Celebrate the Divine Mother.

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The Divine Mother Is in All of Us.

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Learning to Nurture Ourselves.Learning to Nurture Ourselves.

Mother’s Day was originally viewed as a sacred holiday honoring the Divine Feminine Principle.

Divine Mothers come in all sizes and species.Divine Mothers come in all sizes
and species.

The Divine Feminine Principle exists within all of us.  We may celebrate Mother’s Day by doing nice things for our biological (or adopted or foster) mother and/or grandmother, but if someone hasn’t ever given birth, we don’t think of them as a mother.  We also don’t take time on Mother’s Day to honor Mother Earth.

The ability to mother is actually learned.  Babies of humans and other mammals are unable to nurture young that they produce when they have not received appropriate nurturing from a member of their own species.  So being a mother is not about biologically producing an offspring.  That is too limited a perspective.

We can choose to restore the more sacred aspect of Mother’s Day by honoring the Divine Feminine that exists in all of us, males and females alike.  The place to begin, as always, is within yourself.

How do you celebrate your own inner Divine Feminine?

Begin by honoring yourself this Mother’s Day.  Make a commitment to nurture yourself more.  Not sure how to do that?

Ask yourself, ‘What makes me feel nurtured?”  Then be silent and listen to your inner voice.

Then make a commitment to care for yourself as a mother would, and to begin this Mother’s Day.

  • You could get a massage or spend a day at a spa.
  • You might decide not to cook for a day.
  • You could eat foods that take you back to a time when you were being cared for by a motherly or grandmotherly figure from your childhood.
  • Feeling a call to spend time in nature?   Why not invite Mother Earth to hold you in her arms for a while and nurture you.
  • Maybe you’ll just take the day to do exactly what you feel like doing, spontaneously, in the now moment.

Whatever you hear from your inner voice, go with it.  Celebrate the mother energy within you.

Nurturing is important for everyone.Nurturing is important for every child, including our own inner children.

Then – share your new perspective with others by celebrating their Divine Feminine.

You can send Mother’s Day cards or make calls to women friends and family who have never given birth to a child, and wish them a happy Mother’s Day.  Tell them that you’re celebrating the Divine Mother in them.  Notice how they respond.  Perhaps some of them will get the idea that celebrating Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be limited in the way we have previously done it.

Men also carry the Divine Feminine Principle.

You can wish Happy Mother’s Day to men you know, for they, too. carry the Divine Feminine energies.

Males also carry the Divine Feminine. Males also carry the Divine Feminine.

Many men are getting in touch with the Divine Feminine within themselves.  This is difficult for most men because of their earlier conditioning.

Men – you don’t have to be gay to get in touch with your Divine Feminine, and it doesn’t mean that you are gay if you choose to do so.  All men, gay and straight, have the Divine Feminine within.  This has nothing to do with sex, sexuality, or sexual preferences.

During this period of spiritual awakening and ascension, all men and all women are being invited to create a new energetic balance of the male and female chi within themselves.

So let the men in your life know that you recognize and honor the creative, fertile, nurturing spark within them.  Some may laugh.  Some may take offense.  Others may pause and consider that this is OK and can even be fun.

Earth Mother.Earth Mother.


Finally, what might it mean for the healing of our planet if we restored the celebration of the Divine Mother to include the Earth and all living beings who dwell here?

Yes, I know … Earth Day is a separate holiday, but that doesn’t mean that the earth isn’t our own Divine Mother, too.  We can celebrate her on Mother’s Day by holding her in our hearts and acknowledging that without her we would not be here on this planet, in these bodies, to experience the beauty of our lives.

So Mother’s Day is truly for everyone.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Ascension Preparation: Integrating Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

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To move out of duality,

integrate the male and female within you.


In our teleclass last night, we reviewed the different qualities associated with the female chi (yin) and the male chi (yang).

Contrasting characteristics of Female and Male Chi.

Since we all have both the male and female chi and the male and female hormones, we all have both sets of some characteristics to some degree.

The really important issue that is related to preparing for ascension is this:

How do you integrate –

heal your relationship with –

BOTH of these aspects within you?


To help you do this, I channeled the energies of the Mahatma or highest frequency Divine Feminine energy for you to experience.  Then I channeled the energy of the new Divine Masculine Christ Light energy for you to experinece.

In our meditation, we each met with both aspects of ourselves and began the harmonious, loving, reintegration of these two aspects.

Please share below any questions you may have and any experiences you had during or after participating in the teleclass.


— To register for this series, please visit http://www.RaysofHealingLight.com, click on the link for ASCENSION PREPARATION, and sign up for the series.

— If you are already registered, you will be able to play the recording posted on the participant’s page for a few days.