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This message was given to Karen Nowak by a cat who was euthanized.  The message was addressed to the veterinarian who performed the euthanasia.  Karen is a good friend and colleague of mine who has been asked on a number of occasions to speak with an animal as they are receiving euthanasia.  Here is what the cat had to say to the veterinarian.


This is a very emotional subject for many of us. Our society has collectively had a fear of death. For many emotional reasons that are deeply personal to each one of us, I would like to share with you information that was given to me by a patient of a veterinarian friend when he was feeling his own pain experiencing what he repeatedly takes part in, [helping an animal to leave]. 

Death and Dying, What I would like my Veterinarian to know.

“I am a spiritual being, just as you are.
 I know about life, and its many turns.
 I know this body won’t last forever, I accept that.
 I know when I am brought to see you, I am often struggling with my body and its changes.
 I experience the struggle of the body, not of the spirit.
 I feel your compassion.
 I know you care, or you wouldn’t do what you do.
 I know you are human.
 I know you hurt.
 I know you feel helpless when you can’t save me.
 I know healing means many things, that it can also mean leaving the body.
 I feel relief when you help to release me. I am grateful.
 I know the future holds much.
 I know humans feel the pain of separation. I will miss our time together too.
 I know the future holds more love, in whatever form it comes.
 I know goodbyes aren’t easy.
 I know humans are forever in my heart and a part of me..
 I know that being in spirit is full of joy and love.
 I know that whatever I went through it is but a moment in time.
 I know if I could tell you one thing and you would feel it, my spirit doesn’t die, only my body.
 I am not alone.”

“I know that releasing me from my body was a gift.  I would like to give you a gift as well.  If you choose to hold pain in your heart, do not do it over me.  I am free now.  Free of a body that no longer serves me.  My spirit is still strong.  I send you gratitude from the other side.  Some day you too will remember where I go when I die, and you will know, it is heaven.”


Our view of death is changing.  It is still painful to say good bye.  In the work that I do I have worked extensively with animals who are dying.  Many hold no fear.  Those that do generally are feeling and reflecting the fear coming from their human companions.  I have found repeatedly and often a sense of relief when the subject is out in the open between human and animal.  They know our tears are because it hurts how we will miss them.

Karen Nowak

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