Choosing Alignment With Your True Self

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One of the benefits I have personally experienced from being more aligned and connected with my True Self (I Am Presence) is that I receive guidance on a regular basis.  Often the guidance appears as a thought in my head not much different from any other thought.  How did I learn to tell them apart?  Practice and testing out what I hear.

Sometimes I notice a thought that clearly isn’t my own.  I may be speaking to someone and I hear myself saying something that I could not have possibly have known myself.  For example, I was talking with a chiropractic nutritionist about a probiotic (healthy microorganisms) I was taking that he had been using with his clients for some time.  I had just asked him a question and the answer just popped into my head.  The moment I heard the answer, I knew it was true.  Before he even responded, I spoke the answer allowed as a question to him.  He immediately agreed.

Now you could, perhaps, call this telepathy, but then that is also a characteristic of the I Am Presence.  Our True Self is a vast being of Light and Love who is completely connected to the Group Consciousness of Humanity and has access to all kinds of wisdom and information.  So, as long as the information is accurate and the wisdom is Divine, does it exactly matter what the source is?

One way to know if information is accurate is called “discernment.”  You use discernment when you test out information internally.  Does this information resonate with you as true?  Does it feel right in your gut?  In other words, does it energetically vibrate with your intuition? 

Keeping a journal of situations where you did this testing might be useful.  Over time, you would be able to identify that more and more often you were accurate when you tested out information with your intuition.

Another time, I had just renewed a prescription at the pharmacy and picked up the first installment.  As I walked away from the counter, I heard a thought in my head, “Check the prescription.  The refills are wrong.”  At one time I might have ignored such a thought as my small self being negative.  This time, I made a note to check the refills on the label.  Being very tired, I headed home.  Later in the day, I did check the label, and sure enough, the number of refills listed was incorrect. 

Listening to your inner guidance system can help you stay alive.  I’ve read stories of people who, for no logical reason, decided not to get on certain airplanes or ships and those vessels crashed or had other problems. 

We all have this connection to our True Self.  We cannot be alive without that energy because that is who we really are.  Our True Self uses many different ways to communicate with us. 

Emotion is one signal mechanism.  If we do something and then feel an unpleasant emotion around it, that’s a signal that our action took us off our path.  If we feel a pleasant emotion, that is a signal that our action is aligned with our path.

Intuition is another signal.  When we listen to our intuition, we are listening to our own True Self.  Our True Self wants the very best for us.  When we make a commitment to listen to our inner guidance, we are making a commitment to align with our Highest aspect.

Just like any other skill, we improve with practice.  The first step is to make the commitment to pay attention to how we are feeling, to listen to our intuition, to test out our decisions with our gut feelings, to check out information using discernment.

Are you ready to make such a commitment?  What are you waiting for?  Start now . . .  today . . . this very moment.  It will change your life for the better.  It will help you find and stay on your personal life path.

If you are already doing this, please share an experience or two where you have been accurate.  Focusing on success brings more success.


Dimensions, Frequencies, and Ascension

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Lots of times, when clients call about an animal that has passed on (i.e., died) they want to speak to the spirit and understand where the spirit is dwelling.    While the animal may be able to describe what the place they are in looks like, this doesn’t always help the person understand where the animal spirit is dwelling in relationship to where the client is dwelling.

When a spirit leaves a physical body, the spirit is no longer visible because human physical vision is limited to a very narrow band called the visible light band.  We can see a narrow range of colors, but once the frequency goes lower than infra-red or higher than ultra-violet, human eyes cannot receive the frequency.  This is because the electromagnetic spectrum is gigantic compared to the narrow band of “light” that we can see.  The human eye is practically blind, as it can only respond to a very tiny range of energy, approximately 0.005% of what is “out there.”

What might be all around us that we cannot see?

In one of the original Star Trek programs, the Enterprise visits a planet in response to a call for help, but no one seems to have survived.  The landing party can “see” no people.  Occasionally, they hear a buzzing, like an insect sound, but they see no one and no insects, either.

Once back on the starship, Capt. Kirk and company begin having some odd experiences.  Capt. Kirk disappears right before his crews’ eyes.  From Kirk’s perspective, his entire crew seems to go into slow motion movement, eventually moving so slowly that he cannot see them moving at all.  And as soon as Kirk is moving (vibrating) fast enough, he suddenly can see the aliens who have come onto the Enterprise from the planet below.

This story vividly demonstrates that there can be, and probably are, beings around us that vibrate at frequencies that we cannot detect.  Even our current technological instruments, just like those on the Enterprise, may not be able to detect them. 

Did you know that scientists now surmise that 95% of the matter and energy in our universe may be what they are calling “dark matter and dark energy”.  They are not detecting this matter/energy, but they believe that it exists because only its presence would explain other phenomenon that scientists are observing.  Scientists call it “dark” because it is outside the light spectrum that we currently can detect and therefore it is only “dark” because it is invisible to us and our instruments.  (“Dark” does not mean bad or evil in this instance – just invisible.)

So consider – when someone’s spirit leaves the physical realm, this is a frequency change.  It is not a change in physical space.  Of course, just as we can go places with our physical body, the spirit can go places without the physical body.  Many people have written about their “out of body” experiences, which take place at a frequency range very near our own.

Now, how does this all relate to Ascension?

In the past, beings who have been in the physical body and who were raising the vibrational frequency of their consciousness had to move out of the physical body because that vehical was not able to carry the higher frequency vibration.  Thus, in the past, we have been told that some great master or other died and ascended.

Today, the ascension process is about raising the vibrational frequency of Planet Earth and all her children, humanity included.  Our physical bodies are vibrating faster and faster as our consciousness is also accelerating.  As physical bodies and our consciousess accelerate, our memories, our mental and emotional patterns, and our habits of behavior that were appropriate at lower frequencies (or densities) no longer are comfortable for us.  They are too slow.  They rise to the surface of our consciousness just like fat rises to the surface of a pot of stew, having been cooked out of the meat.

This is one of the major reasons why so many people are having challenges today.  Old “issues” are in our faces because they no longer fit who we are becoming.  An excellent article on ascension symptoms is at and you can also search the internet and find many more. 

The important thing to remember about these symptoms is that, while they may appear at first to be symptoms of known medical problems, they are not the same thing at all.  When checked out by medical doctors, many people find that the doctors don’t have a clue as to what is going on or how to help them.  If you or a family member have this experience, it is a good time to remember that what may be going on is the mind and body letting go of old stuff.

Because these symptoms are caused by higher frequencies being integrated into the body, some form of alternative energy healing might be more helpful than allopathic medicine.  So after your doctor tells you that s/he has no idea how to treat you, I suggest you explore an alternative approach. 

According to the Kryon teachings, energy medicines are the medicines of our immediate future.  This aligns with the situation we are in now, where the biggest changes we are going through are really shifts in vibrational frequency at all levels of our being. 

You can ask to be guided to what you need to help you through this transition.  Or, perhaps, you are already awake enough to check in with your intuition (the messges from your own higher self) to seek out what you need to heal. 

I once made a list of all the alternative healing practitioners I knew and respected because I needed help with a particular problem.  I was going to use a pendulum to help me determine who to call, but before I could even work my way down the list, the name of the person I needed to see jumped right out at me.  My intuition was correct and I got the help I needed.

A Tribute to Ken Skelton: Intuition Beats Out Logic

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Professor Kenneth Skelton was in his early seventies in the late 1960’s when I was his student at SUNY New Paltz.  He was forced into retirement because of his age, but his mind was clear, quick, and razor sharp.  He was the best teacher I had while attending graduate school there.  I’ve always wanted to let him know this and to thank him.

Dear Professor Skelton,

I’ve owed you this letter for many, many years.  You have been a pivotal teacher in my life.  Perhaps you don’t remember me.  I did a private tutorial with you comparing the writings of Karl Marx and Alexis De Tocqueville.  We had some intense discussions about the strengths and weaknesses of dialetics vs. intuition.  I felt dialectics was a superior approach, but you firmly held that intuition is far more powerful than any form of logic.

My dear Profession, YOU WERE SO RIGHT!!!  And I have wanted to let you know for many a year that, although it took me a while to “see the Light,” I did finally learn the lesson you were trying to teach me.  How I wish I had learned it earlier.

Life experience finally brought me to this new understanding.  My father had trained me in Hegelian dialects and used his fine mind as a sword to defeat others in mental combat.  He gave me this training as a gift and prepared me to do the same as he did.  Fortunately, although it did not seem fortunate at the time, I kept having problems with life decisions based on logic.  Every time I made the “logical” choice for myself, it just didn’t go the way I intended.

It wasn’t until I took stock of this that I realized how logic was failing me.  I thought often about our conversations, and realized that, perhaps, as you had suggested, intuitive insight was the better way to make choices.

It turned out that, indeed, decisions I have made based on intuition CONSISTENTLY were successful at bringing me happiness, well-being, and joy in my life.

Thank you, again and again, for leading me towards embracing intuition.

Since our time together, I have learned that intuition is how our own higher spritual aspect communicates with us.   We are “on our path” when we follow what gives us joy and what intuitively seems “right” for us.

Finally, I can tell you I have learned the lesson you set for me.  I hope this brings you as much joy as it brings me.

Blessings to you in whatever realm you now reside.