What If I Don’t Hear Words?

February 13, 2014 by  
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Is there more than one way

to receive telepathically?


If you don’t hear words, you probably have another way of receiving that is more natural for you.

When first remembering how to communicate telepathically, you may have only 1 or 2 ways of receiving that are natural to you.  These can differ for each person.

Rather than telling yourself, “If I don’t hear words, I must not be getting anything,” try noticing how you are receive information.  You’ll soon discover that you receive telepathically some other way.

The auditory style of receiving can include words, phrases, or other sounds, like grunts, barks, purrs, tweets, and so on.  But this does not mean that all telepathic communication is auditory.

Some people are better, at first, at seeing images and pictures than at hearing messages. I’ve had students whose first style of receiving was like a movie or a slide show.   Another student saw cartoon images.

When first starting out in Animal Communication, some people receiving knowing or intuitions.  Others receive feelings.  Others have physical sensations.  Still others start out by feeling the emotional content of the message.

However you begin, that is perfect for you at that time.

One trick to learning animal communication

is to discover

your natural way of receiving telepathically.

When you accept your current style of receiving, you’ll experience a feeling of success.

As you practice, your ways of receiving will expand over time.