight, January 1, through midnight, January 11, 2017.

In numerology

2017 is a “1” year.

January 1, 2017 = 1:1:1

January 11, 2017 = 1:11:1 (or 11:11)

11:11 is the signal for spiritual awakening.

Everything is accelerating. This is not just your perception. It’s a fact.

For example, the Schumann magnetic resonance measurement of the Earth’s heartbeat, which for most of the 20th century was around 7.8 Hz is now at 16.5 Hz. It has more than doubled!

This is just one sign that your experience of time moving more rapidly is not an illusion. It’s also not old age, and it’s not brain damage, either. It’s real!

2017 begins a new 10 year cycle, a cycle in which our abilities to manifest our thoughts and feelings is also accelerated. In other words, what you focus on is what you create, and your creations will appear in your life more rapidly than ever before.

So now is the time to really, really, really be very aware of all your thoughts and feelings. Taking fully responsibility is essential.

Here are a few tips to help you have more control over what you manifest.

  • NEUTRALITY:  Teach your Ego to be neutral to whatever appears in your life.
  • DIVINE LOVE:  When you have a strong emotional reaction to something, step back from whatever it is and invite your I Am Presence to help you calm down by wrapping you in Divine Love.
  • SHIFT EMOTIONAL STATES:  Ask yourself, “Can I be curious instead of angry or afraid?”
  • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY:  Remind yourself who is in charge of your life. When you take full responsibility for all you experience, you’ll feel more powerful.

If you’ve been practicing these skills all along, you may feel pretty confident about this.

Still, now is the time to be very, very observant and very, very focused.

You and I are creating the New 5th Dimensional Earth.

I’m choosing a peaceful, loving, harmonious, abundant world in which everyone shares in the joys of life.

What are YOU choosing?

Resurrection Energies and Ascension

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It Doesn’t Matter in What

Religion You Were Raised.


Humanity Is Awakening


the Kristed One.

The Kristos or Christ Consciousnes, is a level of consciousness, not an individual person.

We are each invited to integrate the Kristos into our bodies, and here in 2016 is the perfect time for us to remember why.

The Kristos is Divine Love associated with the male chi.  So in the yin and yang of things, it’s the male aspect of Divine Love.

We can all integrate and ground the Kristos energies through our bodies and into each and every cell and strand of DNA.

This will assist our ascension process and help all of humanity to awaken and remember it’s true place in the Universe.

The Kristos was never meant for just one person.

We are the one we have been waiting for.



To be resurrected means to be restored to Life – not just life in a 3-D body, but LIFE on a grand scale of spiritual attainment.

For those ascending, it means being restored to an expanded level of consciousness as we recognize our Oneness with All That Is.

That is being truly alive!

Those who are choosing ascension at this critical time in human history are being resurrected, i.e., we are remembering the Truth of who we are.

Our bodies are changing in every possible way as they are being prepared to hold more and more Divine Love.

The Kristos is swirling through our cells and awakening the DNA that has been asleep for eons.

We are One with the Divine.

We are God in this Body.

We are the Kristos.

Cosmic Evolution

The energies of resurrection are active right now and are supporting your personal resurrection.

You are rising into a new consciousness, a new frequency.

Set the intention to integrate and hold this energy forevermore.

Celebrate your rebirth, your personal resurrection.

Welcome the Kristos – the Christed energies – into your bodies as you align with your I Am Presence.

You may even feel yourself shifting.

Sense the Divine Presence that is You.

Sense your ONENESS with ALL THAT IS.



Ascension: a Life Review While Living?

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Reviewing Your Life.

To do a life review, you have to be willing to look back at your life with LOVE.A “life review” requires you look back at your life with LOVE.

There has been much documentation of the “Life Review” in books about NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) and books about past life and between life regressions.

When you die, your spirit lives on and travels to a place where you get to review the life in physical that just ended.  There are a number of reasons for the review.  One reason is to allow you to decide how much of your Soul’s personal goals were met.  Another is to help you integrate what you learned.  A third is to assist the Soul in making appropriate plans for the next lifetime on Earth or elsewhere.

Overall, in a life review you are asked to determine how much you lived from a place of Love vs. how much you lived from Fear.

During the current age, spiritual ascension requires that we stay in our physical body and take it with us into higher frequencies of Light and Love.  So why are some of us having experiences that are akin to a “life review” while in our physical bodies?

I asked my I Am Presence and personal Ascension Team to assist in answering these questions.  All questions and answers are about a life review while still in a body preparing for ascension.

  • Why am I having memories of past experiences from this lifetime suddenly pop up in my mind as strongly as if I were reliving them now?

The Ascension process requires that you do a full house-cleaning of old unresolved mental and emotional debris that has accumulated in your bodies.  These memories are “popping up,” as you say, so that you can heal and release them.

  • What causes them to appear in my mind?

As you vibrate more quickly, their frequencies cannot accelerate, so they become more noticeable and you are more aware of them.

  • Many of these memories bring up sadness, guilt, shame, anger, fear, and other denser emotional states that are uncomfortable.

Exactly!  Those emotional states are signals that there are energies around the events that require healing and letting go of attachment to the events, the people, the places, and the experiences themselves.

  • What is the best way to heal and let go of these experiences?

There are a number of steps you can take.  You may not need to do every step each time, but your I Am and Ascension Team are here to help you and will do so when you request assistance.  Here are some of the steps:

  1. Allow yourself to remember and re-experience the memory.  Do not run away from it, as it will only keep on returning until you’re ready to face it.
  2. Notice the emotions embedded in this experience.   Recognize that you can choose to feel differently about each experience, no matter how strongly the emotions may seem to be.
  3. Start with FORGIVENESS.  Forgive yourself and everyone else involved in each and every memory.  If you can only partially forgive yourself and others, the memory will recur until forgiveness is complete.
  4. If you have difficulty forgiving yourself, ask your I Am and Ascension Team to show you the gifts hidden within this experience – the “gold nuggets” as you often call them.
  5. Feel GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION for the whole experience, for the gifts within it, and for each person/Soul in your life who helped make it possible for you to have the experience and receive the gifts inherent within it.
  6. Send Divine Love from your Heart to the Hearts of all involved.
  • How will I know when I’ve succeeded in clearing my life of emotional and mental attachments to a particular past event?

It will stop showing up in your consciousness.  When these events come to mind, it’s as though they’ve come out of nowhere at all – things you haven’t thought about in years and years.  You’ll just stop thinking about them because they won’t have any emotional charge for you.

  • Sometimes I feel as though I’ve fully forgiven myself and others for an earlier experience, but it keeps coming back.  Why does that happen?

Some experiences are part of larger patterns.  Think of these patterns like a multi-dimensional jig-saw puzzle.  Each piece represents an event that is part of a larger pattern of beliefs and emotional habits.  So even when you feel you’ve cleared a specific experience, it may be connected to others that you haven’t fully healed.  Or it may be coming back to mind because it’s connected with subtler aspects of the patterns that remain unresolved.

  • Sometimes these “life reviews” seem endless.  Please comment.

[Laughter]  There is an end, to be sure.  It’s just that as you go vibrationally higher and higher, you’re also going deeper and deeper.  You can’t go up without going down.

So if you find yourself thinking about experiences that you haven’t thought about in years and if you’re not sure why or what to do about them, check back with this blog post and use some of the tips given here to help you release and move on during your Ascension.

< > < > < > < > < >


–Ascension FAQs.

Life Review While Still Alive?

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We All Do A Life Review After Death.

We are spiriling through our personal history.

As part of your ascension,

you’re doing your life review now.

What is a “life review?”

A life review is part of the transitional process normally experienced by our spirit and soul after we leave our physical body and return to the soul plane.

In a life review, you

  • observe your entire life. and
  • feel exactly how others felt as they interacted with you.

This is why “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is such a powerful message.   It means:

  • Open your heart and be compassionate to others.
  • Whatever you do to someone else you will experience as karma
  • You’ll get to feel it all from the point of view of others as part of your life review.
  • We’re all one being — we’re not really separate at all!

The purpose of a life review is to teach you.  It’s educational for your spirit and your soul to know the effect it’s had on others.

Why are we doing life reviews now?

We’re doing our life reviews now because, through the ascension process, we’re moving into a whole new way of being.  As 5th Dimensional beings, we’ll live much longer lives and will not need to reincarnate to clear our karma.

Actually, we’re in the process of clearing karma as we do our views here in our physical bodies.

For example, a memory pops up into your awareness — something you haven’t thought about in years or even decades.  Perhaps this event occurred when you were very young.  You feel as if you’ve traveled back in time, because the memory is so clear and so powerful.  Suddenly it’s like you’re right there, reliving the event.

As you re-experience the event, you’ll start to feel your own feelings at the time of that event.  Some of those feelings might never have been expressed at the time the event took place, so now you’re clearing them.

You might be afraid, angry, ashamed, and embarrassed.

You could be experiencing feelings of jealousy, abandonment, or any other dense emotion or feeling.

You might find yourself crying or expressing those old feelings in some other way.  That’s good!  Let it all out.

And then you find you still haven’t let go of this experience.  There are some people who were kind, who helped you.  You may not even know their names, but you remember them.  It’s time to express gratitude to them by opening your heart and thanking them.  Those souls will receive your gratitude and appreciation when you do this.

If you still find yourself enmeshed in this old memory, there’s one more step for you to take to complete it.


  • Forgive everyone whose actions were hurtful to you. 
  • Forgive yourself for bringing this experience to you (take responsibility for your part in creating the situation).
  • Forgive and thank everyone who helped you to have the experience, and then …
  • Let it all go!

Once you’ve done the forgiveness work, the electromagnetic charge around the experience will release.

Now you’ve cleared the karma and the emotional charge.

Now your ego is no longer stuck around this experience, and you’re ready to move on to healing something else.

Now you’re truly free of it.  How does that feel?

Don’t you feel lighter, brighter, more at peace within yourself?


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