Anything Is Possible!

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Opening to New Possibilities

by Leslie Russell, Multidimensional Healing Master

Leslie Russell and her dog, Ari.

Leslie Russell and her dog, Ari.

Just wanted to share with you an opportunity I took last night.

I went to get my hair done.  It’s in Cherilyn’s house.  When I arrived, one of her dogs, Chloe, was on the floor after having ACL surgery the day before. [The ACL is the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee.]  She was panting, moving about as much as she could, crying – clearly in pain.  She had kept Cherilyn up the entire night before.  

I asked Cherilyn if I could do some energy work for Chloe.  She knows I do this, but had never experienced any of it.  So she said yes. 

I called in the Shamballa energies, Archangels, Ascended Masters for the animals, elementals, and nature spirits.  By the time Cherilyn was ready to wash my hair, Chloe was flat out on the floor, quiet and sleeping.  Both Cherilyn and her grandmother were surprised!  Cherilyn asked me to come back that night.  I told her that I didn’t have to – that I would do another session before I went to sleep and program another session during the night.  Again, she was shocked to know this was all possible. 

Chloe after her healing from Leslie Russell.

Chloe after her healing from Leslie Russell.

When I went to pay for Cherilyn’s services, she said no.  I was deeply touched and honored that she valued this gift so much. 

I heard from Cherilyn this morning and she said the night was awesome which meant they both slept.  Such a gift we give when we do this work!  I am so grateful for all of it!  

If you’re like me, you love hearing stories like this – because anything is possible.

* * * * *

When we open to new possibilities, we can create miracles.  Just look at Chloe’s face in this photo.

The power of healing is within all of us.  We, too, can benefit from opening ourselves to the infinite possibilities because we are each a divine creator.  Then we can not only heal our bodies, but our minds, our emotions, our hearts, and our lives.


A Unicorn Healing – Part II – Observations

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Dramatic Changes Are Immediately Visible After the Healing.



As you may recall from Part I, Fifth is a Thoroughbred gelding who was a unicorn in a past life during which he was captured and had his horn removed.  The trauma from that event followed him into his current life time where he experiences hematoma which block his sinuses and obstruct his breathing on the right side of his nose.

During the healing described in A Unicorn Healing – Part I, the Unicorn healers had requested that a special energy remedy be made that they called “Essence of Unicorn Horn.”  They gave me instructions to pass along to Sue, Fifth’s person, on how to make this remedy and how to administer it.  Sue was to make a full cup of it, place it in a completely clean spray mister bottle.  To administer it, she had to spray it onto her hand and then gently wipe it on his forehead over his 6th chakra (third eye center) and under his jaw, where the  back of that chakra is located.  She was to do this 4 times daily for 3 days, starting the day of the healing, and then continue twice daily for one week.

Here are Sue’s own words of what she observed immediately after Fifth’s healing:

When I first went into the barn after the healing Fifth’s barn mates – in the sweetest calls I have ever heard from Wayne and Rigo – said “we were really good and we want to be healed next”. “Wow that was something!”

The Farrier came about 10 minutes after we got off the phone and while the horses were done I watched the nose [Fifth’s]–the drainage kept changing appearance in ways I have not seen before. There were different hues and viscosity changes.

Fifth snorted every once in a while and it was obvious he was getting air thru yeah! He kept sniffing the air because the door was open.

Saved the best for last.

After the Essence of Unicorn Horn was gently applied I saw mist coming out of his right nostril. I checked to see if my breath was doing the same–no it was not.

Than I prepped his SMZ’s (sulfa drug). First the syringe would not press down, than when I pulled the plunger it flew out like it was pressurized (the opposite direction), the medicine spewed everywhere and no kidding in the blink of an eye the syringe was taken out of my hand and thrown on the ground. Got it! Not now! Was told to check in later today to see when he was ready to take his meds.

Sue/ Unicorn Nurse

Fifth’s first healing was on March 10.  On March 12, Sue called me with an update.  Here’s what I wrote in my notes from that conversation:

Fifth is excited to be turned out in a small paddock.  His breathing is better – there’s more and more air volume moving through his right nostril as he exhales.  His nostril continues to drain with a lot more viscosity and the color of what is draining keeps changing, so there’s some blood/brown color, but he’s not bleeding.  At other times what’s draining is clear or mucousy and thicker than in the past.  No sign of yellow or green [this is good because those colors indicate infection].

When Sue puts on the Unicorn Horn Essence, he’s very sensitive in his auric field and she has to be careful how she moves her hand through his aura over the top of his head.

[March 12 was a very warm day and all the horses had spring fever.]  Fifth rolled and leaped about.  He was celebrating getting more oxygen and was also feeling spring-like.

Sue said, “It feels like his horn is regrowing.  He’s happy.  He’s always been a good eater, but now he’s ravenous.”

On Friday, March 16, Sue and I talked again briefly.  She reported:

Fifth is better – running around more, but seems to run out of oxygen and gets sore. 

His nostril is still draining a lot – hasn’t stopped at all – seems a bit bloodier, but still not just blood but mucous.

I pointed out to Sue that if he hadn’t been able to breath well before the healing, he probably was making himself sore because of the sudden activity.

We agreed that another healing was in order as there was more work to be done.  The healing guides concurred.

I’ll report on the second healing in our next installment.




A Unicorn Healing – Part I

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Unicorn Power

When a client tells you that her horse lived a past life as a unicorn,
and that his horn was cut off,
and that his current breathing difficulties may stem from that past life,
what would you do?

Me?  I believe her!!


My approach to healing has always been to be “open to possibilities.”

My first training in healing was at a Silva Mind Control program (currently called The Silva Method), and my first healing guide was a Unicorn and my second healing guide was Yoda.

Then there is my beloved teacher, Echo.   Echo had unicorn energy.

Echo's unicorn portrait.

It was so strong that when I handed her photo to an artist one day at a crafts fair, she immediately did a portrait of Echo with a unicorn horn.  I hadn’t asked for this, but I couldn’t resist it, so I purchased the painting.

The horse in question is a Thoroughbred gelding with the registered name of  “Intermingled.”  Hmmm – intermingling of horse and unicorn???  His “barn name is “Fifth.”

"Intermingled" - aka, "Fifth"

Fifth’s physical difficulty is that his right nostril becomes blocked by hematomas in his sinus cavities – blood swellings that interfered with his breathing.  Fortunately, these are only on one side of his head, but it’s a chronic problem.

Surgery a few years ago had cleared the blockages present at that time, but they keep coming back.   Fifth’s sinuses drain a bit all the time, and his person, Sue, uses essential oils to assist in keeping them open.  In the last week or so, the blockage seemed worse, and the vet had just been there and said he couldn’t breathe from that side of his nose at all because it was totally blocked.

So the question was, would a healing help him?

And the answer is?

Before doing a healing for an animal, I always communicate with them telepathically to get their permission.  Animal Communication is important in all healing work with animals, as their mental/emotional acceptance of the healing facilitates and enhances the results.

My guides, who today number a much larger group than Yoda and Miranda (my unicorn healing guide) and Echo, all immediately agreed that not only should I do a healing for Fifth, but that they knew exactly how to help me.  As long as I stayed “open to possibilities” they would be able to do what was needed.

When I called in the guides I immediately found myself surrounded by a team of Unicorn and Faerie Healers.  It was an energy that is indescribable and one that I had never experienced before.

The Unicorn Healers told me that in the past life when Fifth’s horn had been removed, the horn was not just cut off, but was dug out, and that there was terrible infection that resulted from this, the energetic remainder of which was causing his current problems.  They explained that, after the healing, he would need a special energy remedy – “Essence of Unicorn Horn” – and that I would be given instructions to share with Sue on how to make and how to use this remedy.

The Unicorn Healers touched the tips of their horns deep into the problem area –  the spot where a unicorn horn would have grown on Fifth’s head if he had had one today.  Mythology tells us that Unicorn Horns can destroy poisons – which is why people hunted them and stole their horns.  In this situation, the Unicorns were using their horns to neutralize energetic remnants of the poison/infection that had resulted from the original injury.

After the Unicorn Healers finished their work, I was told to call in the Chakra repairs teams that I work with.  These consist of several different specialty teams, each with specific tasks to perform: cleansing the root area;  replacing or repairing the etheric crystal at the base of a chakra; weaving a basket of gold filament to hold the crystal; chanting to spin up the crystal.

While the chakra was being repaired, there were other teams repairing Fifth’s etheric template.

When everyone was finished, my job was to open chakra following a specific set of instructions.

* * * * *

In my next post I’ll share the results of this healing.


More about “A Lesson in Trust from Sakhara”

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So, Sakhara, how are you enjoying being outside?


Sakhara is very different since she began going outside.  She is calmer, and for this very calm, grounded, Earth energy kitty, that’s an amazing thing to even imagine, much less experience.  She is also eating more comfortably – less frantically.

I asked Sakhara the other day if she was eating anything outside.  “Insects,” she told me. 

“What kind?”

“Crickets.  They’re delicious.” 

Sakhara is missing many teeth.  While she still has her canines (although I always think in cats they should be called “felines”), she is missing all the little ones between them and many others on the sides, both on top and on bottom of her mouth.  So while I know she can still hunt for small animals, she would not be able to chew or consume them.

In the past, on the rare occasions I would let Sakhara go outside, she’d head right for the grass and tear off pieces and swallow them.  This caused her a great deal of digestive distress because she couldn’t cut the pieces small enough or chew them at all, and she would end up feeling terrible and then vomit.  Her digestive distress would continue, and I would feel dismayed about it all.

Of course, vomiting is one way the body cleanses.  Do you know that?  Not long ago I was rereading a very old out-of-print book I have on hatha yoga.  In one chapter on cleansing, the authors talked about eating things to cause yourself to vomit as a type of purging.  Not exactly what attracts me to yoga, but interesting to know that this can be a cleansing practice.

As I observe Sakhara now, she isn’t eating grass and isn’t vomiting at all.  Of course, she might be eating grass where I can’t or don’t oberseve her, and then vomiting outside, but she says that she isn’t, and I believe her.  I’ve never known her to lie.  Also, lots of times she isn’t out there for very long, so if she did eat grass, it would still be inside her when she came in and I would know if she were vomiting in the house.

I remembered the other day that Sakhara, who is a rather reticent personality, had told someone in one of the TWA classes that her job is to patrol around the house outside and protect the property.  Now, I wonder whether, by keeping her inside all the time, her level of frustration and stress at not being able to do her job contributed to her being sick. 

I don’t feel as though I want to ask her about it.  I just want to hold this notion in my mind for awhile and feel the resonance of its energy.  Some emotions can make us physically ill and others can heal us.  Being continuously kept from your life purpose/job could have a very deleterious effect on anyone.  So many subtle energies and experiences can influence our overall state of well-being.  

So I continue to watch and observe Sakhara as she explores outside.  She headed off across the street yesterday with Hattie (the mostly feral resident of my yard) accompanying her.  I was outside at the time watering my small vegetable and herb garden.   I had to hold myself back from interfering.  She was gone quite a while and Violet had to be comforted.  But she came back just fine, feeling really good and a bit tired.  More lessons for me.


A Lesson in Trust from Sakhara

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I’m the one having the lesson.


What do you do when one of your animals is sick (very out of balance) and she tells you she must go outside into nature to heal?

Sakhara enjoying the outdoors.

Sakhara enjoying the outdoors.

That’s the question I faced last weekend when Sakhara announced that her chronic digestive problems (unofficially not diagnosed as pancreatitis) will only be fully healed if she spends time in nature.

Being close to the earth is healing for animals – and for us as well.  Getting to touch the actual earth with your feet – feeling the energies of the Earth – the wind in your fur (hair and on your skin) – smelling the woods – the leaves rotting in the fall, the flowers of spring and summer – it’s a sensory fiesta!!!

Keeping cats inside puts them into a totally artificial environment which lacks mental and emotional stimulation, as well as appropriate motivations for exercise, excitement, and joy.   Cats are literally built to hunt.  Inside a human dwelling the occasional bug or mouse might show up, but can YOU imagine NEVER leaving your home for your entire life????? 

Of course, you can’t. 

You would think it a prison. 

And you would be right.

By definition, keeping cats inside creates hazards that we humans don’t acknowledge for the most part.  Cats can’t possibly live as healthy or interesting a life when restricted to a house or apartment.  Their entire sensory system responds to smells and movements, and being indoors all the time is BOOOOOORING. 

They get less exercise, too.  If that’s bad for humans, it’s also bad for animals.  There is just no substitute for the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of nature – the wind in your fur, the smells of each season, the scents of other animals, the trees to climb, the birds to watch (and to catch, and to eat). 

Yes, catching and eating food.  What wild cat have you ever seen building a fire and roasting their food before eating it?  Raw and freshly caught (or slightly aged) is what cats love to eat – are designed to eat – need to eat to have healthy digestive systems and bodies.

“OK,”  you may be saying, “but what about predators that eat cats?”

“Trust me,” said Sakhara.  “Trust that this is what is best for me to do.  I won’t put myself into danger.  I know I’m not fit – that you cut my nails – that I need to stay fairly near the house.  I’m not trying to get myself injured or killed.  I just need to be on the Earth – to fully feel the energies of the Earth.  Trust that this is best for me.”

So I’ve taken the leap of faith and I’m allowing Sakhara to spend part of each day outside.  She seems better – MUCH better.  She comes in after a short time and sleeps deeply, more at peace.  She seems happier, too.

Violet worries about her.  So do I.  Violet doesn’t want to go out.  She wasn’t introduced to the outside world as a kitten.  Sakhara was an indoor/outdoor cat for the first 12-18 months of her life.  Sakhara is wise about surviving outside.  Violet has been the over-protected, pampered Siamese.  I’m regretting now that I have kept her in.  I debated and debated this in my head over the years, but it just doesn’t seem normal or healthy to me for a cat to live in an artificial environment.

So Violet and I are learning that Sakhara knows what she needs.  We are learning to trust.  And Sakhara is thriving.  I started writing this blog when I began my vacation, and now, over a week later, I see a much healthier cat when I observe Sakhara. 

It’s important that we listen to what our animals tell us they need.  Big lesson for me at so many levels.


p.s.  I’ve stopped cuttin her nails.  This way, she is armed and can climb more easily and safely if she needs to.

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