I Feel . . . Therefore, I Am.

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It’s Your Ability to FEEL

That Makes You Human!


EMF of heart

Your heart is your feeling center.

Open to your feelings – ALL of your feelings.  Not just your emotions.  Not just your sensory system.

Your wisdom comes from

your heart’s ability to

feel it’s way through to the Truth.

When we worship the intellect, we deprive ourselves of wisdom.  When we open our hearts, we turn back towards Divine Love.  We restore our ability to feel and to know what we are feeling.  We reconnect with   our Divine Consciousness, the source of our Wisdom.

Our Consciousness does not reside in our brain.

Our Consciousness lives throughout all our bodies and is anchored in our hearts.

Who are you?

You are Being, Consciousness, and Bliss.

“What?” you ask?  “I don’t feel any bliss.  What are you talking about?”

“You forgot.”  I reply.  “You are into doing, not into being.  You have substituted ego for Consciousness.  You seek happiness instead of Bliss.  You look outside yourself for the Truth of who you are, and when you cannot discover it, you feel you have lost yourself.

“Go within.  Go into your heart and feel.  There you will find yourself.  There you will discover all the wealth and abundance that is available to you all the time.  Infinite Love and Compassion are your birthright.  They awaits your attention.”

Are you keeping yourself so busy running from place to place, getting “things” done, and burying your feelings so you don’t notice them?

Are you keeping yourself occupied by texting and watching TV and playing on Facebook that you don’t have time to feel?

Are you in so much pain you run away from feelings because it seems too difficult to get past the pain?

If you are in this situation, I urge you to feel ALL your feelings.  Feelings are like water:  when you block off some feelings, you end up blocking all your feelings.  Then you cannot feel joy or sadness or love, either.

It’s OK to feel whatever you are feeling as a first step towards restoring your ability to feel.  Uncomfortable feelings are messages from parts of you telling you where you need to experience more love and what needs to be healed.

Remember – you are not fully human when you disconnect from your feelings.

“I FEEL . . . therefore, I AM.”