What is the worth of your life in your own eyes?

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Tiger in bliss.


My meditation teacher posed this question for contemplation.

My first reaction was, “Not much.”

I mentally walked away from the whole subject.

Later, I came back to it to the question, and thought, “Wait a minute.  Which part of me gave that answer?”

You already know that we have many different aspects within us, so my followup question was a valid one.

By asking this second question, I realized it was my Ego aspect responding.  The Ego is very judgmental and thinks in terms of limitation.  It sees itself as very small, and while at times it might arrogantly believe it’s the biggest and best and deserves everything, this comes from a greedy place of one-upmanship.

The Ego is filled with negativity, too.

I remember reading, many years ago, the novel called, The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck.  It takes place in China, in a culture where peasants were afraid of the gods.  They were taught, and taught their children, to never give a compliment or saying anything positive about a child because it might offend the jealous gods.  A jealous God had the power of life and death, and might cause the child to die.

This type of thinking comes from the Ego aspect.

So I asked myself again, “What is the worth of your life in your own eyes?”

This time, I heard my I Am Presence saying,

“You are of infinite worth because you are Infinite Consciousness.  You are completely perfect and pure, and worthy of all things, all existence.

Your life is of great value to Infinite Consciousness and to others because you are an expression of the Divine Self, a part of that One Consciousness that contains all and expresses itself through All.”

Can you feel the difference in the energy between this response and the first one?

This response feels expansive, and full of Light and Love.  In my mind’s eye, I can see it glowing.  Can you?

The importance of this experience should not be minimized.

How we react to each event in our lives is our choice,

You can choose allow the Ego is run things.


You can choose to take charge of what you think.

We can remind ourselves that the Ego is an artificial construct.  We can remind ourselves that the Ego provides a false view of who we are and of reality.

Infinite Consciousness is who we are, and that perspective expresses the Truth.

So when you ask yourself, “What is the worth of my life in my own eyes?”  what answer do you get?

Do you think in terms of how much money you earn or how many things you own?

Do you think in terms of what you look like physically?

Do you think in terms of how many friends you have or whether you are married or have children?

All thoughts like these are about the mundane world.

Your “worth” goes far beyond that, for beyond this or any lifetime.

The worth of your life is infinite, because you, the true you, is infinite.

Please enter comments and questions below.

Namaste, Nedda

Is 2016 the Year You Wake Up?

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to Your True Consciousness.

Open Your Eyes to the Light of your Divine Self.

2016 is a numerical 9, and those into numerology know that this number represents completion.

The Light Workers, the Way-showers, those who chose to be on the Earth during this transformative period in the history of humanity and our planet, have been participating in the process of clearing ourselves, our bodies, and our ancestral lines so that the Christ Consciousness could arrive, ground, integrate, and become a permanent frequency expressing through each one and all of humanity.

This is the year in which we expect to see a more visible presence of God Consciousness in each other and in our own daily lives.

And for those who may not think of themselves as Light Workers or Way-showers, those of you reading this who may just be opening your eyes to your Spirit and I Am Presence, I congratulate you and welcome you.

The Journey Unfolds

The journey you are on is one that unfolds before you in each and every moment.  There are no road maps stretching into the distance. There is only a strong calling of your heart to discover your True Self and to understand, finally, who you are and why you have chosen to be here on the Earth at this time.

You may find yourself suddenly fascinated by all things Spiritual.

You may reject all that you’ve been told and taught in the past, no longer willing to struggle within limitations that have been imposed by others and accepted by you in the past.

You may seek answers and assistance from others.

Learn to TRUST yourself.

Learn to LOVE yourself.

Find the COURAGE to stand in your own POWER.

For you are a very powerful being, and you may at times fear your own power.  You may have given your power away throughout your life and therefore, may want someone else to tell you what to do now, and how to do it.

No one can give you back your personal power.  You must choose it and then take it back yourself.

While others can provide guidance and coach you, those who will be most helpful to you will not accept any power that you try to give away to them.

  • They will, instead, encourage you to go within and discover the inner country.

  • They will, instead, insist that you make your own choices.

  • They will point you towards your I Am Presence as the source of all knowledge and wisdom about you and your personal path.

Go within!

Make your own choices!

Take charge of your life fully

by integrating your I Am Presence.

Restore yourself to your own internal Divinity, for that is who you are, who you were always meant to be.

The process of Awakening it exciting, exhilarating, challenging, and filled with promise.  It’s now up to you to explore, to feel your way along this path.

May you find all that you seek as you restore your own God Consciousness within.

REMEMBER … those who ask for help will receive it.



Being in Transition

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Shift Happens!

Shift happens.  How are YOU handling it?

How are YOU handling it?

The shift from 3-D to 5-D during the last 5 months has been extremely difficult and is also difficult to describe.  This is probably due to the fact that

All aspects of my life have been in flux


This includes, but is not limited to:

  • my physical well-being (I discovered that all the physical symptoms were actually one integrated pattern of accumulated grief that had never been felt nor healed.);


  • my service to others (There were many days when I was asking, “What IS my service to others supposed to be?”);


  • my home (It is beyond difficult to keep a home in order and clean when one is Shifting in this way.);


  • my animal family members (My 2 senior cats have both decided to prepare to leave their bodies – to make their own transition to the higher realms.);


  • my connection and communication with my I Am Presence (Some days the communication flow is clear; other times it’s like thick muck.);


  • my emotional state (sad; glad, mad; grumpy; cranky; nyuch-nyuch; et cetera and so forth);


  • my ability to express what I’m feeling (It truly leaves me feeling stupid to not be able to think of the word or name I want, but even worse is to not be able to express ideas and feelings and emotions in language at all.  Perhaps we’re becoming a non-verbal form of human?  Is this what telepathic communication will become – no words – just images, knowings, and feelings?);


  • what my body wants to eat (I think there was a period of 2 weeks where everything had to be liquid and had to have raw milk in it.  This is just an example of multiple dietary changes and stages.  Some days I have no idea what I want to eat at all!);


  • how I’m sleeping (Or not sleeping.  The schedule is like turning a pumpkin into squash – you throw it up into the air and it comes down squash!);


  • my sense of time (Not only do I often not know what time it is, but I often don’t know what day, month, or even year it is.) ;


  • my self-awareness (What do I want?  What don’t I want?  What am I feeling?  Oh, phooey!  It’s easier to just go to sleep!);


  • what my mind finds interesting and boring (Books, movies, radio shows – one minute I’m interested and the next I couldn’t care less.);


  • my tolerance for 3-D negativity has declined severely (I no longer want to be around or even hear about abuse, violence, torture and other forms of 3-D manipulation and fear mongering.);


  • my sensory system (which is becoming more sensitive so I’ve started noticing odd smells and very quiet sounds, like the clicks of a stainless steel pot of soup cooling on the stove.);


  • and the list goes on and on . . . .

Truly, there is no area of my life untouched by the shifts that are occurring.

Living this type of transition leaves me exhausted, frustrated, and discouraged at times.  Yet there are also times when I feel elated, peaceful, and enthusiastic, and connected with the 5-D world we are creating.  It’s my job, of course, to keep myself in the positive flow of Divine Love, so I make the effort daily to do so.

Sometimes I’ve wished  that I could crawl into a coccoon and just sleep through it all.  Of course, that approach would interfere with a central aspect of our transformation, namely:

Awakening our higher Consciousness


learning to live from that perspective.

If you are struggling with this shift, remember . . .





Check out my services at Rays of Healing Light and see if there is some way I can assist you.  After all, that’s why I’m here on the Earth at this time.  It would be my great pleasure.


Trust Self –> Trust Others –> Trust Source

Merging into Unity Consciousness

Returning to the 5th Dimension is about restoring ourselves to Unity Consciousness so that, eventually, we’ll merge back into Source.

This has great personal appeal for me.  I long for it deep inside myself.

At the same time, as I look within, I recognize that to return to Unity Consciousness, to merge back into Source, is very frightening for me.  The fear comes from lack of Trust.

I don’t really trust anyone.  Do you?  Whom do you completely trust?

If you can answer the second question by naming someone, whether in or out of physical, whether human or non-human, then you’re moving down the road to trusting Source. But for most of us, this is still a very important question:

How can I restore Trust?

Since I’m working with my I Am Presence, I asked for wisdom about this.  Here’s the wisdom I received:

To restore TRUST is an inside job.

First, learn to Trust yourself.

When you Trust yourself, you can discern who else is trustworthy.  In other words, you’ll know that your intuitive guidance is accurate.  When you get signals not to trust someone or some situation or some thing, you’ll act on that message.  That will strengthen your inner self-trust.

Then, your Trust in others will grow because you’ll chose to trust people who are trustworthy.

At the same time, you’re Trust in yourself will grow because you’ll make decisions that align with your Soul’s purpose.

When you make decisions based on inner guidance, those decisions will always align with your Soul’s purpose.

Simultaneously, your trust in your Divine Self (I Am Presence) will grow.

As your self-trust grows, your trust in others grows, and your trust in your Trust Self grows, you’ll begin to trust Source again.

The irony is that we delude ourselves to believe that we’re separate from others, separate from our I Am Presence, and separate from Source.

Here’s how it really appears:

You and Your "I Am Presence"

ALLOW the TRUTH of this image to resonant in your heart.

Do you see any separation here?  Look more closely.

There is your physical body completely surrounded in Divine Light and Divine Love and completely connected to your own higher aspects and to Source.

We ARE One with Source.

We ARE One with Each Other.

We ARE One.


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What Is a Spiritual Master?

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A spiritual master is one who chooses to align with their own True Self, also called I Am Presence or God Self.

This is the highest aspect of each one of us.  This is the original Divine Spark that emanated directly from God/Goddess/All-That-Is.  A spiritual master is one who acknowledges his/her own Divinity.

A spiritual master is one who chooses to BE in alignment – to LIVE in alignment – with the highest, most conscious, most spiritually aware part of oneself.

A spiritual seeker transforms into a spiritual master by making this commitment:

“I choose alignment with my I Am Presence.”

Your Divine Self (I Am Presence) already Is a Master.

You Already Are a Master.

This alignment doesn’t often happen in a flash of light.  It takes conscious, daily commitment.  This is because of the Ego.

The Ego is an aspect of our Divine Self that was created to help the Divine Self live in the Third Dimensional World or 3-D.  The 3-D world is one of limitation.  It is a very slow vibrational frequency, and most of us have all been living there for many lifetimes.

It’s my understanding that we come into 3-D to have certain experiences.  Those experiences are planned by us at the Soul Level.  We choose to be here.  We make a plan with the assistance of our spirit guides, spiritual teacher, our Higher Self, and our I Am Presence.  We invite other souls to take on specific roles in our 3-D life to assist us in having our experiences, and we agree to take on specific roles for those souls.  These souls become our parents, siblings, friends, bosses, teachers, colleagues, neighbors, animal companions, and so on.

Then we incarnate.  Being in 3-D requires that we forget all the plans we made.  We forget about the agreements.  We forget so that we can experience without knowing the outcome in advance.  This is how we learn.  It’s like a game.  Would you play scrabble or chess or football if you knew the outcome in advance?  Why bother to play if you always know the outcome?

Part of the 3-D game is to find the joy of rediscovering our Divinity.  When we move from darkness to light, we experience intense joy.  It’s more intense because it was missing and we have learned what the lack of this connection feels like.

As you awaken, as you remember your God Self while still in physical bodies, you begin to connect with Joy.  You start to realize that you made these plans.

At the same time, your Ego resists.  The Ego doesn’t want us to remember, because the Ego is into limitation and control and fear and doesn’t want to give up it’s power over you.

The Ego is just one small aspect of you who believes it has been running the show.

The I Am Presence is a vastly large aspect – the fullest, most complete, truest aspect of you, who knows all there is to know about you.  The I Am understands the Ego, but the Ego doesn’t understand the I Am.

Most next time about the ego and mastery and gurus.  Yes – I haven’t forgotten that I said I’d talk about gurus.



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