What Stage of Growth Are You In?

April 25, 2012 by  
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Grandmother of Pipes

Great Grandfather Sycamore - A Wise and Ancient Tree

My favorite tarot deck is called The Healing Earth Tarot, created by Joyti.

This morning I pulled a card asking what this time is about for me.  The card is called Grandmother of Pipes.

Grandmother of Pipes is a nature spirit of the woodlands.  Her skin looks like the bark of a tree; her hair is green and full of leaves; she has a knarled appearance and her nose looks like a spot on a tree where a branch used to grow.   She sits resting in the arms of a tree, and speaks the wisdom of the wise and old tree spirits.  She holds a wooden musical pipe from which energy and music flow.  Her message?

“Think of yourself as a plant.  Are you a seed? Have you started growing roots yet?  A stem?  Have you pushed out into the Light yet?  Are you about to grow leaves?  Perhaps you are already budding?  Are your flowers about to open?”

When I spoke directly to the Grandmother, she told me that I’m about to flower, and so is my service to humanity and the Earth.  This was comforting news.

She asked me these questions:

  • Am I focused on nurturing myself or am I allowing myself to be distracted by the outer world?
  • What am I doing to protect myself?
  • What am I doing to assist myself as I enter this stage?

These were questions I had not considered.

So I make these suggestion to you.  Ask yourself, as if you were a plant:

  • What stage of growth are you in?
  • What would be most supportive and nurturing for you at this time?
  • What do you need to do to protect yourself as you enter and move through this new stage?

Gratitude and appreciation to you, Grandmother of Pipes, and also to Joyti for creating this powerful and healing tarot system.