Why Is Ascension So Uncomfortable?

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Everything is changing all at once!

cosmicevolutionFrom Homo Sapiens to Home Luminous.

Limiting Emotions and Beliefs

As you integrate the higher frequencies of Love and Light, everything inside you that vibrates at lower frequencies must shift into higher frequencies, too.

Some things, however, cannot tolerate the higher frequencies.

For example, hate, anger, shame, and other “negative” or lower vibrational emotional patterns, simply cannot shift higher.

What cannot shift higher must be healed and released.  There are no exceptions to this.   Until you address each bit of it, you will feel discomfort, which is designed to get your attention.

Understand that we’re not making a direct leap from frequency “A” to frequency “Z.”  If we tried to do that, our bodies would burst into flame and disintegrate.  We’re doing this in stages, so each influx of higher energies takes us up another level, and we must, once again, clean up our inner “house.”

Here’s how it works.

Many emotions from our past are locked into our cells and physical organs. meaning that those cells and emotions vibrate at those frequencies.

To shift those cells and body parts higher vibrationally, we must  heal and/or release them,

Step 1:  Acknowledge the discomfort and discover what you’re feelng.  What we do not acknowledge we cannot fully heal or release.

Step 2:  Release what is ready to be released.

Step 3:  Heal what needs to be healed.

Step 4:  Release what is ready to be released.

Step 5:  Heal what needs to be healed.

Continue this process as long as necessary with each issue or emotional pattern.

You can clear ALL old emotional patterns

with the right support and assistance.

This process also applies to limiting beliefs.

Any belief you have that creates a barrier to change will cause you emotional and/or physical discomfort.

If you believe you are

  • unworthy,
  • unlovable,
  • not good enough,
  • a loser,
  • stupid,
  • [fill in the blank], or
  • anything less than God in this body,

this belief will hold you back until you acknowledge it, heal it, love yourself, forgive yourself, and open yourself to new, more expansive possibilities of what is true about you.

You can change limiting beliefs into expansive ones

with the right support and assistance.

Resistance of any kind causes pain.

Whatever you resist … persists.

Whatever you try to run away from follows you around because what you hold inside yourself remains there until you acknowledge, heal it, and release it.

Only when you find your courage to face all the accumulated 3-D debris inside you will you move out of pain and into possibilities.

DNA activation.

What scientists have been calling “junk” DNA is not junk at all.

You have more DNA than the 2 strands inside the nucleus of each cell.

The DNA in the cytoplasm of each cell is being activated by the higher energetic frequencies.

We have as many as 12 strands of DNA in each cell.

There is also DNA in our other energy bodies, and that DNA is also being activated.

The results of these activations are changes to all parts of all of our bodies, to the relationships among our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and to our Consciousness.

Your Consciousness isn’t located in just one organ (the brain) or just one body part (the head).  Your Consciousness is everywhere in all your 7 bodies — physical, emotional, mental, astral, causal (etheric), ketheric, and celestial — and in every cell and every strand of your DNA, too!

Shifting from Carbon-base to Silicon-base.

To carry more Light and Love, we are changing chemically, too.  Our physical bodies are shifting from being carbon-based to being silicon-based.  When this happens, you will literally glow.  You will be homo luminous.

What does this mean?  Well, computer chips are made of silicon,  and they hold a lot more information.  Silicon chips can also process more information faster, too.  No, we’re not becoming machines, but the shift to silicon will make it possible for humanity to function a much higher levels of consciousness.

We’ll be able to take in, understand, process, and store more information EVERYWHERE in all parts of our bodies.

WOW!!  Isn’t that amazing?

And – at the very same time – all the toxins and chemicals and GMO’s and other junk that has collected in our body has to be eliminated.

We have to start eating more nutritious foods and providing our body with everything it needs to complete this transformation.

This may require dietary changes, detoxification programs, and whatever else your body may request to assist it.

Bottom Line

We are changing in every way imaginable, at all levels.  This is bound to create all sorts of symptoms.  But it’s also an opportunity that doesn’t come around in every lifetime, or even in every 100 lifetimes.

For our consciousness to change, we are required to pay attention to the process and to participate in it.

All the symptoms are signals that the shift is really happening.  Be loving and gentle with yourself, and that will make it somewhat easier.

–Ascension FAQs.

Birthing the New Humanity

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Do You Feel Like You Are in Labor?

by Nedda Wittels
© February 10, 2012

Have you realized yet that you are giving birth to yourself?

Since January 1, 2012, it seems as though our lives have moved in fits and starts and stops and delays and shifts.  It is extremely uncomfortable, and we are all experiencing the same pattern, albeit in different specifics.

What exactly is going on here?  Why does it feel impossible to move forward, even though we ARE going forward?  Or are we going anywhere at all?

A colleague of mine said, “This is like having a baby.”

And she’s right.  It’s exactly like that.

We can’t put off delivering our new Self – our new physical body and our new consciousness.  We can’t postpone what is happening and say, “well, I’m not ready yet to accept myself or love myself or look at the part of myself that I don’t like.”

Linear Time Is Gone!!


We only have the NOW moment, and in this moment, the new humanity is moving towards the birth canal and if this is to be comfortable at all, we must stop resisting.  Resistance is what causes pain, so if you are feeling physical, emotional, and/or mental pain, you can reduce or eliminate it by giving up your need to control anything and everything.

Instead, ALLOW the process.  How do you do that?

  • Face the inner shadow. 

Whatever you may not like about yourself is probably in your face right now.  If you are too passive, you are being asked to become assertive.  The universe is lighting a fire under your butt for you to take action and stand up for yourself.  If you are too aggressive or controlling, the universe is sending signals that you must sit back and ALLOW.

  • Love yourself anyway.

If you are down on yourself, sending yourself negative messages, you are actually interfering in the process of integrating your higher self, who loves you completely, without reservation, limitation, or any conditions whatsoever.Instead, give yourself positive messages.  Every morning, go into your heart center and meet with your Divine Self.  Ask to be wrapped in Divine Love and take your fearful child part – your ego self – into your arms and ALLOW the Divine Love to melt your fears and anxieties away.

  • Tell yourself, “All Is Well.”

Why?  Because IT IS!!!!

We agreed on the higher planes to be here for this experience, and now we are receiving what we requested.  It may not be exactly as we imagined it, but it is here and we will get all joys and benefits of it when we focus on the outcome we prefer.

  • Accept yourself as you truly are.

This means accepting the parts of yourself that you don’t like, the parts that are “weird” or different, the parts that the outer world might have been telling you are unacceptable.Authenticity, being congruent with our True Self, and accepting ourselves fully is what we must do to move into the higher dimensions.  This can mean leaving behind, at least for now, anyone in your life who is not ready to make the changes you are making.

It’s OK.  Others may make different choices.  Everyone eventually will awaken and ascend, if not in this lifetime, then in another.  ALLOW others to make their choices, and ALLOW yourself to make your own.

  • FLOW with the changes.

Change is upon us, and rapid change, at that.  We have to find a way to get used to this.Call upon your higher guidance.  ASK for assistance, as free will demands that we make requests before they can help us.  They are there with you every minute of every day just waiting for you to ask.

  • Rebuild your basic TRUST.

For those of us who have lived many lifetimes on Earth, our trust levels have been dramatically lowered.  It’s time to reverse this, to build trust – trust in ourselves, trust in God, and trust in the process of spiritual awakening and ascension.Even if you don’t feel much trust right now, set an intention to expand your trust levels.  That is a good start for growing more trusting.

Now is truly the time to focus on your spiritual growth.  There is no more linear time left.  There is only this moment, and in this moment we are giving birth to ourselves in a higher dimensional reality.  We are creating our future self and creating a new Earth and a new way of being in a physical body and a new type of physical body based on silicon and carrying more Divine Light and Divine Love.

It’s never been done before,

not on this planet or any other in our Galaxy. 

So honor yourself and love yourself.

You are working hard, even at night, and in multiple dimensions all at the same time.  Of course you are tired!!

But remember, you are a wizard creating magically and alchemically a new humanity.

This is no test-tube baby. 

You are doing this within your own

4-body and Light Body systems.

Celebrate your amazing self and rejoice as you give birth.