Just How Grateful Can You Be?

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This is the season for Gratitude.

"Thank you" written in sand.

It’s easy to be thankful, to feel gratitude, for things we receive that we recognize immediately as gifts.

Can you also be grateful for whatever comes into your life that appears in the form of a challenge?

Bunny peeking out of a hat.


A present that someone sends you, wrapped or unwrapped, that you get to open and go “Oooh” and “Aaah” easily evokes gratitude, especially when it’s unexpected and something you’ll enjoy.

It’s easy to be grateful for having a warm home, for having plenty of food, and loving companions, whether human or animal — if only you remember to appreciate the “little” things that are not so little at all.

The not-so-easy part are the gifts that come in unexpected forms with unexpected qualities that challenge you.

Such a gift may seem harsh or uncomfortable at first.

Such a gift may push your buttons, evoke fear or anxiety, anger, or even jealousy.

“What?”  you ask in astonishment.

“Was that truly a gift when so-and-so was rude to me?

Was it a gift when I discovered that my car wouldn’t start or the person who was supposed to meet me for dinner didn’t show up and didn’t call?

How can it be a gift when someone bullies me or gossips about me?”

We may not recognize it as a gift, at first, when we are treated badly or when something happens that pushes our buttons, .

We may be so caught up in our emotional response that all we can do in that moment is feel our denser emotions surging.

Only in retrospect may we recognize that the experience is an opportunity for gratitude.

Every experience is an opportunity for gratitude.

Stop and consider.   Somewhere inside each situation a gift awaits you.  And not only one gift, but perhaps even two or three . . . or more.

These are what I call Seeds of Equivalent Benefit.

These “seeds” are gifts that may need time to grow.  They may be hidden, at first, so tiny that your eyes cannot see them, but their presence is certain.

  • Perhaps the gift is to discover who your real friends are.
  • Perhaps the gift encourages you to find your inner courage and to step forward into that courage in a new and more powerful way.
  • Perhaps the gift is an opportunity for you to put aside something that you are strongly attached to in order to discover the freedom of non-attachment.
  • Perhaps the gift is to learn to trust that the Universe (God, Goddess, All That Is) is right there taking care of you, if only you open yourself to receive these blessings.

These are only a few of the true gifts of life’s challenges.

When we open our hearts through gratitude to receive them, we begin to find joy and peace within ourselves, as well as our inner strengths.

To discover hidden gifts, stop the chatter in your head about how terrible the situation is or was, and open yourself and your heart to gratitude.

When you say,

I Am Grateful  for the gifts I’m about to receive.

I trust that gifts hidden in this situation are about to appear.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

With the expression of gratitude you are watering and nourishing each Seed of Equivalent Benefit.

Gratitude shines the Light of your Soul upon each seed like the sun shines on a garden.

When you do that, the seeds immediately begin to sprout.

As long as you remain grateful for them and remain open to receiving them, they will appear in your life.

Some will manifest sooner than others, but all will bear fruit.

Once you receive them, you will find yourself naturally feeling even more gratitude.

Seeds of Equivalent Benefit flowering.




So, just how grateful can you be?

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of gratitude.

Be grateful for all that has not yet appeared.

Be grateful for all the challenges, too.

Do not ask for anything specific.

Just express gratitude every day and then observe what happens.

You may be AMAZED!

Saying a grateful “Goodbye and Thanks” to 11:11:11

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Still Having Electrical and Phone Outages


Ever since the storm at the end of October, life in Connecticut, at least for me, has not returned to “normal” – whatever that word means.  The clean up of the streets and our yards is still ongoing.  The trimming of trees along roads and over power lines continues.  Branches that got caught on lower limbs in the first storm are slowly finding their way to the ground whenever the wind blows.

This last Wednesday night and Thursday morning, there were 50 mph winds that caused more branches to fall onto electric lines and burned.  This happened in a number of places, and once the fires were put out, the cables had to be replaced.  This included the telephone and other types of cables beneath the electric wires.  Obviously, this meant more electrical and phone outages.

Meanwhile, indoors, the amount of dirt that builds up in 1-2 weeks of not being able to wash anything due to limited amounts of water available is quite amazing.  Once we got the power restored, cleaning refrigerators and freezers became a MUST.  I had a compulsive desire to scrub everything, including the floors on my hands and knees to make sure that the dirt was completely washed away.

Maybe this desire to clean up was part of getting rid of the old and moving into the new.  I certainly feel different inside.  I still feel more connected to nature.  I still feel more at peace about most everything.  I guess the lesson of living in the moment actually took hold.

This is a good feeling.

11:11:11 energies opened right after I got my electrical power back.  These proved to be a roller-coaster ride of ups, downs, and sideways shifts as more old stuff that had been in my face to get released finally surfaced completely.  Now I’m finally letting go of all of it.  Whew!! Hard work for sure.

As we approach the end of the integration of the 11:11:11 energies on 12:12:11, I am also sensing a settling down inside of me of the shifts that these energies brought through.  We are reaching new heights of being heart centered, and that will be discussed in the next blog.  I am filled with gratitude for having completed this part of the journey back to higher dimensional consciousness.


SURPRISE: September Is Half Over

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How did September get here so fast?


Are you noticing that experiences that you used to have over a period of weeks and months can all jamb up into a single day?

Have you found yourself trying to make “to do” lists that run off the end of an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper?

Have some things just fallen between the cracks never to be found again because you haven’t had time to look for them, much less to remember that you lost them?






Ask yourself, “what has to be done right now?”

Then do it and forget about all the lists.

Perhaps the answer to that question is to take a nap?

Soak in a hot tub?

Drink your favorite hot liquid?

Take a walk in nature?

Right now, this very moment, the biggest gift you can give yourself, no matter what is happening in your life, is a feeling of GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION.

That’s right!! BE GRATEFUL.

Think of someone or something that evokes love in your heart no matter what is going on and BE GRATEFUL for knowing or having known that being or situation.


Every morning, the first thing to do is to HUG YOURSELF.

HUG yourself several times each day and tell all parts of you – your physical body, your mind, your emotions, your higher self, and, yes, even your ego self – how much you APPRECIATE them.

Then HUG your significant others.

HUG your friends.

HUG your entire family.

Put yourself into a space of APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE just for having them with you.

As we continue to move higher vibrationally and the world that we are leaving behind continues to fall into varying degrees of chaos, our STATE OF MIND – (or should I say, our STATE OF HEART)  is the most important asset we have.

SOOOO …. Time to put your mind into a state of REST and to LIVE FROM YOUR HEART CENTER.

Teach yourself to LIVE from your HEART – filled with APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE – filled with FORGIVENESS and LOVE WITH NO LIMITATION or CONDITIONS.

Then, no matter what happens, you will be on top of the wave.  On top of the world!!



Counting My Blessings

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Blessing 1.  Blessing 2.  Blessing 3.  Blessing . . . Infinity


No matter who you are, where you live, and what is going on in your life, you will always have abundance if you count your blessings.

Remember –

whatever we focus upon and energize,

we create more of that.


So with Hurricane Irene headed this way, I focused on peace, harmony, balance, and love.

I went outside and did a spiritual ceremony the day before the storm arrived in my area to align myself with the energies of the Earth and to pray for all beings in the path of the storm.  I sent Love to H. Irene.  I asked for the wind to quiet down.  I asked for the rains to decrease. I asked for gentleness for all.

Because I have learned to live my life in connection with Mother Earth and Nature, I also asked that whatever cleansing and healing were needed to be achieved by the storm be allowed to take place with the least amount of destruction and dislocation possible.

It’s not harmonious when weather forecasters speak negatively of rain and storms all the time, just because a few humans. or even many humans, are inconvenienced.  Storms have a purpose.

Storms clean the air, the plants, and the land.  Just think, with all the electric power out, and the planes not flying, and the cars and trucks not moving around, the air is actually cleaner than you have been breathing here on the East Coast for maybe your entire lifetime.  Use this opportunity to take some really DEEP breaths and to get some OXYGEN into your system.

Yes, many people are having a “hard time.”  Many are dealing with loss of home, family members, business dollars, and so on.  Everyone else you read or hear will talk about those aspects of this event.

I’m here to share the blessings.


Thank you, Oh Lord, Mother/Father Source, All-That-Is, for the blessings you have heaped upon me.  The sunny dry weather that followed the storm.  The basement that is drying out quickly.  The opportunity to take a break from mundane affairs and the gifts of many “surprise” experiences.

  • SURPRISE – my electric power is out.
  • SURPRISE – my electric power is back on.
  • SURPRISE – it’s out again, and then back on quickly.
  • SURPRISE – my land-line phone and DSL are gone.
  • SURPRISE – my land-line phone is out, but the DSL is ON!!
  • SURPRISE – when I hit the restart button on my furnace – it WORKED!!
  • SURPRISE – Hattie, the feral cat I help out, showed up today SAFE and sound and eager for breakfast.
  • SURPRISE – . . . I wonder what the next surprise will be?



GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION, Oh Lord, I send to you and to all the nature spirits and elementals, to the Wind and the Storm, to Irene, to Mother Earth for all the bounty I receive.

Remember the yin and yang principle.  Each contains the other.

Whatever you focus on is what you create.

Therefore, focus on the blessings.


  • BLESSING – my cats and I all survived and didn’t have to leave our home.
  • BLESSING – I only had 4″ or so of water in my basement.
  • BLESSING – the power came back on within 24 hours.
  • BLESSING – the sunny dry weather is helping my basement dry quickly.
  • BLESSING – Despite having 60 foot trees right near my house and 40+ mph winds, no significant limbs came down during the storm.
  • BLESSING – I’ve had several very peaceful days of just BEING instead of constantly DOING or STRIVING to do things.  I had no choice except to sit and be quiet and practice being in a peaceful place inside myself – a wonderous gift and a tremendous lesson in patience.
  • BLESSING – The friends and family I’ve called since the storm are all doing well.
  • BLESSING – Thank you for the opportunity to help others, to give them energetic support and encouragement.

This evening,

there will be a prayer circle

for those who were in the path of Hurricane Irene.

Please note that I do not think of them as “victims.”  I don’t see them that way at all.  I see everyone as in the perfect place for his/her spiritual growth, experiencing exactly what has the greatest opportunity to help awaken that person.

Still, each is worthy to receive the greatest abundance in all respects.  So tonight we will ask for abundance, healing, awakening, love, support, and appreciation for each other and everyone else.  . . . And we can ask for more.

Please join me.

Register:  http://www.raysofhealinglight.com/900_paypal3.htm

And yes, I am requesting that everyone pay a fee.


If we were living in a community consciousness, I would not have to explain why.  Everyone would know that an exchange of energy maintains balance and harmony for all.  Money is energy, as is everything else.  In an indigenous community, the healer–shaman–priest–midwife was supported with a home, food and other things, plus gifts of all kinds in exchange for their service.  In our culture, it’s money that we use instead.

Thank you all, and namaste,



Ascension Preparation: Forgiveness and Gratitude . . .

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. . . Tools of Transformation

In this month’s teleclass, we learned that our Heart Center is the place of alchemical transformation – the place where we can take the dross of lower vibrational emotional patterns and limiting beliefs and raise their vibrational frequencies, turning them into Love, Courage, Joy, and Bliss.

Two of the Divine 5th Dimensional frequencies found in the Heart Center are Forgiveness and Gratitude.  We can learn to use them to focus our attention on what we choose to experience, rather than allowing ourselves to be stuck in old habits of limitation.  We don’t have to accept feeling powerless.  We can call back our power with Forgiveness and Gratitude.

Whenever we feel stuck – that we are in a situation where we have no control and the outcome or the experience itself is bringing us “down” energetically, we can use the Forgiveness Prayer to free ourselves.

I forgive myself.  I forgive myself.  I forgive myself.

I love myself.   I love myself.  I love myself.

Just saying this prayer detaches the energy cords that bind us to a situation that has held us captive across lifetimes.  Repeating this prayer creates openings through which rivers of personal power can once again flow.

In the same way, gratitude call to us the hidden benefits in a situation that seems very dark and devoid of Light.  Just assume that there are golden nuggets, “seeds of equivalent benefit” hidden away in any situation.  Then give thanks for receiving those gifts – just assume that the energy of your thanks will act like fertilizer, water, and sunshine and enable these seeds to grow large and healthy.  You will be amazed as what is possible!!

It’s amazing what happens when you forgive yourself and express appreciation.


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