Coping with Chaos? Shift Your Focus.

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Buddha in a state of peace and harmony.

In the movie, The Little Buddha, two stories are told.   One is the life of Siddhartha, who became the Buddha; the other is about a little boy who is given the story of Buddha’s life to read.  These two stories are interwoven in the film, so there is a beautiful scene where the Buddha first experiences Self-Realization.

In that Self-Realization moment, Buddha is sitting under the banyon tree in a full lotus, totally at peace.  Flying towards him from all directions are all the horrors of life in the 3-D world – war, starvation, destruction, and all kinds of chaos.  Yet Buddha remains completely undisturbed as it all flies past him.

Today, we are all experiencing more and more chaos in our daily lives.  Jane S. asks:

Might you be inspired to discuss more about why we are/or why it seems we are being so bombarded with greater numbers of tasks, toil, trouble, projects, and personal progress, too? – SO MUCH PACKED INTO ONE DAY!  . . .  Honestly, I don’t know how I can run any faster and I find the stress quite challenging to manage.  Once you asked if we had noticed how regular chores we’ve been doing for years now seem to take forever to complete and our lists end up on top of each other. That’s another phenomenon that leaves me shaking my head.

The whys and wherefores have to do with the spiritual ascension process that is happening planet-wide.  The chaos is all coming from lower vibrational frequencies.  As you and I and the Earth vibrate faster and faster, we are moving into greater and greater Love energies of peace and harmony.  As a result, all that is NOT of LOVE rises to the surface because it is incompatible with where we are evolving.

This is why there seems to be chaos everywhere.  This is why all the secrets and lies are being exposed.  Secrets and lies are not of the Love vibration.  Limitation and control of others is not of the Love vibration nor are they compatible with the 5th Dimensional energies.

Everything both within us and outside us that doesn’t resonate with the frequencies of Divine Love are rising into our awareness – being thrust into our faces.:  we are being confronted with everything we don’t love about ourselves.  And it’s happening more and more quickly as we vibrate faster and faster.  This is one reason there is more and more to deal with each day.

And since the Spiritual Ascension process continues to accelerate, everything will continue to come at us faster and faster.

There is scientific verification for this.   One is the change in the Shumann Resonance Frequency – the “heartbeat” of Mother Earth – which is also accelerating.  This is a measurement of the magnetic field of the earth.  We are part of the Earth.  As the Earth changes, so do we change.


“But this vibrational frequency has actually been increasing since 1987, the year of a succession of planetary alignments called the Harmonic Convergence. The word harmonic is defined as ‘a signal whose frequency is an integral multiple of the frequency of a reference signal.’ The word convergence means ‘the approach to a fixed state’.

“By the dawn of this new millennium, the frequency of the Earth had risen to around 9 Hz. As this frequency has been speeding up, so has our concept of Time. The National Institute of Standards and Technology, which assists the entire world in maintaining a uniform system of Time, has been making unexpected adjustments to their atomic clocks to compensate for this sudden change in Time. But these clocks won’t work much longer because they will need too much adjustment for what is just ahead for planet Earth.

“By the beginning of 2011, the Schumann Resonance had moved beyond 11 Hz. And, as it moves into the higher vibrational frequencies, our own frequencies must also increase. This is the principle of resonance. As our vibrational frequency speeds up, so will our concept of Time. There will be more events taking place in less time.

So perhaps time actually IS accelerating.  If so, why can’t we get things done faster?

  1. The things we are doing that seem to take “longer” are not accelerating at the same pace (or perhaps not accelerating at all) as we and the Earth are accelerating because they are 3-D things.  They may not be becoming 5-D.

  2. We still have to address them because, for now, we’re living with one foot in 3-D and the other in 5-D.

  3. When one’s consciousness is focused on 3-D things, we feel overwhelmed because they align with us less and less.

  4. When we learn to live in the NOW moment, we’ll feel less stressed about all this and just “let go” and “let God” (our Divine Self aspect) – take over.  Our Divine Self knows exactly what is perfect for this very moment – what the priority is right NOW.

Ascension is really all about Consciousness.

Our Consciousness is functioning more quickly, but many of the things we’re trying to “get done” are still 3-D things.  3-D and 5-D are overlapping, which means there are multiple frequencies occurring simultaneously.  Therefore, whatever we focus on is what we are vibrating or resonating to, and that means that we may be “out of sync” with lower vibrational patterns, but still trying to work within them.

THUS we experience:

time distortions,
and all the other things we are feeling.

The answer is a matter of Consciousness.

Because you are a spiritual being first and a physical being second, the overall answer is to shift your consciousness to focus more on your spirituality, spiritual growth, and spiritual alignment with your Divine Self.

MAKE a space within yourself to shift your focus.

FOCUS on your spirituality in whatever way calls to you.


stop –

breathe –

meditate –

spend time in nature –

focus only on 1 thing at a time –

resonate with Divine Love –

be in alignment with your Divine Self –

receive Higher Guidance –

live from Higher Guidance –

THEN the chaos will begin to recede.

By doing these things, you’ll begin to harmonize internally and the external world will become less stressful.

When Buddha focused on his Divine Self, nothing of the lower vibrational frequencies affected him.  Once he entered that space of his Divine Nature, everything else just flowed past like water off the back of a duck.

The same is true for us.

As as way of assisting those learning to focus on spirit, I’m offering a course in 2014.  Won’t you join me?


Learn how to receive Divine Guidance on a daily basis!

Your comments are welcome


Lessons from God

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Lessons from GOD
I run an aircraft maintenance hangar and a flying school in Biggin Hill Airport Uk with my 2 sons
We fly Cessna and Piper aircraft
One Day I was walking into our hangar I was carrying out the
 Gayatri Mantra Discipline  Chanting Gayatri few thousand times a day even while working
(Sathya Sai Baba had initiated this to me in Shirdi Temple after a Fire ceremony with Shirdi Sai Baba)
As I reached my office Outside my office right in front of me was the largest beetle I have ever seen UGLY and Dead and Large
I am terrified   of    Beetles.
I closed my eyes and  Kicked it aside and said to myself I will  ask one of my staff to throw it out later
I forgot all about this beetle with the pressures of work.
A Couple of hours later I lit  an Incense stick we have an Altar to all the Divine beings, Ganesh, Jesus Guru Nanak, Amma Hugging lady, Sai Baba,  Buddha Allah, etc a small shrine we have, we do in our Hangar.
We have maybe 15 staff they light incense and we do prayers in our aircraft hangar many times in the day.
Anyway I said God thank you for allowing our Aircraft to be safe and train pilots safely and thank you for looking after us
I said “God I love You”.
Suddenly Baba appeared waved his hand and The Wall in front of me suddenly became a huge TV screen and I saw myself walking into the hangar 
Baba then said ” Amarjit You don’t love God, you live in pretence.”
“What’s wrong with you Baba”   I said,   I love God look into the TV I am Chanting The Gayatri mantra prayers as I am walking .
Then Baba said look Amarjit you have just Kicked me, (showing me kicking the beetle)
The Beetle is  not you Baba what is wrong with you
“IT was God you kicked Amarjit” said Baba.
I said “But the Beetle is Dead its lifeless it has no life in it.”
Baba then said ” Amarjit, Lip Service to God is No service at all!”
You might as well not chant any prayers if your consciousness
 does not perceive  God in all you do and see
Your next lesson is to perceive and see God in everything you do and see  I am in the chair you sit on
 I am in the incense stick you are lighting. I am in your aircraft, in your staff, in your customers,
Whatever wrong you do anywhere I feel it instantly
I am in the Floor you are standing on I am every where, I am the air you breathe.
I am the Totality of creation.
This is your next Lesson:   in learning to merge with God raise your compassion to see God in all.” 
Saying this, Baba dematerialised leaving me once again to ponder and think hard.
   Amarjit Singh

Compassion: Caring Without Attachment

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One of the most powerful emotions of the Heart is compassion.  Compassion is often thought of as an emotion that only a Divine being is capable of feeling and expressing.  For example, Quan Yin (Kuan Yin) is called the Chinese Goddess of Compassion.  There are also statues expressing the energies of the Compassionate Buddha.

Does this mean that you and I are incapable of experiencing compassion from within?  Must we receive it from a Divine source?  Or are we a Divine Being also capable of feeling and expressing compassion?

The truth is that we are each capable of compassion.  But just what exactly is this quality?

One dictionary defines compassion as “a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.” 

I would agree that compassion involves sympathy, but it also includes empathy.  Sympathy means to have a similar feeling as another – to vibrationally resonate with what someone is feeling.  Empathy, on the other hand, means to actually share the feeling that another is experiencing.

The magic of compassion is that it enables us to share what another is feeling without being in judgment about it.  It also enables us to help another without being attached to the outcome of their situation.

How does compassion allow us to do this? 

Compassion is a very high spiritual vibration or energy.  To truly be compassionate, one must also allow the other to make their own decisions and live with the consequences of those decisions.  Compassion does not mean that we try to fix someone else or someone else’s life.  We might offer to be helpful.  We might respond when asked for assistance.  We might offer suggestions and support.  But we must always allow the other to choose for him/herself.

Compassion works through Divine Love.  Divine Love – Love Without Conditions – means that we can love someone without requiring anything of that person.  We hold the individual in our heart regardless of what they say, what they do, what they feel, and what they choose to experience.

When we can do this, we can also compassionately sympathize and empathize with them and with their situation.  But it does not mean that we become compelled to try to fix the situation.  Compassion does not resonate with rescuing.  (Check for an upcoming blog on the subject of “rescuing.”)

When we are compassionate, we can be fully present for the person in this moment.  We can listen to their words and their emotions without having to take any action.  Because we are fully present with them in the current moment of their pain, sorrow, or whatever the person is feeling, we provide a space that allows the individual to feel and possibly express their feelings. 

As the person expresses their feelings in the presence of compassion, the individual often begins to let some of the feeling go and a sense of relief arises.  Someone has heard them.  Someone cares about how they feel.  Someone is not judging them, and thus is giving them the space to just be in the moment, to just be whoever they are in that moment.

Often people feel very isolated.  Some people truly are isolated.  They may be street people or they may just live alone.  Today, we can be alone in a crowd.  We can feel isolated at a party.  Just making eye contact and giving someone a smile can be an expression of compassion when the eye contact and the smile are connected with the Heart energy of compassion.

Today, you might ask yourself these questions: 

  • How can I be more compassionate towards the people I know?
  • How can I express compassion for someone I don’t know personally?
  • How can I make compassion a part of my daily life?

Of course, you can also be compassionate towards yourself, but that’s another discussion for another day.