Is It Possible to Speak with More Than One Animal at a Time?

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Can I “Conference Call” with

Several Animals?


Yes, one can definitely have telepathic conversations with groups of animals.

I first was guided to do this when a horse at the barn where Echo was living (Echo was my Arabian teacher) had been euthanized the night before.  All the horses seemed very angry about what had happened.  So after completing the morning barn chores, I decided to speak with everyone at once.

I was guided to imagine that I had a telepathic switchboard, like the old telephone switchboards of long ago.  I was told to “plug in” each horse, one at a time.  Sure enough, it worked.  Then I spoke to the whole group at once about what had happened and we planned a little memorial ceremony for that evening when I could be back at the barn with all the horses.

In addition to the “conference call” method, I’ve also learned to do what I call “broadcasts.”

Because we have many bears around these days, I stop feeding the birds during the summer.  When I set up the feeders for the first time each autumn, I send out a telepathic broadcast.  The birds usually show up within minutes.  Before I was doing this, it could take them days to discover the feeders, so I like using this method to let them know about the food.  I also use this after I refill the feeders each the morning to let the birds know I’ve gone back into the house.

Essentially, you are limited only by your imagination.  Whatever I can imagine about telepathic communication seems to be possible when I have a need to use it in a new way.