Right Timing

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Discovering the “right” time to make a shift.


Is this how time feels for you lately?
With thanks to Salvador Dali.

When I look at this image, I very much relate to wanting to hand over all the clocks to someone or something else and forget about the ridiculous emphasis we have put on punctuality and time in general.  Time is part of our illusion.  It’s definitely “time” to let go of time.

Simultaneously, as we live in the NOW moment, which is the only “time” that exists for Infinite Consciousness who is, after all. who we are, the concept of “right timing” still seems to important in my life.

Consider that I, like most everyone else, is experiencing physical challenges as I move through the ascension processes.  With all the energy shifts and transformational changes to every part of us, how could I not be experiencing physical symptoms?  Still, it has not been a fun ride, although as my ascension buddy says, it is wise to honor and love our bodies and to work with them as they go through this experience.

So as I endeavor to assist myself, I keep seeking ways to feel better and to have to more energy.

To my amazement, my guidance recently has been to do some acupuncture treatments.  Now I’m not entirely new to acupuncture.  Some years ago – maybe 15 or more years ago – I did have some acupuncture treatments.  I found them very painful, as I’m very sensitive, and not at all helpful.  These days, I’m even more sensitive than I ever was before, but I have also learned over the years that I have a high tolerance for pain.  Perhaps that’s not a blessing, but who can say??

Higher Guidance is always loving.

When you choose to live from higher guidance, you discover that that guidance is always loving and always nudges you in the direction that best serves you.  So, with some trepidation, I decided to do some acupuncture treatments, after being nudged in that direction.  Apparently, this was the “right time” for me to do it!


Yes, the treatments are still painful, at least while the needles are going in and for a bit thereafter.  However, the benefits far outweigh the discomfort of the needles.

To my complete amazement, these treatments are accomplishing even more than I imaged possible.

For one thing, my physical structure is more stable and integrated, and there is less physical pain everywhere.  This means that I need chiropractic less often and I can do hatha yoga and other things without my pelvis shifting and my ribcage twisting and other parts of me feeling as tho’ their falling apart.

In addition, I am breathing better for longer periods of time.  Since I tend to detox through my lungs, having my meridians flowing correctly takes reduces the need for my lungs to work so hard to clear stuff, and they can strengthen and return to greater ease of breathing.

I am also sleeping better, which is not only essential for good health – because our bodies can only repair themselves while we sleep or rest deeply – but also because this regenerates our energy.  More energy is just that –   more energy to do things – more energy to think clearly.  Wow!!  This is a great gift.

Another wonderful result of the acupuncture treatments is that I’m warmer from the inside out.  My metabolism is being recalibrated so that not only is digestion improved, but overall internal warmth is increasing.

So why didn’t acupuncture work for me years ago when I first tried it?

We’re back to “right timing.”  Years ago, I was floundering around trying to figure out what to do to feel better. I tried many things, and most of them didn’t provide much benefit.  The difference is, I believe, that my body is ready for these treatments so I’m receiving the maximum benefit.

I attribute my ability to get exactly what I need  – in perfect timing – because I have chosen to live from higher guidance.

By living from higher guidance, I am shown exactly what would be most beneficial in the current NOW moment.

And my guidance is always correct because my I Am Presence has perfect timing!!

Traveling Your Life Path

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How Far Down the Road Can You See?


Having difficulty reading this map?

Where are all the markings?


Indications of terrain?

Perhaps this is why we find it so

hard to “see” where we’re going in our lives?

As far as I can tell, we only get to see a very tiny portion of the map of our Life Path in any given moment.  That tiny portion is were we are RIGHT NOW.  It is represented by the tiny circle of brown.

It may show a few choices of paths to take, but it doesn’t really show anything beyond the immediate horizon.  When you stand there, you can only see just to the edge of that circle.  You can’t see where the various paths may lead you.

So how are we to choose?

How are we to decide?

Most of us were taught to make the “logical” choice.  We are told to gather as much information as we can and make charts and lists and comparisons and contrasts, and to make logical decisions.

But the one thing we were not taught to do was to check with our Higher Guidance.

Our Higher Guidance has access to

the full map of potentials.


Our Higher Guidance has access to

the full range of information,

including what is aligned with

our life purpose and soul’s service.


Our Higher Guidance will always provide us with

information that is loving and supportive.


Our Higher Guidance will never tell us what to do.

Our Higher Guidance may speak to us in intuitions, words, metaphors, images, physical sensations, knowings, and feelings.  You can receive this guidance at any time, but do you

  1. RECOGNIZE it when it comes?
  2. PAY ATTENTION to what is communicated?
  3. MAKE AN EFFORT to understand the message?
  4. TAKE ACTION based on this guidance?

The source of your Higher Guidance is

YOU – your Divine Self.

Who knows you better than you own Divine Self?

Who is better able to advise you?

Who is better able to support you?

Who else is available 24/7, ready and able to assist you?

Relying on your Higher Guidance in all situations

will help you live a life that feels

more manageable,

more harmonious,


more peaceful.


Give it a try!  See and experience the difference for yourself.


Setting Up for a Teleclass

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I’ve been preparing to teach my first teleclass, which is why I haven’t been blogging.  It’s amazing to me how different doing a teleclass would be from preparing to teach a class where all the students are in the same room with me.

For one thing, there is a lot of technology involved, and much of it is new to me.  Notifying people that the class is scheduled via email.  Modifying my website so that people can sign up and I can track who has signed up.  Setting up online ways for people to pay.  Tracking who has signed up and who has paid.  I used to do all these things with paper and pen, but now it’s all computerized and done over the internet.  

Next I get to choose a company with phone lines, and arrange for the  call.   That’s a totally new experience.

Even teaching the class is going to be very different.   As I’m very much a “visual” person, not being able to see people’s faces will seem strange.  I won’t be able to read their expressions or body language to see how they are reacting to the information.  Wow – like being blind, in a way.

Perhaps I’ll be guided to sense their energies instead – a most interesting possibility.   As a teacher, I like to be responsive to my students and tailor a class uniquely for the group.  I guess I’m going to learn some new ways of doing that.

I’m also excited because I know I am being guided every step of the way.   Living daily with higher guidance and relying on it used to feel strange.  Now it feels good.  And most importantly, I’m learning to trust what I sense.

Of course, the most important part to prepare is the subject itself – the “meat” of the whole thing.  This topic just glows in my mind when I think about it!  I know that there are people out there ready and waiting for this class and I know I’ve been brought to this place and time to teach it. 

Talk about confidence?!?  Or it is conceit?!?  Or it is just Higher Guidance telling me “It’s about time!”

I look forward to seeing you there if this class calls to you.  You will be divinely guided to where you are supposed to be.