Heart Alchemy

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Your Heart is Undergoing an Alchemical Change

Heart Alchemy:  Our hearts are being transformed.

Heart Alchemy – Our hearts are being transformed.

The Source Field from which all consciousness emanates is in the process of renovating our hearts.  If you are able to tune in to the feeling aspect of your being, you will notice these changes taking place right now.

If you are already someone who lives by the guided intelligence of your heart-brain, you probably are aware that something unprecedented is happening both inside you and around you.

Your heart knows truth.

Whatever has been invisible or hidden in the past can now be easily revealed through your heart.  You are beginning to “see, feel, allow, imagine” the true nature of your heart center.  Thus, your understanding of reality is undergoing a dramatic shift.

You will no longer be fooled by attempts to distort and hide truths from you.

You will feel and know that God Consciousness is being breathed into you in each breath you take.

You will recognize the presence of the Divine Mother within your heart, and you will welcome the expansion of Divine Love within you.

HeartRadianceIn many artistic representations of the Ascended Masters, their heart is shown glowing with Light.  Light and Love are radiating our from their heart centers.

This is visible Light.  You can see this Light.

When your heart center is fully restored to it’s pristine perfection, you, too, will radiate Divine Love and Divine Light from your Heart.

Doing so will be natural.

It won’t be something you have to work at.

It will just be SO!

The Divine Feminine – Divine Mother aspect of ALL-THAT-IS lives in your heart center.  She is there right now, awaiting your conscious presence.  She is there to teach you about loving yourself and others.  She is there to show you all the ways to heal your heart of past hurts, old memories of betrayal and pain, and of the darkness that you’ve been hiding from yourself inside your heart.

Bring yourself and your heart back into the Light.

You can heal everything!



Ascending in 2012

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Some Helpful Ascension Tips

© January, 2012
by Nedda Wittels

There are many, many websites today with lots of information about Ascension. Some of the information is fairly consistent across the board. Other bits of information may seem to be in full conflict with each other.

How are you to decide what is the truth? How can you determine to whom you want to listen and who can help you the most?

Here are a few tips:

Learn “discernment”, which is very different than judgment. If someone tells you they have all the answers – don’t believe them. Go INSIDE and check out the messages with your own, personal truth-testing system. You have one, you know. That is what discernment is – deciding what is “right” and what is “truth” for yourself.

Learn to communicate with your own higher spiritual aspects for support, answers to questions, and anything else you might choose to request. Your “I Am Presence” is YOU at the very highest vibrational frequencies and knows what your path is for this lifetime. Your support team includes higher aspects (Soul, Oversoul, personal guides, teachers, and I Am Presence) who really do know the answers and will help you if you ask. YOU MUST ASK because you have FREE WILL and no one wants to violate your FREE WILL.

Recognize all the ways in which the “world out there” is a reflection of your inner world. Discover how, when you change something inside yourself, the reflection also changes. By focusing within and cleaning up your “act” (all the world’s a stage and we are merely players – William Shakespeare) you will begin to experience new joy and excitement, fulfillment and enthusiasm for your life.

Recognize that you are God living in this body. You are the DIVINE SPARK created by GOD/GODDESS. Since God knows all, then all the answers to all your questions are within you. Learn to access them and take back your personal power.

Choose to align with your Divinity and your Life Path, and you will receive Grace in all areas of your life.

Learn to love yourself.  Looking for Love? Look inside. Loving yourself is essential to living from your heart center, and living from your heart center is essential to successfully navigating through these powerful energies.

Discover that you are worthy of EVERYTHING.

Remember that you are designed to live in joy.

Remember that you carry Divine Light.

Remember that you are Divine Love.

Remember that Divine Wisdom, and

Divine Grace are with you always.


Before You Ascend, Own The Power of Your Words

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The Throat Chakra

According to the Old Testament, and this is not an exact quote, God spoke . . .  and all that we know – the universe, galaxies, stars, planets, . . . everything came into existence.  God is said to have said, “Let there be LIGHT” or it’s equivalent in whatever language, if there even was such a thing as language.

According to this story, Sound came before Light.  What is Sound?  It is a type of vibration.  According to the most recent theoretical physics, vibration is the most subtle energy pattern that we can discern.  Hmmm.

Out of Sound came what?  Divine Light.  And what is Divine Light?

Divine Light is an aspect of Divine Love. 

From the Sound expression of Divine Light and Divine Love, specific patterns and forms took shape.  Thus was manifested All That Is.

* * * * *

The old children’s rhyme, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me” is a false statement.  The power of the words we think and speak is the power of MANIFESTATION. 

When we shout angry words at someone, that is energy we are putting out of our body.  Whoever and whatever is present is being affected by that energy — not just the emotional part, but the words, too.  People who are more psychically aware can actually feel the energy of a space when they walk into it.  If anger has been expressed there, they feel the anger.  If sadness and grief have filled the space, they can feel the sadness and grief.

I once visited a Tibetan temple in upstate Vermont.  I was attending a class inside the room where people came to meditate and pray.  We began the class by becoming silent, becoming grounded, and just sitting quietly.  As I moved into that quiet inner space, I heard a mantra being chanted, not by the people in the room, but coming out of the walls.  It was not the mantra I use to meditate, so I knew it wasn’t coming from within me.  “Om mani padme hum” is the chant I heard resonating from everything in that room.

The words you choose to speak and the words you allow to flow out of your mouth without giving them a second thought all create your reality.  Every sound you utter is a vibrational pattern.  We know that certain trained opera singers can literally break a glass with their voice.  That is only a very tiny example of the power of sound to vibrationally disorganize and destroy.  But sound also has the power to create.


I used to pray that I would speak only words of love. 

What does this prayer mean?  What would I do with the other feelings I was experiencing?  How would I transform my speech so that only Love poured forth – naturally, automatically, and in every moment?

Truthfully, I am still working on it.  But here is what I have come to understand.

If you want to speak only words of Love, your Heart Centers and your Throat Centers must be open, cleared of all lower vibrational patterns, spinning correctly, balanced, integrated, and aligned within themselves.  Then and only then can be they fully in alignment with each other.  Then, when the flow of energy between your heart and your throat centers is fully aligned, you can choose to speak only words of Love.

Imagine – a world where only LOVE is spoken.

Can you imagine what your life and the lives of everyone else would be like if you and everyone else spoke lovingly? 

What would it feel like?

How would it affect the choices you make?

How would it affect your relationships?

How would it change your perceptions of reality?

Getting Started

If you are already working on Living From Your Heart, then you are already doing the clearing work that will strengthen and align your Heart Center.

Now, focus on your Throat Center.  Identify what needs to be cleared by breathing into your Throat Center and noticing blockages of any kind.  You probably have some, as most people do.  Many of us have been living a life where we speak less than our own personal Truth, and that, in itself, creates blockages.  When we hold back expressing our energy, our energy becomes jammed up.

So if you want to being speaking Only Words of Love, you will have to also begin to speak words of Truth – YOUR Truth.  That doesn’t mean attacking or blaming others.   It does mean being able to say what is true for you WITHOUT accusing others.

Another way to work on your throat chakra is to gently bring DIVINE LOVE from your Heart Center into your Throat Center.  Allow the Love to surround anything and everything that is creating a blockage for the purpose of dissolving it.

Clearing the Throat Chakra – or any chakra – is not a five minute process.  If you are interested in clearing out your chakra system, and healing and aligning it, find a healer that knows how to support this process and can teach you how to work with it on your own as well.


The Hologram We Call the Universe

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I have been wanting to understand – from a spiritual perspective – how the hologram that is our universe is created, based on holographic principles.  This piece is my attempt to bring clarity and insight to myself about this Creation.

There is more and more evidence coming from the world of science that the universe is a hologram and that everything that we believe exist in our universe is part of that hologram.  This includes all so-called physical objects including particles and waves at the sub-atomic levels.  This includes all things we believe we see with the naked eye and those we see with telescopes and microscopes.  This includes the physical body, our DNA, our brain, and every other organ and system. 

Scientists know how to create a hologram.  The best description I can find of how this is done was written by Michael Talbot in his book, The Holographic Universe.

“A hologram is produced when a single laser light is split into two separate beams.  The first beam is bounced off the object to be photographed.  Then the second beam is allowed to collide with the reflected light of the first.  When this happens they create an interference pattern which is then recorded on a piece of film. 

“To the naked eye the image on the film looks . . . a little like the concentric rings that form when a handful of pebbles is tossed into a pond….  But as soon as another laser beam (or in some instances just a bright light source) is shined through the film, a three-dimensional image of the original object reappears…. You can actually walk around a holographic projection and view it [as a three dimensional image] from different angles as you would a real object.  However, if you reach out and try to touch it, your hand will waft right through it and you will discover there is really nothing there.  “(p.14-16)

OK, so that’s how humans in 3D create a hologram.  The question that has been teasing at my mind is this:

What are the equivalent spiritual phenomenon used to create our holographic universe?

  • 1. What is the source of the laser light at the Spiritual level?

The source of Spiritual Light must be Consciousness because that is all that exists at the highest frequencies.  Spiritual Light is extremely pure and coherent.  After all, it is the Light of Source or God.

  • 2. How can there be two sources of Spiritual Light to create the “interference” pattern?

At the highest frequencies of Consciousness, there is only Unity.  Since we know that duality exits at our level of consciousness, somewhere, somehow, that duality (or illusion of duality) was created.

According to J.J. Hurtak in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, p 26., “The universe which surrounds us is full of love powered emanations….” (My emphasis.)

This may be the key.  If Divine Love powers the emanations of Divine Light, and if Divine Light provide us with information that awakens our consciousness, then clearly the two exist and work in concert.

Perhaps Divine Love and Divine Light are not really separate from each other.  At our current vibrational frequency, we might describe them as two sides of the same coin, since in duality we always talk of opposites or at the very least complements. 

Perhaps we talk about them as separate and perceive them as separate because of the level of our consciousness, when, in fact, they are One. 

Perhaps by appearing to separate them into two beams, the hologram of our reality is created. 

  • 3. What is the source of the “object” that Divine Love and Divine Light are illuminating?

Is it, in fact, an “object” that is being illuminated? 

Perhaps it is, as Plato suggested, an “ideal” or perfect thought-form that exists only in the Mind of God.  Thoughts are energy waves. . .and energy waves make patterns.

  • 4. Does this mean that Divine Love and Divine Light are projected as two separate beams (or one beam is projected from two different directions?) through a thought form in the mind of God (the ocean of Consciousness)?

This would create an image which is the equivalent of the ‘interference pattern” Mr. Talbot describes.

One of the things that makes holography possible is a phenomenon known as interference.  Interference is the crisscrossing pattern that occurs when two or more waves, such as waves of water, ripple through each other.  For example, if you drop a pebble into a pond, it will produce a series of concentric waves that expands outward.  If you drop two pebbles into a pond, you will get two waves that expand and pass through one another….”

Any wavelike phenomena can create an interference pattern, including light and radio waves.  Because laser light is an extremely pure, coherent form of light, it is especially good at creating interference patterns….

Now this fascinates me because when I facilitate healings for people and animals, my healing guides in the realm of spirit have sometimes shown me in my mind pictures of the template or blueprint for the physical form of the being receiving the healing.  When the blueprint has been damaged, the interference pattern in that location seems to be out of sync with the larger pattern.  At times, the healing guides with whom I work are able to repair the damage, thus allowing more complete healing to take place at the physical, emotional, and mental levels.

I have had this experience numerous times before ever reading Mr. Talbot’s book.  The concept of the hologram now explains my experience more fully and completely than any other explanation.

OK – so this template or blueprint is the holographic plate or film which is created by the laser beams shining through the spiritual thought form.  But we still don’t have the actually hologram yet. 

  • 5. What creates the 3-dimensional image?

Perhaps it is the three-dimensional Light provided by our Sun and the Stars and the Galaxies?

Or . . . .

Perhaps it is our own inner light, our Spiritual Light that is consciousness inside us.

Mr. Talbot goes on to explain how our vision is holographic and our very brain and mind behave in the same ways as holograms are known to behave.

To summarize, the hologram that we call The Universe, is created when Consciousness projects Divine Love/Light from two directions onto a Thought Form, an image held in Unity Consciousness, to produce an interference pattern (or template) which is then vibrationally lowered to our level of density (our frequency range).   Then, another light, the Light of Our Soul Self, projects itself onto the pattern, creating the 3-dimensional image.


Watch a fantastic video on hologram of the universe, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=couVqpuX9CU