I Feel . . . Therefore, I Am.

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It’s Your Ability to FEEL

That Makes You Human!


EMF of heart

Your heart is your feeling center.

Open to your feelings – ALL of your feelings.  Not just your emotions.  Not just your sensory system.

Your wisdom comes from

your heart’s ability to

feel it’s way through to the Truth.

When we worship the intellect, we deprive ourselves of wisdom.  When we open our hearts, we turn back towards Divine Love.  We restore our ability to feel and to know what we are feeling.  We reconnect with   our Divine Consciousness, the source of our Wisdom.

Our Consciousness does not reside in our brain.

Our Consciousness lives throughout all our bodies and is anchored in our hearts.

Who are you?

You are Being, Consciousness, and Bliss.

“What?” you ask?  “I don’t feel any bliss.  What are you talking about?”

“You forgot.”  I reply.  “You are into doing, not into being.  You have substituted ego for Consciousness.  You seek happiness instead of Bliss.  You look outside yourself for the Truth of who you are, and when you cannot discover it, you feel you have lost yourself.

“Go within.  Go into your heart and feel.  There you will find yourself.  There you will discover all the wealth and abundance that is available to you all the time.  Infinite Love and Compassion are your birthright.  They awaits your attention.”

Are you keeping yourself so busy running from place to place, getting “things” done, and burying your feelings so you don’t notice them?

Are you keeping yourself occupied by texting and watching TV and playing on Facebook that you don’t have time to feel?

Are you in so much pain you run away from feelings because it seems too difficult to get past the pain?

If you are in this situation, I urge you to feel ALL your feelings.  Feelings are like water:  when you block off some feelings, you end up blocking all your feelings.  Then you cannot feel joy or sadness or love, either.

It’s OK to feel whatever you are feeling as a first step towards restoring your ability to feel.  Uncomfortable feelings are messages from parts of you telling you where you need to experience more love and what needs to be healed.

Remember – you are not fully human when you disconnect from your feelings.

“I FEEL . . . therefore, I AM.”

Conscious Creation

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Today, many of us are learning that we create our reality. – each and every minute of it, each and every experience, and everything in it.  This has been true all along, but now we are beginning, as individuals and as a group, to understand the truth of this.

We create with our thoughts and with our beliefs and with our emotions.  We create with our intentions and we create with our hearts.

When we first begin to realize the power that we have – the power to be conscious creators, it may be difficult to accept that we have created it all along.  We have a habit of seeing ourselves as small, helpless creatures, despite the message we have been given that we were “created in God’s image.”

What does it mean to be in “God’s image.”  Does this refer to our physical shape, our form?  I rather doubt it.  Does this refer to God’s powers and abilities?  I do believe so!   I believe we have these, as we have been told in the ancient texts before they were distorted by those seeking to control us.

We are Consciousness.  So is God.  We are Creative.  So is God.  We are Limitless.  So is God.

When I first began to learn about manifesting in my life, I was given some very clear messages that I create my own reality. 

Consider the teapot.

Many years ago, I had purchased a beautiful white porclain teapot that I enjoyed using for brewing tea.  I probably had that teapot for over 20 years and it remained in perfect condition – not a chip or crack in it.

One day, I was thinking about how the teapot had survived all these years with not a single bit of damage.  Then I opened the kitchen cabinet door to take the teapot out and it fell with a crash.  The entire porcelain handle broke off. 

When I was growing up, someone superstitious would have said that because I liked and appreciated my teapot, some “evil spirit” had decided to damage it.  Sorry, but I don’t buy it.

What I do believe happened is that my own thoughts created the situation.  Spirit doesn’t understand the words “no” or “not.”  If you think about what you don’t want, you energize the idea you are focused on, and “no” or “not” fades away.  This is how I broke my teapot.

Creating Abundance

If it is your goal to create abundance for yourself and others in this rapidly changing world, then your focus must be on the abundance, not on lack or scarcity.  Whatever you focus upon you will create more of because you have the power of Creation within you.

Someone recently asked me if I would join with her to energize money to a new vibrational level.  This way of thinking about abundance is too narrow for me.  Abundance, prosperity . . . these mean more to me than money.

Money is just the current tool we use to exchange for other things we really want.  Money by itself has zero value.  The object or service I am choosing to purchase is what has value.  The money is a temporary means of exchanging energy between people to allow goods and services to be easily exchanged.

If you had to bring a wheelbarrow of rocks to a store to buy your food, that would be awkward.  Clearly, some forms are just too awkward to use for money.

So we’ve created paper money, which today is backed by nothing, and we have been taught to measure our wealth by focusing on having lots of this paper around.  Now we are being asked to shift that focus from pieces of paper to number on a screen.

From my perspective, there has to be a higher vibrational approach to exchanging goods and services than the one we are using now.  THAT’s what I would like to explore and discover and energize – an entirely new way of exchanging goods and services that doesn’t rely on numbers on a screen or pieces of paper.

To do this, I must use my Imagination, my Creativity, and my Conscious Intent.  I want to hear what others are imagining, too.  Because together we can and must create an entirely new way of relating to the exchange of goods and services.

What Is Abundance?

What does “abundance” really mean to you?  If you respond with “no more debt,” remember that spirit doesn’t understand “no.”  Therefore, spirit is hearing “more debt.”

So, what does abundance mean to you?  A warm home in winter with warm, comfortable clothing and good nourishing food?  Loving friends and family around you?  Plenty of time for rest and play? 

Does your abundance include technology?  How much?

It’s time for us each and together to decide how to create an abundant world experience for all of  humanity.  

The Earth is capable of supporting all of us in abundance.  There is no need for poverty unless the greedy ones steal from everyone else, which is what you are currently seeing and hearing about in the news.  There is no need for anyone to go hungry because the Earth has the capability of feeding, housing, and clothing us all if we focus on abundance for all and creatively discover ways to make it happen.


The Hologram We Call the Universe

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I have been wanting to understand – from a spiritual perspective – how the hologram that is our universe is created, based on holographic principles.  This piece is my attempt to bring clarity and insight to myself about this Creation.

There is more and more evidence coming from the world of science that the universe is a hologram and that everything that we believe exist in our universe is part of that hologram.  This includes all so-called physical objects including particles and waves at the sub-atomic levels.  This includes all things we believe we see with the naked eye and those we see with telescopes and microscopes.  This includes the physical body, our DNA, our brain, and every other organ and system. 

Scientists know how to create a hologram.  The best description I can find of how this is done was written by Michael Talbot in his book, The Holographic Universe.

“A hologram is produced when a single laser light is split into two separate beams.  The first beam is bounced off the object to be photographed.  Then the second beam is allowed to collide with the reflected light of the first.  When this happens they create an interference pattern which is then recorded on a piece of film. 

“To the naked eye the image on the film looks . . . a little like the concentric rings that form when a handful of pebbles is tossed into a pond….  But as soon as another laser beam (or in some instances just a bright light source) is shined through the film, a three-dimensional image of the original object reappears…. You can actually walk around a holographic projection and view it [as a three dimensional image] from different angles as you would a real object.  However, if you reach out and try to touch it, your hand will waft right through it and you will discover there is really nothing there.  “(p.14-16)

OK, so that’s how humans in 3D create a hologram.  The question that has been teasing at my mind is this:

What are the equivalent spiritual phenomenon used to create our holographic universe?

  • 1. What is the source of the laser light at the Spiritual level?

The source of Spiritual Light must be Consciousness because that is all that exists at the highest frequencies.  Spiritual Light is extremely pure and coherent.  After all, it is the Light of Source or God.

  • 2. How can there be two sources of Spiritual Light to create the “interference” pattern?

At the highest frequencies of Consciousness, there is only Unity.  Since we know that duality exits at our level of consciousness, somewhere, somehow, that duality (or illusion of duality) was created.

According to J.J. Hurtak in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, p 26., “The universe which surrounds us is full of love powered emanations….” (My emphasis.)

This may be the key.  If Divine Love powers the emanations of Divine Light, and if Divine Light provide us with information that awakens our consciousness, then clearly the two exist and work in concert.

Perhaps Divine Love and Divine Light are not really separate from each other.  At our current vibrational frequency, we might describe them as two sides of the same coin, since in duality we always talk of opposites or at the very least complements. 

Perhaps we talk about them as separate and perceive them as separate because of the level of our consciousness, when, in fact, they are One. 

Perhaps by appearing to separate them into two beams, the hologram of our reality is created. 

  • 3. What is the source of the “object” that Divine Love and Divine Light are illuminating?

Is it, in fact, an “object” that is being illuminated? 

Perhaps it is, as Plato suggested, an “ideal” or perfect thought-form that exists only in the Mind of God.  Thoughts are energy waves. . .and energy waves make patterns.

  • 4. Does this mean that Divine Love and Divine Light are projected as two separate beams (or one beam is projected from two different directions?) through a thought form in the mind of God (the ocean of Consciousness)?

This would create an image which is the equivalent of the ‘interference pattern” Mr. Talbot describes.

One of the things that makes holography possible is a phenomenon known as interference.  Interference is the crisscrossing pattern that occurs when two or more waves, such as waves of water, ripple through each other.  For example, if you drop a pebble into a pond, it will produce a series of concentric waves that expands outward.  If you drop two pebbles into a pond, you will get two waves that expand and pass through one another….”

Any wavelike phenomena can create an interference pattern, including light and radio waves.  Because laser light is an extremely pure, coherent form of light, it is especially good at creating interference patterns….

Now this fascinates me because when I facilitate healings for people and animals, my healing guides in the realm of spirit have sometimes shown me in my mind pictures of the template or blueprint for the physical form of the being receiving the healing.  When the blueprint has been damaged, the interference pattern in that location seems to be out of sync with the larger pattern.  At times, the healing guides with whom I work are able to repair the damage, thus allowing more complete healing to take place at the physical, emotional, and mental levels.

I have had this experience numerous times before ever reading Mr. Talbot’s book.  The concept of the hologram now explains my experience more fully and completely than any other explanation.

OK – so this template or blueprint is the holographic plate or film which is created by the laser beams shining through the spiritual thought form.  But we still don’t have the actually hologram yet. 

  • 5. What creates the 3-dimensional image?

Perhaps it is the three-dimensional Light provided by our Sun and the Stars and the Galaxies?

Or . . . .

Perhaps it is our own inner light, our Spiritual Light that is consciousness inside us.

Mr. Talbot goes on to explain how our vision is holographic and our very brain and mind behave in the same ways as holograms are known to behave.

To summarize, the hologram that we call The Universe, is created when Consciousness projects Divine Love/Light from two directions onto a Thought Form, an image held in Unity Consciousness, to produce an interference pattern (or template) which is then vibrationally lowered to our level of density (our frequency range).   Then, another light, the Light of Our Soul Self, projects itself onto the pattern, creating the 3-dimensional image.


Watch a fantastic video on hologram of the universe, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=couVqpuX9CU


The Sentient Trees

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I look out the window at dawn, and the sky is soft salmon laced with blues and blue-grays seen through the black-brown arms of the trees and through pine needles.  It is winter, and the starkness of bare tree limbs is nature’s art against the sky.  When I look out the windows at the back of my house at dusk, similar pictures of pinks and grays entrance my eye. 


How lucky I am to live in this house surrounded by trees, many of which are 60 to 80, maybe even 100 feet tall.  These sentinels of wood are alive with energy and consciousness.  Some are over 100 years old and have long memories.  These are guardian trees. 


They tell me they communicate with each other through their roots to hold the energies of plant life for the Earth.  They say they communicate over long distances, or at least they used to be able to do that, but with so many parts of the planet treeless today, their network of life-force is now broken, full of holes.


Trees have chakras and auras.  When I lie on my back under a tree on a warm summer’s day and look up at the very top against the sky, I have seen their auric field, their energy.  Some trees are healers, and if you sit beneath them and lean your back against their trunks, their energy will fill you and bring you into balance.


I have hugged trees.  I have wrapped my arms around them, pressed my body fully against them, and, with my intention and their permission, allowed myself to merge into them.  I have felt myself a part of them and when I do this, they talk to me.  Trees have a group consciousness, as does humanity and other species, but they talk to me as individuals, too.


There are many Sycamore trees in the town where I live.  Sycamores grow to be very large and tall.  Their bark peels away as they grow, so their outer layer shows white and brown-gray mottling.  Sycamore leaves are similar to giant Maple leaves.  Their leaves come late in the spring and are dropped early in the fall compared to other trees.  Their large seeds, the size of a giant gum-ball, have a heady fragrance.


Great-grandfather Sycamore lives at the southern end of the town.  He is hundreds of years old.  It would take at least 10 humans standing with their arms fully outstretched and holding hands to complete the circle around his base.  His energy is so powerful that when I have sat beneath his arms I can never stay for more than 30 minutes because I become drunk and slighly disoriented with the power of his energy.


The first time I met Great-grandfather, I asked if I could merge.  Not only did he generously allow this, but he showed me a picture of himself as a young sapling.  His memory goes back a long away before humans came and mercilessly chopped down trees.  Yet he does not seem to judge us. 


In the yard where I live there are no Sycamores, but two White Pines on my front lawn are each over 60 feet tall.  White Pine is a soft wood, so these trees “shed” branches when the snows and ice are heavy and/or when the wind is strong.  Their needles are soft, too, and every few years they drop gigantic pine cones that the squirrels love for the pine nuts inside.


Three years ago, I had a man come to trim the White Pine next to the driveway and close to the house.  I chose him carefully, as I wanted someone who really cared about trees. 


J.P. had never met anyone before who told him she talked to trees.  I knew he was the right man for the job, though, because he didn’t bring big mechanical equipment.  Instead, he climbed the tree – went way up into its branches and lowered each large limb gently to the ground.  He told me he wouldn’t want to take down a tree that was healthy, although on his regular daily job, working for the next town over, he often had to do that.


Of course, I spoke to the tree about this visitor coming to prune.  I had asked permission, too.  When J.P. finished cleaning up, he and I stood under the tree together.


“While I was working up there,” said J.P., “I had the strangest feeling that the tree was talking to me.  It seemed to be telling me it was happy, like a dog at the groomer.  The feeling grew and grew as I was working.  Even now, standing beneath this tree, I can feel its happiness.”


“Yes,” I said.  “I feel it, too.”  And I did feel as through the trees energy was expansive and joyful.


This year, I asked J.P. to come back and trim the other White Pine.  When he stopped by to check out all the trees on the land where I live and make a plan for his trimming visit, he mentioned that, “I’ll bet the Pine that you are asking me to trim this year is wondering why you waited so long.”


The next day, I went over to speak with the Pine to tell it what I was planning for it and to ask permission.  I told it about J.P.’s remark.  ‘Don’t worry,” the tree replied.  “It isn’t long in ‘tree time.’”


When J.P. arrived to trim the Pine, he explained how high he would go removing pieces of limbs that had fallen and taking down existing ones.  Then he went up the tree with his ropes and tools.  After he was finished, we again stood beneath this great “standing one” and looked at the result.  Instead of removing equal numbers of branches from all sides, J.P. had trimmed more from one side than from the other 3.


“While I was up there, I could feel the tree telling me where to prune.  I looked over at its partner and it was showing me exactly what it wanted,” J.P. told me.


“Yes,” I replied.  “They know what they want.  And look up.  Can you sense it?  The tree’s physical form may appear, at first, to be out of balance the way you cut it, but in fact, the tree’s energy is now perfectly in balance.”  J.P. could see it, too. 


Happy, healthy trees bring beauty and blessings to the land and to all who live there.  I am so lucky and so blessed to live in this spot where the trees create artful views for me each day.  It’s my job to take care of them by interfering as little as possible and by showing them respect.  I can’t imagine a better way to live than to be in harmony with all life.



The Healing Power of the Heart Center

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Of the 7 major chakras inside the human body, extending from the base of the spine to the top of our head, the Heart Chakra or heart center is the point of transition from lower vibrational frequencies to higher ones.  The major purpose of the Heart Chakra is to help us transform our consciousness from the lower to higher frequency vibrations.  This is most efficiently done in a conscious way. 

The tools of the Heart Center are the emotions that are available there.  Among these are Compassion, Love without conditions, Non-judgment, Forgiveness, Generosity of spirit, and Kindness.  The way to use the Heart Chakra to heal yourself of attachment to old emotions involves a number of steps.


Perhaps you have a grudge you have been carrying around for a long time.   When we carry anger or hatred or jealousy around, it begins to weigh heavily upon us.  It is like carrying a large backpack full of rocks.  With ever step, the backpack makes us waste our energy. 

In addition, when we hold onto an emotion from one situation, it tends to become magnetic and draws to itself more of that emotion.  The pattern of being angry or hating or being jealous tends to expand itself and draws more of the same into its energy.  Your backpack keeps expanding (it has unlimited size) to hold more and more of the same energy associated with many incidents and people over the years.  The energy grows and the weight increases.  Some of us actually are crawling, not walking, but crawling forward in our lives under burdons of our own creation.

So why are you still holding onto old grudges? 

“I don’t want the other person to win,” you might think.

Well, who has really won if you are crawling around beneath the weight of your emotions while the other person or persons are going about their lives feeling just fine?

“I want them to suffer ( — be punished; _________ — fill in the blank).”

Remember, to be empowered means to be in power over yourself.  You can’t change anyone else.  You CAN change YOUR SELF. 

Making the other suffer will not empty your backpack.  Instead, it may add a new emotional component called guilt.  Guilt is one of the heaviest emotions, rivaling lead, I sometimes think.

Remember, too, that everything outside us is a reflection of our inner world.  If you feel you are not worthy of enjoying your life, it’s your feeling – your limited belief – that is holding you back. 

You really don’t have to create a situation in which you say, “I’ll be happy when so-and-so is miserable.” 

What a waste of time and effort!  Do you realize you are giving your power away to the other person by making your happiness depend on that person’s mental/emotional state?

Insead, why don’t you TAKE BACK YOUR POWER?

You DO have the POWER to change your beliefs and feelings.  When you change them, your experience of your life will change.

Imagine that you can just put that backpack down and leave it on the side of the road.  Imagine yourself walking forward in your life with ease and freedom.  You would have more energy.  You would feel lighter.  You would BE lighter.  You would laugh and hop and skip and jump and enjoy life’s journey more.





p.s.  More on this discussion to come.

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