Love Everyone.

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No Exceptions.

Love the Whole World.Love the Whole World.

Love Everyone as God.

Separation is an illusion.  Differences are an illusion.  When you love everyone as you love yourself … well, first you must fully love yourself.

Go into your very own Heart … that sacred space that exists within your bodies, and just be present there.

Ask to experience Infinite Love … right there!!

No one dies.  We just change form.  We can continue to love everyone whether in or out of a physical body.

Open your heart.  Love yourself.  Love everyone else, too.

You are the Supreme Consciousness that created and manifested as the Universe.  There is no separation.  Separation is an illusion.

Love yourself.  Love each other.  Love your enemies.

Isn’t this the ultimate teaching from all the Saints of all religions, including Jesus, Krishna, Mother Teresa, and all the others?

Go into your Heart right this moment.

Ask to be surrounded by Infinite Love.

Love Is.

Love is the essential nature of all things,

including YOU.





Always available.

Without conditions.

Cannot be stopped.

Cannot be destroyed.

The most powerful force in the Universe.

This holiday season, the greatest gift you can give another is to see them as a perfect being of love … just as they are.

See God in Everyone,

for that’s where God lives.

This gift costs you nothing, and brings you many Blessings.

Give the gift of Love.  Hold each person in your heart and surround them with Love.

What a gift!!

Love everyone, including yourself!

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukah

Happy Kuanzaa

Happy Solstice

May you receive all the blessings of Divine Love.

May you share your Love with Everyone.

Heart Alchemy

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Your Heart is Undergoing an Alchemical Change

Heart Alchemy:  Our hearts are being transformed.

Heart Alchemy – Our hearts are being transformed.

The Source Field from which all consciousness emanates is in the process of renovating our hearts.  If you are able to tune in to the feeling aspect of your being, you will notice these changes taking place right now.

If you are already someone who lives by the guided intelligence of your heart-brain, you probably are aware that something unprecedented is happening both inside you and around you.

Your heart knows truth.

Whatever has been invisible or hidden in the past can now be easily revealed through your heart.  You are beginning to “see, feel, allow, imagine” the true nature of your heart center.  Thus, your understanding of reality is undergoing a dramatic shift.

You will no longer be fooled by attempts to distort and hide truths from you.

You will feel and know that God Consciousness is being breathed into you in each breath you take.

You will recognize the presence of the Divine Mother within your heart, and you will welcome the expansion of Divine Love within you.

HeartRadianceIn many artistic representations of the Ascended Masters, their heart is shown glowing with Light.  Light and Love are radiating our from their heart centers.

This is visible Light.  You can see this Light.

When your heart center is fully restored to it’s pristine perfection, you, too, will radiate Divine Love and Divine Light from your Heart.

Doing so will be natural.

It won’t be something you have to work at.

It will just be SO!

The Divine Feminine – Divine Mother aspect of ALL-THAT-IS lives in your heart center.  She is there right now, awaiting your conscious presence.  She is there to teach you about loving yourself and others.  She is there to show you all the ways to heal your heart of past hurts, old memories of betrayal and pain, and of the darkness that you’ve been hiding from yourself inside your heart.

Bring yourself and your heart back into the Light.

You can heal everything!



Heart Brain – A New Way to Live.

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What would the world be like if your heart ruled your head?
What would the world be like
if your heart
ruled your head?

Can you imagine how we would be different if our hearts were in our heads?

Those of us who tend to analyze everything might discover that instead we would just love everything.

Those of us who are self-critical might find more self-love available.

Those of us with fear-filled thoughts might find our fear dissolving and disappearing.

Your heart’s magnetic field is more than twice the size of that of your brain.  Your heart’s energy is more powerful than that of your brain.  And your heart is the center of Divine Love in your physical body.

Can you imagine how your life might be different if you were allowing yourself to consciously receive and experience the Divine Love flowing into your heart?  It’s already there, but are you noticing?

Just pause right now.  Allow yourself to imagine that you can sense and feel that love pouring in.

– – – – –

– – – – –

– – – – –

– – – – –

What did you discover?

Did you discover that your heart is burdened by feelings that are unresolved?

Did you trip over old angers, resentments, jealousies, shames, and other emotions that seem to block your experience of love?

Did you get a sense that it’s time to clean house in your heart to make room for more Divine Love to live there?

Did you find your heart brain – that center of wisdom and higher knowledge that resides in your heart?

Did you hear your heart beating out a message to you?  What was the message?

As we approach the yearly holiday known as St. Valentine’s Day, we are reminded to send cards and flowers and candy to someone we love.  May I suggest that this year, instead, you take the day to examine where love is present in your life and where it’s missing.  When you discover the places it’s missing, you can make a new choice – to put love into all the places within yourself and outside yourself, that seem to be lacking in love.

One way to put more love into your own life is to energize water with Love.  You can place a glass pitcher or large glass of water over the word

D i v i n e  L o v e


and let it sit there for 15 minutes and then drink the water.

The vibration of Divine Love will be in that water and will be pumped by your heart into all your cells, including the cells of your heart.  In your imagination, sense the Divine Love transforming each of your cells into radiant centers of Divine Love.  Notice how this feels.

When we allow our hearts to be filled with love and to share their Divine Love and wisdom with all other parts of us, our lives transform.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Meeting of the Minds

How Many Voices Are Reaching Out to You?


Does it feel like there are many different people living inside of you, many voices inside your head clamoring for attention?

We all have many aspects or parts of ourselves who may be holding onto past experiences, stuck in the emotions and beliefs that helped us survive or get through challenging times in the past.

Some of these parts may feel abandoned and lost, and may even be hiding, afraid to be noticed, but still craving attention.

Other parts may feel anger, resentment, even rage, and may express themselves at inappropriate times or in ways that create more pain in your life.

Still other aspects may feel guilt, hopelessness, depression, sadness, and loss.

No matter what each part is feeling, all parts of ourselves deserve to be heard, to be loved, and to heal.  Once healed, they will continue to be valuable contributors to your life.

Some examples . . .

An inner child who is hurt and frightened may also be the key to greater creativity and joy once she feels loved and accepted.

A teenager who is still “acting out” at times, may be the one who can most help you discover your true path in life, once the resentment and anger he still feels is resolved.

The young adult who chose a career that her parents wanted for her may be able to choose differently once her confusion is clarified and her self-esteem rebuilt.

A first step in accessing these parts may be to call a “committee meeting” – a meeting of the minds, so to speak.

You can invite all the parts who are ready to get to know you better to attend.  These aspects of you each have much to contribute to your life beyond what may seem to be their limiting beliefs and feelings.  Once you get to know them, once they feel loved and accepted, once they are willing to heal the past and move forward in partnership with you, your life can become more harmonious and meaningful, more joyful and fulfilling.

Getting to know each of these parts may take a little time and patience on your part, but the rewards will be far more than you might imagine possible.

So if you’re hearing many voices inside you clamoring for attention, take a quiet moment to meet these parts of you.

If you need assistance, Source Resonance Healing™ can facilitate, guide, and support you and your various aspects to create harmony, resonance, and a life overflowing with Divine Love.

Please. . . Please. . . Please. . .DON’T Send Energy!

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Let me warn you right now.

This is going to be a VERY controversial message.

OK.  You’ve been warned!!


The Reiki people have promoted the notion that it’s OK and even a GOOD THING to send Reiki energy to people and animals and situations because the Reiki propaganda says “you can’t do harm by sending Reiki.”


It can be DETRIMENTAL to

send energy to someone

just because you’ve decided to send it.


  • If someone doesn’t ASK for help, you are VIOLATING HIGHER LAW by interfering in their personal space, i.e., their multiple bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).  Earth is a FREE WILL ZONE.  Therefore, before sending energy and before telling someone you plan to send energy  . . . ASK if they actually want it!


  • The Reiki energies are about 1/4 inch of a yardstick representing the vibrational frequencies now available on planet earth.  If you are sending Reiki energies, you may be sending inappropriate frequencies to someone who is resonating at and integrating much higher vibrational patterns, which can make their personal process more difficult!


  • Putting more energy INTO a situation where there are energy blockages can CAUSE and/or INCREASE someone’s pain and distress levels.  Many times energies need to be UNBLOCKED and REMOVED instead of added to someone’s energy bodies and field.


  • Saying that someone who doesn’t want the energies can just ignore them ISN’T TRUE!!  It takes energy to block incoming energy, and some of the Ascension work is so intense that the person may not have the strength or energy or knowledge to put up a shield to block what you are sending.


  • If you have not been trained and have not become an EXPERT at CLEARING YOUR OWN FIELD, just sending energy means you are sending someone else all your own mental and emotional debris.  That is NOT helpful to anyone.  To learn how to do this requires DAILY PRACTICE.  You will do more to benefit everyone on the planet by WORKING ON YOURSELF!!


If you ASK and the person or animal says,

“No thank you,” you are still free to:

  • Recognize that whatever situation a person or animal is in is the PERFECT situation for their spiritual growth.
  • SAY A PRAYER requesting God, Goddess, Source, Divine Creator, All That Is, or whomever you pray to, to provide for the PERFECT OUTCOME that will bring the HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL CONCERNED into manifestation. Since we can’t know what is best for anyone else, this type of prayer still honors their free will.
  • Acknowledge that this situation is a DIVINE REFLECTION of something within you, otherwise it would not have manifested into your life.  Therefore you can be most helpful by doing Ho’Oponopono* to clear up whatever inside of you created this reflection.
  • If you can’t control your compulsion to send something, ask that the highest frequency of DIVINE LOVE now available on planet Earth be made available at the appropriate frequencies to the person ACCORDING TO THE WILL OF THEIR “I AM PRESENCE.”  Don’t send it yourself.




*Ho’Oponopono Prayer – Use this to clear up your own stuff!
I love you.

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.


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