I Feel . . . Therefore, I Am.

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It’s Your Ability to FEEL

That Makes You Human!


EMF of heart

Your heart is your feeling center.

Open to your feelings – ALL of your feelings.  Not just your emotions.  Not just your sensory system.

Your wisdom comes from

your heart’s ability to

feel it’s way through to the Truth.

When we worship the intellect, we deprive ourselves of wisdom.  When we open our hearts, we turn back towards Divine Love.  We restore our ability to feel and to know what we are feeling.  We reconnect with   our Divine Consciousness, the source of our Wisdom.

Our Consciousness does not reside in our brain.

Our Consciousness lives throughout all our bodies and is anchored in our hearts.

Who are you?

You are Being, Consciousness, and Bliss.

“What?” you ask?  “I don’t feel any bliss.  What are you talking about?”

“You forgot.”  I reply.  “You are into doing, not into being.  You have substituted ego for Consciousness.  You seek happiness instead of Bliss.  You look outside yourself for the Truth of who you are, and when you cannot discover it, you feel you have lost yourself.

“Go within.  Go into your heart and feel.  There you will find yourself.  There you will discover all the wealth and abundance that is available to you all the time.  Infinite Love and Compassion are your birthright.  They awaits your attention.”

Are you keeping yourself so busy running from place to place, getting “things” done, and burying your feelings so you don’t notice them?

Are you keeping yourself occupied by texting and watching TV and playing on Facebook that you don’t have time to feel?

Are you in so much pain you run away from feelings because it seems too difficult to get past the pain?

If you are in this situation, I urge you to feel ALL your feelings.  Feelings are like water:  when you block off some feelings, you end up blocking all your feelings.  Then you cannot feel joy or sadness or love, either.

It’s OK to feel whatever you are feeling as a first step towards restoring your ability to feel.  Uncomfortable feelings are messages from parts of you telling you where you need to experience more love and what needs to be healed.

Remember – you are not fully human when you disconnect from your feelings.

“I FEEL . . . therefore, I AM.”

Another Perspective on Heart Centered Living

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Creating the Heart Habit


The latest message we have been given about our hearts is to go there every day, several times each day.

Spend time in your Heart.

Explore your Heart Center.

Become Heart Centered.

Make decisions from your Heart.


This message has been around for nearly a year and maybe a bit longer.  Now  a subtle and important change is about to take place.

Being in our hearts must become

the normal, natural way to live.


Getting into our hearts has required effort in the past, but soon it will not because we will have established our conscious presence there to the degree that we will just remain in our hearts all the time.

Sound good?

Many people have been speaking about the Heart “brain.”  My “I Am Presence” tells me:

Think from your heart mean to allow your heart to rule.  The heart is gentle, kind, and loving.  The physical brain is like a computer:  harsh, cold, and indifferent.

The brain can easily be manipulated by the ego, but the heart remains pure.

You are wondering how this statement can be true?

When it appears that the heart has been manipulated, that is the ego seeking to fool you into letting it rule.  When you are truly in your heart, the ego has no control because your inner Love can sooth, calm, and heal the ego.  This is why the ego seeks to keep you turned outward so that you don’t spend time in your heart.

Go within — into the heart — and know the freedom, the joy, and the bliss of being in and living from your heart.


What does it take to get us to the place where we are fully living in and from the heart?

  • It takes commitment.
  • It takes practice – going into the heart center every day – several times a day.
  • It takes takes letting go of resistance to loving ourselves.
  • It takes dedication to being in gratitude and appreciation.
  • It takes determination to love ourselves.
  • It takes forgiveness – forgiving ourselves for EVERYTHING.
  • It takes loving ourselves – despite our limitations and faults.

We CAN heal ourselves completely.

We CAN return to being connected to our God Self.

We ARE doing it, folks.  Truly, we ARE!!


The Truth About Receiving in My Life

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How Can I Open to Receive?


Last summer was a time of exploration for myself, a time of discovery.

I discovered that I was working very hard and enjoying it, but I was also exhausted and felt as though I could not keep up the pace.

I discovered that the exhaustion was from giving away too much of myself and receiving too little back.  The giving and receiving in my life was way out of balance.  It still feels out of balance to me.

I discovered that, central to my financial situation, was a set of beliefs that keep me from being open to receive the abundance that I keep asking the universe to send  me.

I discovered that I am giving away far too much for free.  I seem to have created a situation where many people, reflecting the pattern back to me, expect me to give more and more away in exchange for nothing at all.

I discovered that having an open heart is not enough because the moment someone gives me a gift – any gift – I feel compelled to give them something back in return.  Sometimes I completely  resist receiving what they have generously offered.  I try to talk them out of it and I’m good at this, so I usually succeed.  I can recall past situations in which I completely rejected their gifts, thus offending people whom I care deeply about and leaving them feeling rejected as well.

I discovered that I don’t know how to get out of this pattern.

I discovered that trying to create a new balance is essential to my experiencing HEALTH, JOY, and ABUNDANCE.

It is now 5 months later, and this issue is still looming large in my life.

I AM ASKING FOR HELP  from my I Am Presence and the rest of the “upstairs department,” although I fervently hope that I will not immediately reject help when it arrives, which is part of the same pattern.

I FORGIVE MYSELF for having this pattern and am saying the forgiveness prayer that I teach to others.

Last summer I thought that a professional colleague of mine had the answers to this, but it turned out that her approach felt plastic to me  – hard and artificial.  It sent me down a detour that I hoped would clear this issue, but which did not.  Her approach was not a heart-felt system, and that is essential for my spiritual goals to be achieved.

So I may not be back to “square 1” because I understand more now, but understanding is not sufficient to break through a block like this.  This is a very, very large old block.  It feels like a mountain.

I am open to receiving prayers for my success in taking back my personal power in this situation.   Thank you in advance for any prayers you may choose to send.



SURPRISE: September Is Half Over

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How did September get here so fast?


Are you noticing that experiences that you used to have over a period of weeks and months can all jamb up into a single day?

Have you found yourself trying to make “to do” lists that run off the end of an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper?

Have some things just fallen between the cracks never to be found again because you haven’t had time to look for them, much less to remember that you lost them?






Ask yourself, “what has to be done right now?”

Then do it and forget about all the lists.

Perhaps the answer to that question is to take a nap?

Soak in a hot tub?

Drink your favorite hot liquid?

Take a walk in nature?

Right now, this very moment, the biggest gift you can give yourself, no matter what is happening in your life, is a feeling of GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION.

That’s right!! BE GRATEFUL.

Think of someone or something that evokes love in your heart no matter what is going on and BE GRATEFUL for knowing or having known that being or situation.


Every morning, the first thing to do is to HUG YOURSELF.

HUG yourself several times each day and tell all parts of you – your physical body, your mind, your emotions, your higher self, and, yes, even your ego self – how much you APPRECIATE them.

Then HUG your significant others.

HUG your friends.

HUG your entire family.

Put yourself into a space of APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE just for having them with you.

As we continue to move higher vibrationally and the world that we are leaving behind continues to fall into varying degrees of chaos, our STATE OF MIND – (or should I say, our STATE OF HEART)  is the most important asset we have.

SOOOO …. Time to put your mind into a state of REST and to LIVE FROM YOUR HEART CENTER.

Teach yourself to LIVE from your HEART – filled with APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE – filled with FORGIVENESS and LOVE WITH NO LIMITATION or CONDITIONS.

Then, no matter what happens, you will be on top of the wave.  On top of the world!!



Compassion: Caring Without Attachment

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One of the most powerful emotions of the Heart is compassion.  Compassion is often thought of as an emotion that only a Divine being is capable of feeling and expressing.  For example, Quan Yin (Kuan Yin) is called the Chinese Goddess of Compassion.  There are also statues expressing the energies of the Compassionate Buddha.

Does this mean that you and I are incapable of experiencing compassion from within?  Must we receive it from a Divine source?  Or are we a Divine Being also capable of feeling and expressing compassion?

The truth is that we are each capable of compassion.  But just what exactly is this quality?

One dictionary defines compassion as “a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.” 

I would agree that compassion involves sympathy, but it also includes empathy.  Sympathy means to have a similar feeling as another – to vibrationally resonate with what someone is feeling.  Empathy, on the other hand, means to actually share the feeling that another is experiencing.

The magic of compassion is that it enables us to share what another is feeling without being in judgment about it.  It also enables us to help another without being attached to the outcome of their situation.

How does compassion allow us to do this? 

Compassion is a very high spiritual vibration or energy.  To truly be compassionate, one must also allow the other to make their own decisions and live with the consequences of those decisions.  Compassion does not mean that we try to fix someone else or someone else’s life.  We might offer to be helpful.  We might respond when asked for assistance.  We might offer suggestions and support.  But we must always allow the other to choose for him/herself.

Compassion works through Divine Love.  Divine Love – Love Without Conditions – means that we can love someone without requiring anything of that person.  We hold the individual in our heart regardless of what they say, what they do, what they feel, and what they choose to experience.

When we can do this, we can also compassionately sympathize and empathize with them and with their situation.  But it does not mean that we become compelled to try to fix the situation.  Compassion does not resonate with rescuing.  (Check for an upcoming blog on the subject of “rescuing.”)

When we are compassionate, we can be fully present for the person in this moment.  We can listen to their words and their emotions without having to take any action.  Because we are fully present with them in the current moment of their pain, sorrow, or whatever the person is feeling, we provide a space that allows the individual to feel and possibly express their feelings. 

As the person expresses their feelings in the presence of compassion, the individual often begins to let some of the feeling go and a sense of relief arises.  Someone has heard them.  Someone cares about how they feel.  Someone is not judging them, and thus is giving them the space to just be in the moment, to just be whoever they are in that moment.

Often people feel very isolated.  Some people truly are isolated.  They may be street people or they may just live alone.  Today, we can be alone in a crowd.  We can feel isolated at a party.  Just making eye contact and giving someone a smile can be an expression of compassion when the eye contact and the smile are connected with the Heart energy of compassion.

Today, you might ask yourself these questions: 

  • How can I be more compassionate towards the people I know?
  • How can I express compassion for someone I don’t know personally?
  • How can I make compassion a part of my daily life?

Of course, you can also be compassionate towards yourself, but that’s another discussion for another day.


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