That’s Just a Coincidence.

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When we think there’s no causal connection, it might just be that we are operating in 3-D, where the connection is beyond our current sensory system.

When we move into 5-D and open to the possibilities, the connection might be something we can feel or know or sense in some other way.

I’ve been noticing in my life that everything seems to fall into place even when I imagine it won’t or can’t or isn’t.



My new kitten, Melissa, is a case in point.  I knew I wanted a Thai kitten, but I didn’t anticipate the timing of her arrival.

I didn’t have any idea what she would look like or how she would behave.

I didn’t have a clue what her name was going to be.

I’ve told many people that I love feisty cats.

Then suddenly along came my kitten!  She arrived and everything was upended.

I couldn’t figure out what to call her, and then I discovered her name is Melissa.  My attention was drawn to a flower essence bottle that I had been given as a gift some years ago, but never used.

Odd that I had never tried to look it up before to find out the purpose of the essence.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

I looked up the flower name “Melissa” online and discovered that it’s a variety of lemon balm, which is a mint.

The flower is small, white, and attractive to bees.

“Melissa” also means “honey bee.”

Recently I’ve been reading a book called Jesus:  The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions by Tricia McCannon.  The author writes:

The Mystery traditions tell us that bees were originally brought to Earth from the planet Venus – a hermetic myth connecting them with the goddess of love.

Bees are also linked to the goddesses Isis, Demeter, and Aphrodite — all expressions of the Divine Mother who represent the potency of nature. [My emphasis.]

The priestesses in Aphrodite’s temple at Eryx were also called melissae, a term which can be translated as “bees” or as “one who serves the goddess.”

The goddess herself was called Melissa. [My emphasis.]

So the name Melissa means both “honey bee” and the Divine Mother or the queen of the heavens.

If you know anything about honey bees, you know that there is one queen for each hive and all the other bees serve her and the rest of the hive.

The queen bee’s job is to have babies and therefore she’s literally waited on hand and foot by other bees.  She is the most important bee in the hive.  Serving and protecting her is the number one priority.

Melissa, my feline companion, expects to be dominant in a very similar way.  She insists, very loudly, that whatever she wants must arrive immediately and that her needs and desires come first.  She expects to be the dominant cat even though all the others are older than she is.

While Melissa can be aggressive in her demands, she also has a sweet and loving side, which includes “love nips” in which she uses her teeth.  She cannot be persuaded not to kiss me in this way.  While I don’t think it’s wise to allow her to bite me, I haven’t figured out how to stop her from giving “love nips.”

Melissa is the most dominant cat I’ve ever met.  Maybe the sting goes along with the honey?  After all, roses do have thorns.

There ARE no coincidences.

There are definitely NO coincidences!