Tarot “Death” Card.

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Letting Go of the Old to Become Something New.

Image of Death

Metaphoric Image of Death

In a tarot reading the Death card from the Major Arcana (Crown Chakra) is a very powerful card.  It can have many levels of meaning, although physical death is not usually one of them.

I drew this card today, and appreciated the reminder that all of life is about change and letting go of the old to create space for the new.

Since I tend to hold on … and on, and on … to things far longer than I should, it made me wonder if there’s something specific I’m holding onto right now that I need to consciously release.  This will require some additional contemplation.

One thing is certain … as we let go of the old, we usually experience grief, just as if someone had died.  I’ve certainly been working through massive amounts of accumulated grief from over the years.  Perhaps the card is reminding me that I have more grieving to work through.

Grieving is a difficult process because it has so many stages and you experience a variety of emotions:  denial, sadness, loneliness, anger, guilt, and more.  Each of these require attention to clear them.  So any “death” – big or small – can throw our emotional body into the grieving process.

The good news is that, once you do let go and you do your grieving, you arrive at a place that is very different from where you started.  When you fully grieve, you achieve a new level of personal power and integration.

The main thing to know is that, whatever or whomever you have lost isn’t ever really lost.  Everyone you know and care about is still connected with you and you’re with them on the Soul Plane whether or not they are with you in a physical body.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you don’t miss them and don’t need to grieve when they leave the physical world.  But when I came to fully understand and appreciate the truth of this, it made it easier for me to complete the grieving process and move on.

So the Death card is about transition, and the whole of our Earth and humanity and everyone else on the planet are in a major period of transition.  The transitional period is and feels chaotic, but if you can let go, allow yourself to grieve, and then focus on creating the new, you will come through this period transformed.