The True Meaning of Patience

August 4, 2009 by  
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Lately, things feel like we are stalled, like the energies are rearranging everything and we cannot move forward without forcing situations to move.  This is very frustrating for me, personally speaking, and for many other people as well. 

I keep asking God to “hurry up and teach me patience,” but as you might imagine, this is not how things actually work.

In my morning conversation with my I AM Presence and other Light Beings, I received this message about Patience.

When we wait, it feels as though nothing is happening.  Actually, energies continue to flow and shift into place for the next steps to take place.  The support stsructures at eneregtic – sub-matrix and matrix levels – are being created, realigned, and integrated.

The Nature Spirits, Angels, and Elementals are all busy working to create the supportive underpinnings for what you are creating in your life.

When you are told “be patient,” think of it as a request to you to support the work of those who are creating what is needed to support your work.  “Be patient” really means “be still and focus on what you are creating together with God.”   Your mental focus, even if you are uncertain about the precise direction you are choosing, provides some of the energy for the supportive restructuring process and creation.

Of course, at this time, your bodies are part of the restructuring.  All kinds of rewiring at the various levels is going on in your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and Light bodies.  The Divine Male and Divine Female blueprints; your nerves, your brain, and the neural matrix; your chords, meaning your interconnections with other people and the musical chords that vibrate from you – the notes that you “play” and are aligned wtih – all these and more are changing.

Give yourself time/rest to integrate these new ways of being.  Just a gentle focus on what is being done to honor and support you is enough to help those doing this work.