You Can’t Force Love.


Even Divine Love Must Be ALLOWED to Be Experienced.

My father taught me that, when working with machines, it is dangerous to try to force anything.  When you try to force things, you are likely to be injured and the machine might end up broken or damaged.

This morning, it occurred to me that the same principle holds true in other areas of my life.

You can’t force yourself to love someone.

You can’t force someone to love you.

So how can we restore Divine Love –

our awareness of it –

our openness to receive it –

our experience of it –

our ability to share it with others?

This is why the term “allowing” is so important.  For me, when I first heard that I need to “allow” things to flow, to happen in a natural way, I became frustrated and angry.  I wanted to shout, “What do you mean, ‘allow.’  If I did that, nothing would happen or everything would fall apart.”

That reaction, of course, comes from fear – the ego fearing loss of control, not recognizing that it’s not really in control in the first place.

Just because we create our reality doesn’t mean that we “control” it in the sense of being able to manipulate our lives.  To consciously CO-create our reality requires acknowledging that we are working with the universe, and then consciously ALLOWING the manifestation to occur.  Our part in this is:

  1. DECIDING or CHOOSING what to experience.
  2. ENERGIZING that choice with powerful emotions.
  3. LETTING GO so the universe to co-create with us.
  4. BELIEVING that our creation is on its way.
  5. OPENING TO RECEIVE that which we are requesting.
  6. PATIENTLY AWAITING our creation.

But when we try to FORCE something it happen, we change the qualitative energy pattern of what we’re endeavoring to create.  We don’t necessarily end up with the best of all possible outcomes.  And we might never know this because we didn’t take the time to step back, get some emotional and mental distance of the situation, and allow things to flow – progress in a natural way.

A friend of mine recently had a crisis with her physical home.  Turns out that the original contractor who built it 7 years ago used shoddy construction and shoddy materials to save money while he absconded with the extra dollars.  Suddenly, it seemed as though the house was literally about to fall down on her head.  This situation was very spiritually challenging.  It not only required action in the physical world, but also daily spiritual action to heal the fear of the ego and stay in a higher perspective.  Doing so allowed the best possible solution to manifest appropriately and more quickly.  Because she was able to do the spiritual work (and believe me, this was intensely difficult), she and her husband are now back in their home, which has been made completely safe in only a month or so.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the energetic changes?

Are you reacting as if nearly everything is an emergency? 

Check inside:  is your adrenal gland looking/feeling exhausted?

We’ve all been conditioned to some degree to want an instant “fix” for everything we perceive as a problem.  So it’s no wonder that we lack the patience and self-discipline to give ourselves the space to develop a higher perspective that offers true understanding of what is before us in the moment.

When we try to force a solution, we are wasting our energy.

When we ALIGN with our higher self – our Divine Self – and request assistance for the best possible outcome, and then ALLOW it to manifest, we will discover that we don’t need to force anything at all.

The same is true for Divine Love.  It’s readily available.  It’s all around us. But do you let it in?

In my own life, I’ve been experiencing breathing difficulties since November, 2012.  This, of course, feelings like an emergency situation, since breathing is essential for life.

But I keep asking myself, “What are the lessons here?  What is my body trying so hard to let go of?  Get rid of?”

And I keep asking myself, “What is it I’m supposed to be learning from this experience?”

And the answer, a big part of the answer, seems to be that my body wants me to take in more Divine Love.  After working my way through a series of homeopathic remedies, and improving greatly, I was finally faced with the question, “Am I willing to be loved?”

The specific remedy was Lac Equinum – or mare’s milk.  Because of Echo, my former equine friend, I experienced the energy of this remedy as though it came directly from her.

  • When I put my hand into the energy of Lac Equinum 30-C, I psychically smelled Echo’s breath as she chewed the delicious, rich, early spring grass.  It was peaceful, like the energy of a grazing horse.
  • When I put my hand into the energy of Lac Equinum 1-M, I could feel the Divine Love that flowed from Echo her entire lifetime and still flows from her now that she’s out of body.  It was like breathing in the Light and Love of her spirit.

I had to choose between Lac Equinum and another remedy, which also seemed to offer assistance, but in a much harsher, more intense, and uncomfortable way.  It was like choosing between going through a very difficult detox and choosing love.

Which would you choose?

Which would I choose?

It was a struggle to choose Lac Equinum because of the old habit of forcing things.  I seemed, at first, to be attracted to the idea of forcing my body to heal rather than allowing Divine Love to enter and bring healing.

With great effort, I choose to allow Love.  I choose to be patient and to let the healing unfold.  And the remedy did it’s work, and now I’m taking the other remedy, the harsher one, but interestingly enough, it doesn’t feel harsh any more, but more like a gentle cleansing.

So the lesson is to stop trying to force anything at all.  I’m sure I haven’t learned this lesson fully, but I’m another step along the way.


Who’s Knocking at Your Door?

Is There a Monster on the Other Side?

In 3-D, we held onto all kinds of unpleasant, painful experiences that we accumulated along with the emotions and beliefs that surrounded them.  We didn’t know then how to deal with all this, and so …  now ….

We are each hearing a knocking at the door.  Some of us are hearing loud banging sounds, as if the door itself is about to be smashed down like Hagrid searching for Harry Potter at the seaside cabin where the Dursleys tried to hide.  Like the Dursleys, we can no longer hide.  Like Hagrid entering the cabin, parts of ourselves may at first seem gigantic and monstrous and very threatening.  But also like Hagrid, if we take the time to listen, we’ll discover that this part and all parts of ourselves are actually trying to help us.

Who‘s knocking at your door?

Which inner aspect – infant, toddler, child, teenager, young adult, older adult – is trying to get your attention?

What messages does this part of you want to share?

What does this part of you need from you to heal him or her?

We all buried unresolved emotions and limiting beliefs about ourselves deep inside.  Some of these were stored in our cells and organs and other tissues of the physical body, while others were stored in our emotional and mental bodies.  Over time, this massive collection reached overload.   And now, here in 5-D, we are hearing a knocking, a banging, a pounding at the door.

What’s keeping you from answering the door?

When you hear a knock on the inner door to your consciousness and you ignore it, it will grow louder and louder until finally the door collapses and there you are – face to face with a part of yourself who is desperately trying to get your attention.

The “knocking” may take the form of intense physical symptoms and even severe illness, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and so on.  It may also take the form of emotional “breakdowns.”  It can also take the form of losing your job, your physical house literally falling apart, relationships crashing, people and animals you love leaving, and other “reflections” of your inner world having achieved total overload.  Your  limiting beliefs about who you are and what you’re worth are now revealed.

Whatever you’re experiencing,

it’s not too late to listen.

  Your inner voices are ready to speak to you.

Amazingly, these parts of ourselves are not evil or mean – they’re just hurting and seeking to help us and themselves.  Their goal is to assist us to release the past, freeing up space within ourselves so we can hold more Divine Love and Light from Source.

Yet, when I’m physically sick, when I’m in emotional pain, when my life is unsatisfactory or seems to be falling apart –I continue to resist. I just want whatever is happening to “GO AWAY! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!”

But when I feel that way, I’m missing something very important!

Everything I experience, even if painful or frightening, is something I have brought to myself as a GIFT.  This gift will help my spirit and my soul to heal and become expansive.  It brings opportunities for the most magical and amazing things to happen inside of me and in my life.

When I find the COURAGE to listen to them, these inner aspects will tell me what they need to heal themselves.

This is what Source Resonance Healing™ has taught me:

I have the POWER within me to heal everything with the assistance of Source!

All my inner aspects are just waiting to be healed and integrated into my Divine Wholeness!

In the past, we have all found ways to block out the inner messages.  We become addicted to anything that shuts down the signals from within.  This can include, but is not limited to food, alcohol, illegal drugs, legal drugs, prescription drugs, gambling, shopping, TV, “tweeting,” “liking,” sports, and so on.  These are all distractions from the inner messages.

Why would you want to listen to the inner messages when you can watch a football or other sports game?

Why would you want to go back in time and face up to the grief, the shame, the loneliness and the fear, the anger and the rage?

We may think, “I don’t know today any more than I did in the past how to deal with this inner voice and with the situation(s) that caused him or her to become isolated and hurt.”

So we run.

We run, and we run, and we run, and we hide from ourselves in all the distractions of the external world.  We may look for answers outside of ourselves, but until we’re ready to go within, those so-called answers may just cover up the wounds and prevent them from healing.

One day, we hit bottom.  We can’t run anymore.  Either the pain has become too great or our physical body has begun to give out because it can no longer tolerate the disharmony of these buried emotions and past grievances.  Or something happens in the reflection of so-called reality that makes us STOP and PAY ATTENTION.

We have reach overload.  The knocking on the door has finally caused the door to collapse.   There we are – face to face with a part of ourselves who has a message.

Amazingly, these parts of ourselves are not evil or mean – they’re just hurting and desperately wanting to help us release the past, free up space within ourselves so we can hold more Divine Love and Light.

Once we heal these inner aspects of ourselves and integrate them back into our full consciousness, we feel so much better.  The pain and fear and other emotions are gone.  Even the physical symptoms can disappear completely.

We begin to express ourselves as Divine beings with tremendous energy, creativity, joyfulness, abundance, integrity, and Love.

We start to trust ourselves more. 

We resonate more with Source.

We are more whole, more integrated, more complete, and free to live our lives with enthusiasm, dynamism, and excitement.

This is what I have experienced through Source Resonance Healing™.

* * * * * * * * * *

Source Resonance Healing™ was founded by Nedda Wittels and Karen Nowak.

Read about Source Resonance Healing™ and learn one way to facilitate your integration into the 5th dimension.

“Stones Walls Do Not a Prison Make . . .


Nor iron bars a cage.”

From a poem by Richard Lovelace.

ARE YOU TRAPPED in a prison of the MIND?


You may have heard the theory that 3-D Earth is a prison planet.  A prison doesn’t need stone walls and iron bars.  A prison can exist within our consciousness, and that’s the type of prison we lived in while in 3-D.   Some of us are awakening spiritually and breaking out of the prison, while others still seem to be enthralled by the unreality they experience as real.

Those who are awakened and awakening are escaping from the mind-control by tuning into our True Selves, who are limitless, without boundaries, and able to create in the most expansive ways.   We are remembering our Godhood and our connections to ALL THAT IS.

The journey from our prisons to our expanded selves in underway, but “it ain’t easy.”

Each of us has within us aspects of ourselves from this lifetime who have been conditioned, brainwashed, victimized, betrayed, abused, threatened, punished, and generally manipulated into decisions designed to keep us small, feeling helpless, angry, frustrated, ashamed, fearful, terrified, and so on.  These decision determine who we believe are and how we decided to live our lives.

This is the cage we have been living in.  When we look out through our limited physical sensory system  – when we use only our 5 physical senses – we see a reflection that confirms for us that all these negative emotions and beliefs are true descriptions of ourselves and our lives. Sadly, these perceptions were designed to keep us enslaved at that level of consciousness.

This is why, having arrived in 5-D, we looked around and to our horror and dismay, we still saw all the 3-D “stuff” seeming to go on and on. We questioned whether we had, in fact, “made it” to 5-D at all.

We MUST STOP FEEDING the energies that

maintain the old 3-D world. 

It’s time for a major internal spring cleaning.

Whenever you discover yourself immersed in old 3-D patterns or dealing with 3-D reflections – give this a try:

  1. ALLOW.  Allow all that is not LOVE to float away.  When we RESIST what is not LOVE, we give it energy.  We strengthen it.  Allowing feels too soft to be strong enough, but LOVE itself is the strongest power in the universe.  We must ALLOW LOVE to be present in us and in all things.  Call it in.  Ask for DIVINE LOVE to be present in every moment of your life each day.
  2. FORGIVE.  Forgive yourself. Forgive the “other” who actually is you.  Forgive yourself for participating in the create of this experience.  Forgive yourself  for your RESISTANCE to allowing and to letting go.
  3. LET GO.  Let go of whatever you’re still clinging to that is 3-D.  Old resentments?  Let them go.  Old angers?  Let them go?  Old stories of how your life “sucks?”  Let them go.  Old patterns of behavior that produce unsatisfying results?  Let them go.
  4. DIVINE LOVE without CONDITIONS.  Fill yourself and every situation with Divine Love.  Make this a daily practice, hour by hour, minute by minute.  It takes time to create a new habit.  Why not start now?

You won’t become a 5-D person while clinging to 3-D patterns

Lest you feel that I’m somehow doing this with ease and grace, I will share with you that this last week has been one of frustration, rage, and serious ill health.  To fully heal myself, I’m working with various inner aspects of myself.  Here’s one example.

There is a little girl part of me (age 3 or so) who is clinging stubbornly to a decrepit old boating dock.  She’s in the water and the water is cold.  She’s clinging so hard that her little numb hands cannot be pried from the decaying wood.

Why is she clinging?  I’m not sure yet of all the details, but she believes that this is the only way she can survive.  The consequences of her doing this have serious physical and emotional consequences for me that are tremendously limiting. 

And I can’t make her let go.  She has to decide that she wants to take a chance and trust.  So far, she hasn’t done that. 

What she doesn’t realize is that there is a huge wave of water coming, and if she doesn’t let go she’ll either be killed by the impact of the wave or the dock will break and she’ll be washed out to sea and drown.  She won’t listen to me because she believes that she is doing the safe, smart thing.  She has zero trust in me or in the Divine.

Working with this child is a major challenge, as she won’t respond to words of love or support.  Working with her requires BEING PRESENT.  It requires FORGIVENESS.  It requires PATIENCE.  It requires offering DIVINE LOVE to someone who rejects that love outright.  It requires doing this over and over again until something changes.

If you have an inner child who is clinging desperately to the past in the belief that only the old 3-D ways will save her or him, then I encourage you not to give up.  These inner children have great gifts to offer us, but first we must LOVE THEM WITHOUT CONDITIONS and ALLOW them to discover that the power of love can free them from the prison of their beliefs.

The power of LOVE will free us, too.  So make the commitment to yourself to break out of the prison of the spirit.

Source Resonance Healing™ was created to help you and your younger selves break free.


Ascension IS Happening . . . NOW!

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Turn Off Your Radios and TVs.

Don’t listen to the Lies!


There is an effort being made to persuade you that the world is not changing and that all you have learned since you began to wake up spiritually is false. I want you to know that this is NOT the case.

You have the power to contibute to humanity’s shift into higher consciousness and to change the group consciousness of humanity, of which you are part.

One tiny pebble falling into a pond will put out ripples, even when the water in the pond is already agitated. That one pebble will send ripples through the water.

You are that pebble. You can send ribbles of Divine Love and Perfection spreading through the chaos that the controllers are creating.

You have the power to calm the waters – to calm people’s fear and anxieties by holding a space of Love and Light and Peace inside your own heart.

Stay focused on where YOU are choosing to go – into the Light of Higher Consciousness – you will spread that energy despite the fear and anxiety that the masses may be experiencing.

Today through Sunday, renewing these requests each day. Ask for help to:

  1. Stay focused on your Ascension and humanity’s ascension and Mother Earth’s Ascension.
  2. Be wrapped in Divine Love.
  3. Commit again and again to surrendering to your I Am Presence (Divine Self) and to the Divine Plan for humanity’s return to wholeness.
  4. Create sacred space in your home for your entire family.
  5. Request a pillar of Light and Love from Archangel Michael to place around you and kept there at all times no matter what happend.
  6. Chant a mantra of power. Some examples: Om, Om Namah Shivaya, or other mantras/prayers of Ascension*
  7. Envision the New Earth as YOU choose to experience it.
  8. Join with others who are choosing ascension to participate in some of the world-wide activities that are being offered to bring each of us and Mother Earth into the higher dimensions.**

* Here is a prayer that will definitely aligns you with the higher energies available:

I AM the Monad

I AM the Light Divine

I AM Love

I AM Truth

I AM Source’s Fixed Design(1)

I AM the Mahatma (2)

Trigger the Light, the Light, the Light,

Trigger the Love, the Love, the Love.

(1) Source’s Fixed Design is the original seed blueprint for humanity that is being restored to us at this time, modifying our DNA so we can become Homo Luminous.

(2) The Mahatma energy is the Divine Feminine energies of Purest Divine Love at the highest frequencies available EVER in the history of Earth, allowing us to create a new balance and integration of the male/female chi and Love frequencies.

** There are many different activites going on and I am not judging which are appropriate for others. That said, may I suggest the following for you to check out and if they feel appropriate for you, please participate: is having a 36 hour sacred fire ceremony (puja) beginning this evening. There is no telecast, but if you make a donation and follow the instructions for sending in your name, you WILL receive a powerful boost of energies and an opportunity to join with other BY INTENTION to create the New Earth. Visit to sign up for this event. The leader of this is John Armitage, a brahman priest and very high being also known as Hari Das Baba Melchizedek. I have met him and he is of very high integrity and powerful consciousness and filled with Divine Love for humanity. The program is NOT described on the website because there wasn’t time to do that, but it IS going on. Just follow the instructions on the link above to participate. is a website where you can sign up for free to participate in a 3-minute chanting of OM – the sound of Divine Creation. If you are unfamiliar with chanting, visiting this site will allow you to chant with the music provided. As you chant, focus on your heart center and Divine Love and ask that the hearts of all humanity be filled with Divine Love and an willingness to receive all that is possible at this time.

If you know of other events taking place that you feel are of the highest spiritual consciousness and integrity, please share them in a comment in response to this post.

I wish you all a beautiful and Loving time of Ascension. Let’s bring humanity fully into the Light and Love and God Consciousness.



Ascending in 2012

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Some Helpful Ascension Tips

© January, 2012
by Nedda Wittels

There are many, many websites today with lots of information about Ascension. Some of the information is fairly consistent across the board. Other bits of information may seem to be in full conflict with each other.

How are you to decide what is the truth? How can you determine to whom you want to listen and who can help you the most?

Here are a few tips:

Learn “discernment”, which is very different than judgment. If someone tells you they have all the answers – don’t believe them. Go INSIDE and check out the messages with your own, personal truth-testing system. You have one, you know. That is what discernment is – deciding what is “right” and what is “truth” for yourself.

Learn to communicate with your own higher spiritual aspects for support, answers to questions, and anything else you might choose to request. Your “I Am Presence” is YOU at the very highest vibrational frequencies and knows what your path is for this lifetime. Your support team includes higher aspects (Soul, Oversoul, personal guides, teachers, and I Am Presence) who really do know the answers and will help you if you ask. YOU MUST ASK because you have FREE WILL and no one wants to violate your FREE WILL.

Recognize all the ways in which the “world out there” is a reflection of your inner world. Discover how, when you change something inside yourself, the reflection also changes. By focusing within and cleaning up your “act” (all the world’s a stage and we are merely players – William Shakespeare) you will begin to experience new joy and excitement, fulfillment and enthusiasm for your life.

Recognize that you are God living in this body. You are the DIVINE SPARK created by GOD/GODDESS. Since God knows all, then all the answers to all your questions are within you. Learn to access them and take back your personal power.

Choose to align with your Divinity and your Life Path, and you will receive Grace in all areas of your life.

Learn to love yourself.  Looking for Love? Look inside. Loving yourself is essential to living from your heart center, and living from your heart center is essential to successfully navigating through these powerful energies.

Discover that you are worthy of EVERYTHING.

Remember that you are designed to live in joy.

Remember that you carry Divine Light.

Remember that you are Divine Love.

Remember that Divine Wisdom, and

Divine Grace are with you always.


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