Heart Alchemy

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Your Heart is Undergoing an Alchemical Change

Heart Alchemy:  Our hearts are being transformed.

Heart Alchemy – Our hearts are being transformed.

The Source Field from which all consciousness emanates is in the process of renovating our hearts.  If you are able to tune in to the feeling aspect of your being, you will notice these changes taking place right now.

If you are already someone who lives by the guided intelligence of your heart-brain, you probably are aware that something unprecedented is happening both inside you and around you.

Your heart knows truth.

Whatever has been invisible or hidden in the past can now be easily revealed through your heart.  You are beginning to “see, feel, allow, imagine” the true nature of your heart center.  Thus, your understanding of reality is undergoing a dramatic shift.

You will no longer be fooled by attempts to distort and hide truths from you.

You will feel and know that God Consciousness is being breathed into you in each breath you take.

You will recognize the presence of the Divine Mother within your heart, and you will welcome the expansion of Divine Love within you.

HeartRadianceIn many artistic representations of the Ascended Masters, their heart is shown glowing with Light.  Light and Love are radiating our from their heart centers.

This is visible Light.  You can see this Light.

When your heart center is fully restored to it’s pristine perfection, you, too, will radiate Divine Love and Divine Light from your Heart.

Doing so will be natural.

It won’t be something you have to work at.

It will just be SO!

The Divine Feminine – Divine Mother aspect of ALL-THAT-IS lives in your heart center.  She is there right now, awaiting your conscious presence.  She is there to teach you about loving yourself and others.  She is there to show you all the ways to heal your heart of past hurts, old memories of betrayal and pain, and of the darkness that you’ve been hiding from yourself inside your heart.

Bring yourself and your heart back into the Light.

You can heal everything!