Help! I’m Being Held Prisoner by 4 Feline’s From Outer Space

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Am I exaggerating just a bit?


This winter I ran 3 humidifiers in my house, and despite using mineral filters, there’s white dust everywhere, including on the bay window I put in for the cats to lie in the sun.

I haven’t cleaned the window yet this spring.

There are paw prints in the dust on the window.

Are the cats trying to improve the view?

Are they trying to tell me to clean the window?

Or are they doing “paw” art?

My fantasy:  writing this message across the window …




Would my neighbors laugh — or just think I was crazier than ever?

Violet portrait with border-65Meanwhile, as I’m having this fantasy, I’m also considering that Violet, who is sitting in my lap, has been with me for 4 lifetimes — that I know about.

I’m wondering, “Is this what it means when we say cats have 9 lives?  Are they really individual lifetimes, and are you limited to 9?”

“Humans make things up!” announces Violet, as if that ends the discussion.

I laugh.

Violet has a way of speaking her thoughts that always sends me into giggles and often gales of laughter.

She always acts insulted … or maybe she really IS insulted, but I can’t stop laughing at her terse quips.  It’s one of the things I adore about her.

… back to being a prisoner of 4 felines from outer space …

Melissa Portrait01Violet and Melissa tell me they’re from the Pleiades where there’s a planet of felinoids who look like the characters from the musical “Cats” – according to Violet.

Sakhara portrait with border_50Sakhara says she’s from Arcturus.

Starlight is from the higher dimensions, being the reincarnation of Echo, who in her last life was my horse.


If this is a prison, I take full credit for creating it.  They rarely give me a moment to myself.

This very instant, Violet is sitting on her haunches in my lap facing me as I type this.  She’s looking up into my eyes with her lovely crystalline blue beauties and purring with pleasure.  Ah, to have my full attention with no other cats around.

Violet is a velcro kitty – has to be on me, touching me, attached to me.

StarlightOops — changing of the guard. Violet jumps down to give Starlight her turn.

You see what I mean?

“No escape,” I think with a terrible German accent, as I remember Sargent Schultz from that nutty old tv show, “Hogan’s Heroes.”

Why do I want to escape?

DO I want to escape?

Just how much do I allow these cats to run the show?


I can’t even take a nap without waking up to find cats hemming me in from all sides or lying on top of me so I can’t move without first moving each of them.

Is this what it means when spirit tells us, “We’re all ONE?”

Other folks tell me they can lock up their cats in a room.  HA!  Violet would tear the door down or scratch it to pieces, and now she’d have help.  She’s also a screamer when she doesn’t get her way.  She’s very loud!

So there’s no locking them up.

Truly, they are the guards (guardians?) and I’m the prisoner.

Is this like the Stockholm Syndrome and I’ve grown to love my kidnappers?

While Waiting – A Reincarnation Adventure

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In the last 2 weeks since I’ve posted about Echo’s reincarnation into a kitten named Star, I’ve become very excited about her impending arrival.   I’ve focused as much as I can on getting ready without trying to rush things forward.

When we ask the universe to step in and arrange things and then get of the way, the universe arranges everything to perfection.  This may be difficult for us humans to believe, but I have found it to be so, over and over again.

I asked the universe to make travel arrangements for Star so I wouldn’t have to drive a 20 hour round trip to Reprise Siamese Cattery in Virgina to pick her up.  For a while it seemed that I’d have to drive half-way there and back, 10- hours round trip.  Then the universe really showed off.  Turns out that some good friends are traveling from South Carolina to upstate New York the weekend of September 29.  Perfect timing.  When I asked if their travel plans went anywhere near the cattery and whether they would be willing to bring Star to New York, everything began to shift into perfect alignment.  So Star will be coming most of the way with dear, loving, capable friends and I’ll be able to meet her in New York, driving only 3 hours or so each way.

I asked the universe if there was someone who could do the driving with me to New York, and I immediately remembered someone with whom I’d driven a long trip once before who is a safe and competent driver, a delightful person to spend time with, and a light worker as well.  Turns out she’s available and excited about doing the trip with me.  Perfection again!

Star’s Chariot

I asked the universe to help me find a way to get a litter box that will fit into a large cat carrier, and it showed me a website where people had designed a litter box for one of their cats who travels with them frequently.  The instructions were all on the site, so Star now has a cozy carrier with litter box built in and plenty of space to cuddle up and rest on the trip.

Apparently, Violet is in charge of inspecting the travel arrangements:

Violet puts her scent of approval on the chariot.

During the last 2 weeks, Echo has shown up about 3 times in her spirit body to say “Hi.”   She’s always in horse form, but her energy seems finer – thinner – lighter.  She says this is because she is focused on being in the kitten body and on figuring it all out.  It’s sweet of her to check in with me.  I always love it when she stops by, if only for a few moments.

One day I walked into my bedroom and discovered Sakhara sitting on the bed facing Violet, who sitting on the floor.  They were looking at each other intently, clearly having a conversation.

“A family conference?” I inquired.

“Not exactly,” was the reply.  “You’re not invited.”  (This gives me a laugh.  Like I need an invitation???  My cats know me well and say exactly what they mean.  My feelings weren’t hurt, but my curiosity was burning.)

I asked why I wasn’t invited to this clearly important conversation.  Neither cat would tell me.  So I asked one of my animal communication professional mentees to see if she could coax a bit of information out of either cat.

Turns out Violet and Sakhara were discussing what to teach Star about being a cat.  Sakhara, who is very grounded and understands the importance of grounding, felt that Star was having trouble grounding and that this was the most important thing she needed to learn at the time.  Violet, on the other hand, felt that it’s more important as a cat to be able to run, leap, and fly around, and she wanted Star’s training to focus on that aspect of feline life.

I was just as happy not to be involved in these discussions.   Since I completely trust both my feline companions to do the task of teaching Star what she needs to learn, I was happy to have my curiosity satisfied and to mind my own business thereafter.

Since then, Sakhara as been good enough to share that Star is coming along very well.  She requests that I continue being patient.  I’m doing the best I can.  It’s difficult – but I have lots of other things to do, like figure out where to put more litter boxes, with feline approval of course. 😉

More to come,

Getting in TTouch™ With Your Cat

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Book Review by Nedda Wittels

Commentary by Violet and Sakhara


This November,  2011, just after the electricity was turned back on at my home in Connecticut, Cathy Wells spoke at the Animal Communicator Forum about Tellington TTouch™, a system based on Moshe Feldenkrais’ techniques for healing from neurological injuries.  [Cathy’s Talk] The timing was perfect for me personally, because Cathy reminded me how powerful TTouch™ is for animals.

I had first taught myself  the basic techniques of TTouch™ many years ago when Echo, my horse companion, had some special needs that nothing else was able address.  Why I never made the connection between TTouch™ and cats eludes me.  However, listening to Cathy’s program made me realize that both my feline companions, Violet and Sakhara, would greatly benefit from  this powerful system.

Cathy recommended the book by Linda Tellington-Jones called “Getting in TTouch with Your Cat.”  (If you have dogs, there is a similar book specifically for dogs.)  I am delighted to say that it proved to be exactly what I needed to help my two furry, purry gals.

What’s terrific about this book?

  • Easy to read.
  • Clear instructions on the various touches.
  • Excellent and beautiful photos demonstrating the touches.
  • Well organized.
  • Good indexing to help you find what you need in specific situations.
  • Suggestions on how to accustom your feline companion to TTouch™.

What’s missing from this book?

Unfortunately, a very basic and key piece of information is not included:

  • Instructions on how to choose the correct pressure for applying the Touch.

Despite this key missing piece, I do recommend this book to anyone who loves cats and wants to assist them.  It can help them be more comfortable in their physical body and to cope with the many challenges of life.  I dare say, from Cathy’s talk, that it would be a huge benefit to use with feral cats as well, as it includes methods for helping a cat accept touch in general.


Violet relaxing.

“I don’t like to admit it, but the nearly 2 weeks we had no heat were very stressful for me.  Nedda worked hard to take care of all of us and to keep me warm enough.  Still, that first night the sound of crashing, crying trees was so painful and the house and ground shook.  I know Nedda was up most of that night and I tried to help her stay calm, but it was a challenge for all of us.

“By the time we got the lights and warmth back into the house, I was exhausted and very tense.  I just couldn’t seem to completely let my body go and relax.  One day, Nedda started doing these weird circles on my body.  At first I didn’t like them, but then quite suddenly, my muscles started going limp on their own.

“It was like magic because I felt myself unwind.  I could stretch again.  I felt like running and jumping again.  And I did all these things.  My body relaxed at last.  Of course, by this time I was exhausted and I did get sick, but I’m sure I healed faster with these funny circles on my body.”



“I really enjoyed the time we had no lights.  It was cooler in the house and I love the cool air.  It makes me feel energized.  So I was fine during the time Nedda slept on the sofa, although it was kind of crowded for the 3 of us.

“When Nedda started doing circle movements on my body, it felt a bit weird, but basically ok.  I relaxed into it right away.  For me it was just a different way to be stroked.

“For me, the TTouch stuff helps me when I detox.  When I make energetic shifts, my digestive system does a lot of the cleansing work.  I just have to throw up the junk my body wants to get rid of.  Sometimes I need help to get rid of it.  I need to eat stuff to make me vomit.  But by then I feel really yucky.

“When I have these detoxing times, I’ve noticed that Nedda does funny things with my body.  She calls it a “belly lift” and she uses that along with the circles all over my body.  It really helps a lot to make me feel better faster.”

I can’t imagine a better testimonial than hearing from the cats themselves.


p.s.  If you don’t know how to adjust the “touch” pressure, contact Cathy Wells in Vermont.  802-985-2304

The Healing Touch for Cats – Book Review

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You can learn to give your cat a massage.


Sakhara relaxing.

Having studied horse massage years ago and having trained myself in a bit of Tellington TTouch™ for horses when Echo was in physical, the idea of massage for cats should have occurred to me sooner. I found this book while looking for the TTouch™ book for cats. While massage is no substitute for TTouch™, it still offers some valuable benefits.

In his book, The Healing Touch for Cats: The Proven Massage Program *, Dr. Michael W. Fox, a veterinarian, provides very precise instructions for giving a cat a massage, including specific massage techniques and some excellent drawings that make it easy for you to learn feline massage. He also explains how to introduce massage to your cats. Clearly, Dr. Fox is a cat lover.

While basic massage techniques are the same as for larger animals, learning to apply them to a much smaller feline body does take some adjustments. So Dr. Fox provides a basic and simple anatomy lesson, with photos and diagrams showing how to proceed. He also explains how to earn your cat’s confidence. Getting yourself and your cat to relax is the very first step.

What I like most about this book is that it promotes the idea of feline massage as a way for you and your cat to develop a whole new way of interacting. In addition, Dr. Fox explains how important it is to check out your cat’s body once a week so that you will notice if there are any changes that might require a visit to the vet.

When I got my first horse as an adult in my 30’s, I wanted to learn how to care for her. Since I was too old to join a 4-H group, I became a leader with some other women who knew tons more about horse care than I did. To teach stable management (horse care) to the children in our club, I had to learn horse care myself.  This gave me a firm foundation in recognizing if something was amiss with a horse.

We don’t do the same with our small animals, and I guess it’s because so many people have a cat or dog in the family. But the truth is that the same basic concept applies – when we take responsibility for the life of a small furry person, we really need to know their bodies so well that we would immediately recognize if something has changed. This requires that we know what is “standard” for a given animals and then take the time to look for changes. This is easy to do while giving a massage and makes the whole thing a pleasure for both of you.

Another advantage is that when you learn how to do massage and help your cat learn to enjoy it, you will also be teaching her to accept touch everywhere on her body.  For example, you will teach her to accept opening her mouth so you can smell her breath and take a peek at her gums, a key way to determine if there are dental problems.

If you decide to get Dr. Fox’s The Healing Touch for Cats, I will warn you that he definitely has an allopathic approach to veterinary medicine.  For example, he promotes using chemicals to get rid of fleas; he says that feeding dry food will keep cats’ teeth clean; he suggests brushing your cats teeth instead of using the holistic products that you can spray into a cat’s mouth to help eliminate tartar on their teeth and keep their gums healthier.

Totally content.

From my perspective a more holistic, naturally approach to cat care is to be preferred.  This includes getting rid of all dried food as totally unnatural and actually harmful to cats, as well as avoiding chemicals whenever possible.

So if you want to learn about massaging your cats, I’d recommend this book. Sakhara has already had her first massage and she says, “It was wonderful. My body felt energized and relaxed at the same time.”


*  The title of this book, The Healing Touch for Cats, has nothing at all to do with the energy healing system known as “Healing Touch”.  While Dr. Fox does talk about acupressure and makes a small reference to the fact that one can send energy to a cat’s body, the system he is teaching is massage.