A New Year, A New You!

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Your Transformation Is Happening Right Now.

You're Learning How to Use Your WIngs

In this time of spiritual transformation, you are being changed at the deepest levels of your being.

Your physical body is undergoing dramatic changes to support your spiritual awakening, mental clearings, and emotional releases.

Your mental and emotional bodies are showing you all that needs to be cleared, released, and healed.


Your mental body is asking to let go of old limiting beliefs and accept new expansive ones.

Your beliefs about who you are and how powerful you are must change to support your knowledge that YOU ARE THE DIVINE SELF HAVING A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE.

It’s really a very exciting time.

You get to create your new life in the New Earth of higher consciousness.

This takes commitment to daily activities which support your transformation and which help you adapt new beliefs and belief systems.

For example,

Limiting Belief:  I am a sinner and unworthy of Divine Forgiveness.

Expansive BeliefI am a good person and am worthy of all God’s Grace, Forgiveness, and Love.

There are many techniques that can assist you with this type of change.  The old belief can be extracted and the new one embedded and integrated.


Your emotional body is asking to release all the dense, dark, heavy negativity that limits you.

You are invited to let go of hatred, anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, shame, revenge, and other old emotional patterns that may have served you well in the past, but which no longer serve you.

You are invited to OPEN YOUR HEART EACH AND EVERY DAY. to accept that YOU ARE LOVE, and to know that YOU ARE LOVABLE.

You are invited to know that YOU ARE WORTHY to receive infinite love each and every moment of each and every day.

You’re invited to forgive yourself and everyone else for the experiences of the past.

You’re invited to step out of judgment and look for the gifts of personal growth and enlightenment to blossom forth.

You’re invited to consciously step into the flow of abundance that is all around you and become part of that flow and allow that flow to become part of your life.


What will you choose?

Will you choose consciously?

Will you choose to ignore these invitations?

That choice that will keep you feeling restricted, in pain, and struggling.

Whatever we resist persists.

Still, this is a choice, and all choices are to be honored.

You can made a different choice.

You can choose to consciously move into the flow of transformation.

You can choose to take steps to assist your letting go of the old and embracing the new way of living on Earth.

You can choose to create a new life for yourself and humanity by working with the higher frequencies now abundantly available.

When you make this choice, you will discover that your life flows with greater ease and more joy and comfort more of the time.

You will learn new ways to live that are more harmonious and give you greater satisfaction and a stronger sense of well-being.

So what will you choose?

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