Lessons from God

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Lessons from GOD
I run an aircraft maintenance hangar and a flying school in Biggin Hill Airport Uk with my 2 sons
We fly Cessna and Piper aircraft
One Day I was walking into our hangar I was carrying out the
 Gayatri Mantra Discipline  Chanting Gayatri few thousand times a day even while working
(Sathya Sai Baba had initiated this to me in Shirdi Temple after a Fire ceremony with Shirdi Sai Baba)
As I reached my office Outside my office right in front of me was the largest beetle I have ever seen UGLY and Dead and Large
I am terrified   of    Beetles.
I closed my eyes and  Kicked it aside and said to myself I will  ask one of my staff to throw it out later
I forgot all about this beetle with the pressures of work.
A Couple of hours later I lit  an Incense stick we have an Altar to all the Divine beings, Ganesh, Jesus Guru Nanak, Amma Hugging lady, Sai Baba,  Buddha Allah, etc a small shrine we have, we do in our Hangar.
We have maybe 15 staff they light incense and we do prayers in our aircraft hangar many times in the day.
Anyway I said God thank you for allowing our Aircraft to be safe and train pilots safely and thank you for looking after us
I said “God I love You”.
Suddenly Baba appeared waved his hand and The Wall in front of me suddenly became a huge TV screen and I saw myself walking into the hangar 
Baba then said ” Amarjit You don’t love God, you live in pretence.”
“What’s wrong with you Baba”   I said,   I love God look into the TV I am Chanting The Gayatri mantra prayers as I am walking .
Then Baba said look Amarjit you have just Kicked me, (showing me kicking the beetle)
The Beetle is  not you Baba what is wrong with you
“IT was God you kicked Amarjit” said Baba.
I said “But the Beetle is Dead its lifeless it has no life in it.”
Baba then said ” Amarjit, Lip Service to God is No service at all!”
You might as well not chant any prayers if your consciousness
 does not perceive  God in all you do and see
Your next lesson is to perceive and see God in everything you do and see  I am in the chair you sit on
 I am in the incense stick you are lighting. I am in your aircraft, in your staff, in your customers,
Whatever wrong you do anywhere I feel it instantly
I am in the Floor you are standing on I am every where, I am the air you breathe.
I am the Totality of creation.
This is your next Lesson:   in learning to merge with God raise your compassion to see God in all.” 
Saying this, Baba dematerialised leaving me once again to ponder and think hard.
   Amarjit Singh

The True Meaning of Patience

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Lately, things feel like we are stalled, like the energies are rearranging everything and we cannot move forward without forcing situations to move.  This is very frustrating for me, personally speaking, and for many other people as well. 

I keep asking God to “hurry up and teach me patience,” but as you might imagine, this is not how things actually work.

In my morning conversation with my I AM Presence and other Light Beings, I received this message about Patience.

When we wait, it feels as though nothing is happening.  Actually, energies continue to flow and shift into place for the next steps to take place.  The support stsructures at eneregtic – sub-matrix and matrix levels – are being created, realigned, and integrated.

The Nature Spirits, Angels, and Elementals are all busy working to create the supportive underpinnings for what you are creating in your life.

When you are told “be patient,” think of it as a request to you to support the work of those who are creating what is needed to support your work.  “Be patient” really means “be still and focus on what you are creating together with God.”   Your mental focus, even if you are uncertain about the precise direction you are choosing, provides some of the energy for the supportive restructuring process and creation.

Of course, at this time, your bodies are part of the restructuring.  All kinds of rewiring at the various levels is going on in your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and Light bodies.  The Divine Male and Divine Female blueprints; your nerves, your brain, and the neural matrix; your chords, meaning your interconnections with other people and the musical chords that vibrate from you – the notes that you “play” and are aligned wtih – all these and more are changing.

Give yourself time/rest to integrate these new ways of being.  Just a gentle focus on what is being done to honor and support you is enough to help those doing this work.


“Who Am I?” The Riddle Unravelled.

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If you took the time to play the game, you probably came up with some interesting answers.  I played along with you here on my computer.  And I invited my “I AM PRESENCE”, the highest vibrational aspect of who “I AM” to comment on my replies.  Perhaps you had an inner conversation that went something like this, too.



My Answer

“I Am Presence” Replies


1_ Who am I?

Nedda Wittels

No, that’s just your name in this lifetime.


2_ Who am I?

Daughter of . . ., sister of . . . .

No, that’s just your relationships. 


3_ Who am I?

Teacher, computer analyst, animal communicator

No, that’s just your job/profession.


4_ Who am I?

A human being

No, that’s just your physical form, your body computer, your species.


5_ Who am I?

An American

No, that’s just your nationality.


6_ Who am I?

A Terran or Earther.

No, that’s just the planet you live on right now.


7_ Who am I?

A member of xyz organization.

No, that’s just a group of people you affiliate with from time to time.


8_ Who am I?


No, that’s just an ethnic origin for this lifetime.


9_ Who am I?

Christian, Hindu, etc.

No, that’s just a set of beliefs someone else taught you to control your mind and your behaviors.


Now finding an answer is starting to get a bit harder.  What is the point of asking myself the same question over and over again, you may be wondering?  Well, maybe it’s time to delve deeper into yourself to find answers.


10_ Who am I?

A sinner.

No, that’s a lie told by the controllers who want you to obey them.  If you believe you are a sinner, you will never remember how powerful you are and you are unlikely to take back your power.


11_ Who am I?

A child of God.

A “child,” huh?  When will you be ready to grow up in relationship to the Divine?  When will you be ready to acknowledge your power and take responsibility for your thoughts, words, and deeds?


12_ Who am I?

A creation of God.

Consider that you are an expression of God, an aspect of God that is never separate from God.  God may have created you, but you are part of God.


13_ Who am I?

An aspect of God?

Yes.  A direct expression that is not separate is an aspect of God.


14_ Who am I?

How can I be an aspect of God?

You are conscious, are you not?  God is, at the very essence, consciousness.   And Love.


15_ Who am I?

I am Consciousness?

Yes.  You are eternal.


16_ Who am I?

I am eternal?

Yes.  Your spirit leaves your body at the point of death, but only the body dies.  The spirit is what gives life to the body.  The spirit is eternal.


17_ Who am I?

Don’t I have to earn eternal life?

No, it is simply an aspect, a quality of consciousness, just like you arm is part of your physical body.


18_ Who am I?

If God is eternal and I am eternal, how am I different from God?

Good question.  Perhaps there is no difference.  Perhaps there is no separation.  Perhaps you have been living in an illusion.


19_ Who am I?

How do I break out of the illusion?



20_ Who am I?

I am the Divine God/Goddess/All That Is pretending for a time to live in this body, pretending to be Nedda Wittels having this life.