Ascension Preparation: Moving Into Unity Consciousness

June 25, 2011 by  
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You are Me.  I Am You.  We are ONE.


In our teleclass this week, we explored the concept that we are all ONE CONSCIOUSNESS and that by doing certain exercises and reminding ourselves that this is the case, we can accelerate our vibrational shift into the 5th Dimension and even higher frequencies.

Truthfully, it is essential that we prepare ourselves for living in ONENESS.  This does not mean giving up our individuality.  We are Divinely created beings and our uniqueness is precious.

Nevertheless, when we focus on separation instead of unity, we get into all sorts of trouble.  We become interested in competition instead of cooperation.  This leads us to fear of scarcity and lack, and that fear creates scarcity and lack.

When we focus on unity, we can explore cooperation, ways to work together and to experience abundance.

One of my favorite stories is about a saint who dies and a guide appears to take him to heaven.  The saint requests a visit to hell, first.

The guide agrees to take him.  There the saint sees people standing around huge cauldrons of food, but everyone is thin and starving.  Each person is holding a gigantic spoon with a very long handle, but since so many are around each cauldron of stew, there is no way to turn the spoons so you can get the food to your mouth.

When the guide takes the saint to heaven, he is astounded.  There are the same huge cauldrons of stew with many people standing around them, and the spoons are all the same as the spoons in hell.  But instead of starving, these people are of a healthy weight and everyone is eating.  How is this possible, you might ask?  Because each person is feeding the one standing across from him/herself.

Cooperation and abundance go together with sharing and knowing that the “other” is really YOU and that there is no separation at all.   Unity consciousness gives us a direct experience of generosity and compassion, abundance and nurturance.