Hawk Messages

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When an Animal Appears,

Ask for the Message

Red Shouldered Hawk
Red Shouldered Hawk

Over the last 10 days, I’ve had a hawk come to my front lawn and land on the bird feeder pole that sits in the middle of a flower bed.  There’s no bird feeder there – just a set of chimes that rings with earth tones when the wind blows.

When an animal shows up in this way, there is always a message.  So every time I see the hawk, I ask, “What message have your brought me?”  And the hawk keeps asking, “Are you feeling the joy yet?” or “Are you being playful today?”

Considering that I’ve been going through enormous energetic reorganization of all my bodies since I started acupuncture treatments in late April and considering that they have frequently left me feeling like a limp rag, I haven’t exactly been filled with joy.  So having the reminder is a blessing.

Remembering to find the joy within us is essential because we are in charge of whatever we choose to feel.  I never used to believe this, but I’ve been coming around to the notion that we are truly in charge of what we feel.

This understanding finally dawned on me recently.  If I allow myself to become angry because of something someone else does, then I’m giving my power away to the other person.  This doesn’t mean that I have to accept mistreatment or abuse.  But it does mean that I’m in charge of how I react when someone else behaves disrespectfully or is doing an “anger dump” in my direction.

Instead of becoming angry, I have a choice.  I can step back from the situation and allow myself to be in a peaceful place observing what the other person is doing, feeling, and saying. With practice, I can learn to do this while the other person is still ranting and raving in my presence.

I can also choose not to participate in the conversation or situation.  I can keep love flowing through my heart.  I can set a clear and firm boundary with the other person, offering to speak with them another time when they are feeling better.

I don’t have to take on their upset or accept their disrespect.

If I do feel anger, I need to ask myself, “What button has been pushed inside me?”  When I ask that question, I’m taking responsibility for my own feelings.  This opens me to receive the information I’m asking for.  Sure enough, there is always something deep inside that is being replayed, like a old recording of a past hurt.

When I’ve identified what’s being triggered, I have options.  I can ignore it, or I can heal it.  When I heal it, I disconnect the button that was pushed so that I never have deal with it again.  Of course, there may be residue that calls my attention to this one or two more times, but after I clean up the residue, I’m free of it.

Talk about being in JOY!!

So the energies right now are bringing us opportunities to dig even deeper.  What?  You thought you had already reached the bottom of the barrel of old emotional debris?  Hmmm.  Maybe there are hidden compartments yet to be discovered, explored, and cleansed?

The Truth About Receiving in My Life

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How Can I Open to Receive?


Last summer was a time of exploration for myself, a time of discovery.

I discovered that I was working very hard and enjoying it, but I was also exhausted and felt as though I could not keep up the pace.

I discovered that the exhaustion was from giving away too much of myself and receiving too little back.  The giving and receiving in my life was way out of balance.  It still feels out of balance to me.

I discovered that, central to my financial situation, was a set of beliefs that keep me from being open to receive the abundance that I keep asking the universe to send  me.

I discovered that I am giving away far too much for free.  I seem to have created a situation where many people, reflecting the pattern back to me, expect me to give more and more away in exchange for nothing at all.

I discovered that having an open heart is not enough because the moment someone gives me a gift – any gift – I feel compelled to give them something back in return.  Sometimes I completely  resist receiving what they have generously offered.  I try to talk them out of it and I’m good at this, so I usually succeed.  I can recall past situations in which I completely rejected their gifts, thus offending people whom I care deeply about and leaving them feeling rejected as well.

I discovered that I don’t know how to get out of this pattern.

I discovered that trying to create a new balance is essential to my experiencing HEALTH, JOY, and ABUNDANCE.

It is now 5 months later, and this issue is still looming large in my life.

I AM ASKING FOR HELP  from my I Am Presence and the rest of the “upstairs department,” although I fervently hope that I will not immediately reject help when it arrives, which is part of the same pattern.

I FORGIVE MYSELF for having this pattern and am saying the forgiveness prayer that I teach to others.

Last summer I thought that a professional colleague of mine had the answers to this, but it turned out that her approach felt plastic to me  – hard and artificial.  It sent me down a detour that I hoped would clear this issue, but which did not.  Her approach was not a heart-felt system, and that is essential for my spiritual goals to be achieved.

So I may not be back to “square 1” because I understand more now, but understanding is not sufficient to break through a block like this.  This is a very, very large old block.  It feels like a mountain.

I am open to receiving prayers for my success in taking back my personal power in this situation.   Thank you in advance for any prayers you may choose to send.



I’m “Busting Loose From the Money Game”

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If you haven’t read this book yet and you are interested in spiritual growth, taking back your power, and developing a new relationship with money, run – don’t walk – to Amazon.com and check it out. 

I’m following the rules of how to break loose. 

  • I’m APPRECIATING myself and everything happening to me today, including a $350 bill to replace the alternator in my car. 
  • I’m EXPANDING myself so that I remember that all experiences I have were created by me and contain my power. 
  • I’m filling myself with JOY by being as playful as I can in all that I do – like actually WALKING back from the auto service place where I left my car this morning.

By the way, on my way home, I found a fantastic empty plastic bucket – the best kind I know of – that will replace some old broken ones I use in gardening, and a completely perfect steak knife someone had thrown onto the road.  The Universe is supporting me with these little gifts.  Really interesting – a neighbor was passing as I walked and stopped to offer me a ride, but her dog refused to let me in the car.  “Hank” kept growling, protecting his person, and clearly telling me that I was NOT to open the car door.  Walking is good for me.  It really isn’t more than 1.5 miles and it’s a gorgeous day here in New England today – a perfect day for a little outdoor exercise.  If I hadn’t walked, I wouldn’t have received the gifts.

So I’m TRUSTING and I’m BUSTING loose.  While it may be a bit scary at times, I am so energized.  Even finding a new blog site is part of the gift I am giving MYSELF for breaking out of the game.



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Excuses Begone!

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Dr. Wayne DyerIf you are a fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer, you will definitely want to read his new book and watch the PBS special this summer where Dr. Dyer explains his approach to overcoming the excuses we give ourselves for not living in Joy – for not doing all the things we really want to do – and for staying in old, unproductive, unsatisfying patterns of thinking, feeling,  and behaving.

Isn’t it time for you to make some important changes in your life?  As I said in my previous blog, the energies are supporting you to do it now. 

Message from Wayne Dyer

Excuses Begone! was created out of a belief that entrenched ways of thinking and acting can indeed be eradicated. Furthermore, the most effective means for eliminating habitual thoughts is to go to work on the very system that created, and continues to support, these thinking habits. This system is made up of a long list of explanations and defenses that can be summed up in one word: excuses. Hence, the title of this book is really a statement to yourself, as well as to that system of explanations you’ve created. It is my intention that all excuses be . . . gone!

Excuses Begone! was influenced by my work with the Tao Te Ching. Since the Tao Te Ching taught me what kind of thinking harmonized with my higher self, I asked Lao-tzu for advice on how to change long-established habits of thought. I realized that knowing what to think does not necessarily clarify how to go about changing a lifetime of habitual thinking. Thus, I’ve drawn on Lao-tzu’s wisdom by contemplating his teachings and asking for his guidance on what it takes to bring about a change in the long-held habits of thought that manifest as excuses. Through a process of writing that felt as though I were being directed by a force larger than myself, the Excuses Begone! paradigm evolved.

I’ve taken many people through the seven questions that constitute this exciting new paradigm, and I’ve seen powerful changes take place. By examining the support system that individuals have erected since early childhood, and putting these timeworn thoughts through the seven steps in this paradigm, I find that excuses begin to fade away. They become replaced with thoughts that speak fervently, almost shouting, Yes, you can change any excuse pattern, no matter how long or pervasive the conditioning process has been!

If you’re truly serious about changing any long-established habits of thought that have led you to use excuses as your rationale for staying the same, then I encourage you to follow the practices presented in Excuses Begone!

I have created my ninth Public Television special around the topic of my new book, Excuses Begone!, which will begin airing around the country on June 1. I’m so honored to be associated with Public Television-this year will mark my tenth Anniversary doing public broadcasting programs. We have raised more than $100 million for a great, great cause over these ten years. Through these shows, we’ve helped people to live from a place of integrity, higher consciousness, and spirit. I hope you will enjoy the new show, Excuses Begone!

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


In celebration of the release of Excuses Begone!, Hay House and our sponsors are offering a variety of gifts and prizes, including a chance to WIN A TRIP TO MAUI for Dr. Dyer’s weekend intensive! Additional Details » http://promos.hayhouse.com/dyer/052609email/

Finding Joy

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I am taking daily lessons from my I AM Presence, and today’s seems appropriate to share.




“You are entitled to all the Joy you can experience.  Joy comes from within.  It is beyond laughter, beyond even wisdom.  Joy is upliftment – vibrating in alignment with God/Goddess/I AM/All That Is.  The Universe is a playground.  Revel in the Joy of it.


“Joy is available to you when you put aside the things of the external world and focus on the inner world.  Close your eyes for a moment and I will guide you to the JOY CENTER within you.”


We went down a corridor and into a space of bubbles floating, sounds of a brook gurgling, a feeling of effervescence.  I could feel the joy inside me, but had no idea “where” I was.  Was told not to ask, just to be in the feeling.  A smile came to my face.  Was told that the images in my mind are limited imaginings and not true perceptions of the experience – attempts by my mind to create an image of Joy based on my 3rd dimensional experience, but very far from ture Joy and therefore, to be ignored.  I opened my eyes still feeling joyful.


SURRENDER:  the external world as reality.   It is just a reflection of the internal world.


ACCEPT:  the inner world as reality.


TODAY’S ACTION:  Chant and sing.


TRANSMUTE A LIMITING BELIEF:  Surrender that life is a struggle  Instead, see JOY everywhere . . . and so it is!!



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