What Is Spiritual Ascension?

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A Shift in Consciousness.

Humanity Is AwakeningHumanity Is Awakening

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is awareness.  Your ability to step back and observe yourself is a sign that you are a conscious being.  You can be aware of your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors while you’re experiencing them, and on reflection as well.

A shift in consciousness means that your awareness expands so that you not only can observe yourself in the moment and on reflection, but you become aware of many other things happening around you that you previously had not noticed and might even have denied existed.

Consciousness exists in your mind and extends beyond your mind.  Furthermore, your mind does not live in your brain.  Your mind exists everywhere in all your bodies.

When your consciousness expands, you’re able to make connections, have insights, and both receive information and integrate information differently from before.

When we talk about Third Dimensional Consciousness, we refer to life in a world based on duality:  female and male, up and down, left and right, and so on.

The shift in Consciousness that’s taking place right now is a movement from Third Dimensional duality consciousness to Fifth Dimensional unity consciousness.

For example, you can look at a coin and see

  • the two side of a coin as opposites (heads and tails).


  • the whole coin as the unity it expresses of all that it is. 

This shift in Consciousness affects all areas and all aspects of our lives.

Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension

Spiritual ascension has had different meanings in different eras.

IN THE PAST – to ascend meant that, if you had achieved a certainly level of consciousness at the time of your death, your spirit/soul “graduated” to another level in the afterlife.

TODAY – to ascend means that you will bring your physical body into a higher vibrational level and higher consciousness while still here on the Earth.  You do not need to experience physical death to ascend.

When you awaken, you cannot go back to sleep.

When you awaken, everything you thought you knew and understood no longer seems true.

When you awaken, more and more of your old beliefs and ways of looking at the world no longer fit you, as if you had outgrown an old set of clothing.

When you awaken, you begin to question things you took for granted.

When you awaken, you change, for you are transforming in multiple ways at every level of your being.

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