Restoring Integrity

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Integrity Begins at Home

by Nedda Wittels
© July 17, 2012

While some people might claim that the reason integrity is at an all-time low in the US goes back to Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal, I beg to differ with that perspective.

Issues of integrity go much further back than Nixon, who did us all the favor of bringing them into our consciousness, out of the murk of secrecy.  Even so, for many people today, as we watch and hear about more and more lies, cheating, and economic manipulation in government, banks, corporations, and around the world, we are quick to assign lack of integrity to others.

As with most things, integrity begins at home – inside you and inside me.  If I don’t have integrity, how can I expect to find it in the world outside myself, as that world is only a reflection of my inner space.  So I have to go within and ask myself, “Do I have integrity?”

And I have to ask myself yet another question:  “If I’m experiencing lack of integrity outside myself, where is integrity lacking inside myself that is drawing these situations into my life?”

Dictionaries are not much help when we want to understand what integrity is.  “Adhering to a moral code” doesn’t tell us anything about that code, and for so many today, the code of choice seems to follow these rules:

  1. Me first – take care of myself above all others, and my family ahead of everyone else.
  2. Do it to “them” before “they” can do it to you.
  3. As long as I can get away with it, it’s OK to lie, cheat, steal, and even kill, and especially if others are also doing these things.

There are plenty of people who live by such a code, although they might not admit it to themselves nor to anyone else.  I would argue that integrity has nothing to do with this type of thinking.

Integrity has to do with honor, with honesty, and with knowing who you are and living your truth.  So if you don’t have a code of honor, if you’re not honest with yourself, and if you don’t know who you are or what you believe, you can’t possibly have integrity.

Integrity means not allowing someone else to control your thoughts or feelings by using fear or anything else to manipulate you.   This means that to have integrity you must learn how to find your inner courage and how to use it to move through fear and to reject all attempts at manipulation by those who feed off fear.

Integrity means following through on your commitments and committing yourself to the highest good for all concerned in any and every situation.  This mean finding the win/win in every situation, whether personal, romantic, family, social, business, or elsewhere.

If you’re in business, stand by your service or product.  Treat your customers with respect.  “The customer is always right” is a good maxim to start with.

At work, do the best job you can, even if you have issues with your work circumstances – even if you are washing dishes or floors, for example.

In relationships, having open and clear communication about feelings, interactions, and intentions will assist in maintaining a high level of integrity.  It will also make for a much better and happier relationship.

Quality is essential in having integrity.  Look for the best in people and you will find it.  Expect the best of yourself, too!!  You will draw to yourself people whose integrity levels match your own.

And this is how we change the world.  We begin with ourselves.  We look inside and get to know ourselves.  We set a high standard within and then we live by that standard.  Only then can we expect integrity elsewhere.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

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A Bit About My Journey


My Dear Ones,

This is a portion of a letter I wrote to a friend this morning that I’ve decided to share with all of my community.  I hope it will resonate for each one of you personally in some way so you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in these challenging and amazingly beautiful times.

I’m going to say some things that I hope won’t appear intrusive or of the “rescue” type psychological pattern – one I’m working to eliminate in my life.  I’m hoping what I’m about to tell you will be helpful.  I’m deeply hoping I won’t offend you in any way.  I see a lot of me reflected in you – in many others.  Here are some of the things I see that are my own reflection.

Please remember that I’m describing myself here.  If it resonates for you, too, then it does.   If it does not, it does not.

  • A very hard working, “Type A” personality pattern – a pattern which leads easily to exhaustion.
  • Someone who followed the old rules (working very hard and all well be ok) only to discover that those rules are a bunch of lies and no way to live.
  • A being of the highest integrity fed up with a world that is direly lacking in it.
  • Someone who cares and is compassionate towards others, but does not apply enough of that to herself.  (I’m learning, but . . . I’m learning)
  • A perfectionist – allowing the desire for things to be “just so” to get in the way, at times, of allowing things to just “be” and not having to fix them – thus creating physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion – a very non-self-loving behavior.
  • A Wyrd – someone who loves and is attracted to nature and can’t live any more in a world of disconnection from the essential Truth that we are 1 strand in the web and not outside it.  (The reason I say “can’t live” is that it’s just too damned uncomfortable to stay there anymore.  I just have no tolerance for cruelty.  I don’t watch TV.  Find most books boring or too “dark”.  Find most movies either boring or too violent and cruel and full of negative messages.)  I also can’t live in cities or condos or anywhere that feels oppressive, like people are too close and closing me in.
  • Someone who worked herself into a state of exhaustion and physical illness (from which I nearly died in 1994) until I made a new choice.  My illness was my I AM telling me that if I didn’t make a new choice, I would die.  I chose life

Since 1994, I have been learning new ways to BE.  I have worked diligently on healing myself at all levels (still ongoing).  I was where some of you may be now – my own version of it.

I can see the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel these days.  I have a whole new way of looking at myself and the world.  I know there is an “end” to this drama and that it is coming.  I’m looking forward to it.

I’m offering to share with you some information that might assist you to break out of where you are into a whole new way of being in the world FOR YOU, loving yourself, and feeling empowered.

I look at each of you and

I see the Divine Spark that glows radiantly inside you.

Will you take the steps to

nurture, feed, and expand that glow?

Will you consciously choose to re-member your Self –

to put your spiritual awakening FIRST in your life?


I have learned that Loving myself and taking care of myself is the essential missing piece that will enable me to assist others.  If I don’t do that, there is nothing there for me to offer.

It’s time for all of us to go within and make the changes that will allow us to truly perform the services we came here to offer – AND – at the same time, experience the JOY and ENERGY of it all, and allow the UNIVERSE to TAKE CARE OF US and SUPPORT US.

This is the time that humanity is awakening from a slumber that has gone on for eons.  It’s about time, too!! (My personal opinion!!)

I know that my purpose on this planet in this particular life is to be at the near tip of the wave of Spiritual Awakening and to help others who are coming right behind me.


My visual of this is that Lord Ganesh, the elephant God, moves ahead of me in the jungle of life helping to clear enormous obstacles that my small machete can’t easily tackle.  He’s there because I have asked for his assistance.  So he moves ahead of me and I see his large butt  helping to open a space and his small tail waving and encouraging me forward.

But I still have to “hack away” at the personal obstacles within myself that pop up in the jungle – my own inner reflections – part of the learning I set up for myself before I came into this life.  I clear them through prayer, through loving myself, through a conscious effort to heal them.

As I commit to taking back my personal power – my Divinity – everything shifts into higher frequencies, I am more and more supported, and more and more able to TRUST – in myself and in my Divinity.

Meanwhile, right behind me in this jungle come those who are attracted to my personal energy at the SOUL level and to the frequencies I have been able to integrate so far.  At the Soul level, they and I have agreed to be together on this journey, and while I hack away at my own personal stuff with one arm, my other arm reaches back to assist those immediately behind me.  (Please note that many of them are reaching one of their arms back to help those following behind them.)

Sometimes my way of assisting is to just model how to “do it.”

Sometimes it’s to listen.

Sometimes it’s to teach.

Sometimes it’s to create a healing space and facilitate another’s process.

Of course, they have to make a commitment to awaken and work on their ego stuff, too, because that’s what “the path” is all about, one way or another, generally speaking.  I can’t “fix” anything or anyone. (NOTE TO SELF:  Remember this, Nedda!)

So, my Dear Ones, I move into 2012 not really having a clue what I’m supposed to DO about anything, except BE HERE NOW – IN THIS MOMENT.

I will continue to share information that is inspiring, uplifting, and personally valuable to anyone who chooses awakening at this time.



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The issue of integrity is exploding in the corporate/business world and it’s about time!   Why is this happening?  In part it is the energies of the times.  In part it is because we, the consumer, no longer will put up with corruption, dishonesty, and mistreatment by businesses at any level.

Integrity = adherence to moral and ethical principles;
soundness of moral character; honesty

I recently purchased an item from a website called Natural Solutions Foundation, and when I tried to cancel the order, I had a very hard time doing so.  The only way to contact this place was via email, as they showed no telephone number on the site and no way to cancel an order.  While not saying they didn’t have my credit card information, they kept asking me how I had paid for the order – even though I kept telling them how I had paid and they should have had a record of this anyway.  They also kept telling me how wonderful the product was and didn’t I still want it. 

When I tried to look at my account on the website, I got a message saying the account did not exist, but since it was based on my email address and the original order had generated a receipt to my email address, I knew this was untrue. 

Since the order was for $100, which they had charged to my credit card before actually shipping, and two weeks after I placed the order, they still were not ready to ship, I was determined to get a complete refund.  Sad to say, I had to contact my credit card company and begin a formal dispute to finally get refunded.  My credit card company had a phone number for them, but it was no longer in service.  So I let them know via email that my cc company was now involved, and they immediately issued a credit.

In a society where corporate greed, corruption, lies, and slight-of-hand are prevalent, we must stand up for integrity at all levels.  Corporations exist to benefit their stockholders, not those who purchase their products and services.  This includes drug companies and others that provide heath services.  Standing up for ourselves takes time, effort, and determination.  It is frustrating to have to do this.  Still, it can be done by being assertive and polite, being a “broken record” (repeating what you want over and over and over), and calling on other resources.

I purchased my current computer from Gateway two years ago.  During the first year and while still under warranty, I experienced a major series of problems which finally required that the motherboard and other hardware be replaced.  It took months of determination, frustration, and stick-to-itiveness on my part, but when everything was finally working, I took all my documented notes and sent a 16 page presentation outlining everything I had gone through to Gateway’s CEO.  I requested reimbursement, and although Gateway was not, at first, willing to reimburse anything, I did manage to get some compensation for things I had had to purchase from them to get my computer working.

Unfortunately, Gateway’s attitude was reminiscent of “let the buyer beware,” or in other words, “what can you expect from a computer?  Some work well and some don’t.”  Gateway, like the automakers, doesn’t want to take responsiblity for lemons.  I do hope they have at least taken my documentation and used it to improve their overall support for customers. 

To my great amazement, I learned this year that you can return nearly any item to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Four years ago, I purchased a toaster oven that had the feature of a door that pulled out the rack when you opened it.  This system never worked very well, as the rack would always stick and it was a tug, tug, tug to get the door opened.  This summer, the door hinge finally broke due to all the tugging, and although the oven still worked, the door would not close completely. 

So back I went to BB&B to look at purchasing a new toaster oven.  While talking to the sales person for kitchen appliances, I told him my frustrations with the old toaster oven.  He immediately told me that if I had the receipt or even just the bar code from the original carton, I could return the broken oven for a FULL REFUND or exchange it at full value for a new toaster oven.  BB&B made good on this and I got a totally new oven for FREE!!  I’m still amazed and delighted by the integrity of this company.

This is what we need in all business today.  The old adage, “The customer is always right” is not on anyone’s lips today or even in their thoughts.  I propose that in the New Age, it is time to bring back this level of integrity, at the very least.