Tarot Card: The Pipes Are Calling

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Grandfather of Pipes

Elves and Faeries love music.
Those of the woodland realm love music.

In the Healing Earth Tarot, one of the suits is called Pipes.   All the images in this suit are from the realm of elementals.  Generally speaking, elementals include faeries, gnomes, leprechauns, and many others around the earth.

The Pipes suit speak from the Heart Chakra and represent the earth, the woods, herbs, and healing with the colors of forest green and earth brown predominating.  Green is one of the colors associated with the Heart Chakra, and the color green in the Heart Center represents healing as well.

Grandfather of Pipes is an elder from the Faerie realm.  His message is to renew our connection with the Earth, with plants and insects, rivers and streams, as a way of restoring our inner harmony and balance.  He also asks us to pay attention to the wild, magical spots on the Earth – to recognize, honor, and protect them.

If you have a garden, dedicating a portion of it to the faeries will be greatly appreciated by them.  Faeries take care of flowering plants and their energy will bring a lightness and beauty to your garden space.

For me, the Grandfather of Pipes message is a call to remember that spring is nearly here and that it’s time to call in the energies of spring both within myself and for the benefit of Nature.

It’s a reminder that we each participate in everything that happens on this planet – energetically, and with our thoughts and feelings, too.  Did your know that your emotions affect the weather?  Do you pay attention to how you walk upon the earth and the message that your physical step sends into the ground?  If you only walk on concrete and asphalt, how will you feel your connection to the Earth?

Within ourselves, there is an “uncharted wilderness” of feelings and emotions we have shunted aside, pushed down, and long forgotten.  Grandfather of Pipes invites us to go within ourselves – to connect with these places – and to heal all that has been abandoned or rejected and hidden away.  Perhaps it’s time for a personal “spring cleaning” to begin.

Grandfather of Pipes calls us all with his music to listen … to pay attention – not only to his music, but to the song of your own soul.