Turning Point Verified

March 12, 2015 by  
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A visit to the veterinarian …

Our Beloved VeterinarianDr. Atz, Our Excellent  Veterinarian

brings confirmation.

Dr. Josh Atz from Manchester Veterinary Clinic, is a kind, gentle, very grounded person whom my cats and I respect and trust.

Yesterday, Violet, Sakhara, and I went for our usual 6-month visit.  We go every 6 months because Dr. Atz can clean tartar off their teeth without tranquilizers or anesthesia.

Dr. Atz is a good listener, too, and I very much appreciate and respect that he will accept me as an Animal Communicator and what my cats communicate telepathically as something real.  He’s also not opposed to raw food diets and using other alternative veterinary medicine for my animals.

It was a long visit yesterday.   Both felines are over 15 years old and have health considerations that needed to be addressed.  I wanted blood and urine samples taken from each cat, and that took time.

As I mentioned in a previous post called Turning Point, Violet announced recently that she is getting ready to leave the physical plane and I had sensed that her kidney function was failing.  I had promised Violet that I wouldn’t take any extreme measures.  I told her I want her to be comfortable, so she may need to take some things that would not be her first choice.  She agreed, although I’m certain I will have to ask each and every time I want to do something for her and remind her of her agreement.

Violet, the SupervisorViolet, my personal Supervisor.

So with the veterinary appointment coming up, I requested that she be willing to have blood taken.  Although Violet agreed to do this, it was very difficult for her and she resisted allowing the blood to flow for awhile.  Her Siamese temperament expressed itself with sounds that were not quite growls with a wide range of intonation.  I wish I had a recording, as it was quite interesting to hear.

Eventually, we got the blood sample, and today I got the results of the tests.  Violet’s kidneys are well down the road to failure.

Violet doesn’t want pills and will take liquid only if it tastes good.  I’m going to see if she’ll eat some potassium salt in her raw pureed chicken liver, which is, for now, about all she wants to eat.

The wonderful Standard Process Feline Renal Support supplement that has been keeping Sakhara’s kidney’s going for 2 years now doesn’t appeal to her.  I might try grinding one up and mixing it with the liver, but you can’t fool a sensitive cat’s nose and palate.  Still, it will be worth a try.  Thankfully, liver has a strong smell and flavor.

[I can already hear Violet in my head giving me the oh-so-superior attitude of “I won’t eat that … you’re wasting your time … and the pill!”]

Well, if she won’t eat it, I suspect Sakhara will enjoy it!

[I can already hear Sakhara in my head licking her lips, although she thinks the Feline Renal Support is treat all on it’s own.]

Violet and I have a continuous telepathic connection, so there are no secrets between us.  She always knows when I’m thinking about her and exactly what I’m thinking.   Sakhara is good at this, too.

As for me, well, right now, I’m struggling with my personal need to “fix” things.  I truly want to stop doing that, as spiritually speaking, it’s a very intrusive and invasive and disrespectful way to be with others.  I want to honor Violet’s choices, but (perhaps I’m rationalizing), how does she know what her choices are if I don’t offer her something and let her decide?

[Violet is smiling as I write this, the inscrutable Siamese all-knowing smile.  I think I’m doomed!]

So while I’m delighted to have external verification of my psychic insights and telepathic conversations with Violet, I’m sad, too.

Any time an animal let’s you know they are preparing to depart, it turns on the grief immediately.  I’m well aware of the stages of grieving, and the more I speak to friends about this, the more it helps me get through the denial stage.  I think there may be some subtle parts of me that are trying to say this isn’t happening, but overall, I know it is.

Thanks for listening.