A Tarot Shamanic Journey

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Grandfather of Feathers

Third Eye Chakra for psychic vision..

Messenger from my Third Eye.

I asked for help from the Tarot deck to understand why I have so much difficulty keeping my lungs clear and dry.  Then I pulled a card.

In the Healing Earth Tarot, the suit called Feathers speaks from the 3rd eye chakra in the middle of our foreheads.  This chakra is associated with psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance or “clear seeing.”

Grandfather of Feathers is a Native American elder and a shamanic healer.  His animal guide is an owl, and that really called to me when I drew this card because many years ago I discovered that I have owl as one of my animal guides.  Owls can “see in the dark” and people with owl energy often see things that other people don’t notice.  That description resonates for me because I’ve always been aware of things that others denied.

Horned Owl

Horned Owl

Grandfather of Feathers is a shamanic healer, and since my spiritual path is to heal myself on all levels as part of my spiritual ascension, I was drawn to connect strongly with the energy of this image.

So after reading the description of the card, I closed my eyes to do my regular meditation practice, which comes from Siddha Yoga.  But before I could even begin, I saw Grandfather of Feathers standing before me.  He told me his name is “Two Feathers” and he’d come to take me on a journey.

I’ve never done a shamanic journey on my own and have never studied shamanism.  So I was astounded when Grandfather’s owl invited us both to sit on his back for the journey.  The owl was huge and Grandfather and I were tiny by comparison.  To my continued surprise, it was felt quite comfortable and safe to ride the owl.  It also felt very, very real!


We traveled through a long corridor like a worm hole similar to the ones on Dr. Who, only it was brown with just barely any light.  The owl soon emerged with us into a sun-lit open outdoors area and  landed in a tree.  All 3 of us sat together on a branch to watch the scene below.

A little Native American girl about age 10 was sitting in the grass admiring some wild flowers.  She was totally connected with them and had no sense of separation.  Then a boy who was older came up to her and, seeing her love of the flowers, picked one to give to her.  With his hand outstretched, holding the flower towards her, he was insulted by her reaction.  “Why did you kill the flower,” the girl cried, and ran away.

The scene shifted to a teepee in which the girl father tells her that the chief’s son, the boy in the earlier scene, wants to marry her.  The girl shakes her head, “No.  I want to be a healer.  I want to study with the Shaman and healer of women.”  Her father is furious.  He’s more interested in political connections and how her marriage will honor the family than he is in his daughter’s happiness or in honoring her life path.

The girl runs away from home, finds a healer to be her teacher, and becomes an apprentice, leaving her father angry and frustrated.

Two Feather and I ride the owl again, back through the time tunnel.   We arrive in my current lifetime during my late teens.  I have a clear memory of the incident I was shown, but I’ve never been able to remember words my father spoke to me.  I just know that after that incident I completely rejected the idea of marriage for me in this lifetime.  My father had placed an energy block in my body that precluded me being distracted by romantic affairs, sexual adventures, and marriage as a lifestyle.

So in this life, my father honored my request and helped me to become a facilitator of healing.  In this life time, I had chosen to be on my own, and my father assisted me to fulfill my choice.


Rock of Gibraltar
Rock of Gibraltar

Two Feathers then said to me, “You have a block in your second chakra keeping your Kundalini (Life Force) energy from rising to your lung area to keep the lungs dry enough.”

Two Feathers guided me to my second chakra where I could see a block that looked like a gigantic stone.  It was as if I was standing at the foot of the Rock of Gibraltar.  I wondered to myself how I could possibly remove this block that towered over me.

Two Feathers handed me a large, old-fashioned key that one might use to open a big, heavy door.  I could see a large keyhole far above me,  but I didn’t think I could reach it.

“You will reach it if you decide to open the block,” the Shaman told me.

I made my decision and reached up towards the keyhole with the key .  The keyhole moved downwards towards my hand.  I put in the key, turned it, and the rock moved, opening like a doorway.

We stepped through the opening into my second charka area.  The second chakra is connected to the emotional body.  It is related to the water element because emotions need to flow like water.

There before me was a gigantic lake.

Two Feathers continued, “The lake of water is too large.  Your Kundlini will now be able to reduce the size of the lake using the Fire of your first ckahra.”

Immediately, an enormous dragon flew into around the lake while teams of healers rapidly create enormous piles of wood and debris that needs to be purified by the fire.  The dragon sets these all aflame and they burn brightly.

Two Feathers gives me these instructions:  “Meditate every day using your mantra.  Your mantra will feed the dragon/snake (Kundlini) energy so it can continue it’s journey up your central channel, and so that it will behave plenty of fire energy to keep the flames going in your second chakra.”

And then I was back in my house.


I’ve been checking in on my second chakra from time to time over the last few days, and the fires are still going.   There’s also a huge amount of steam coming off the lake, and much dark smoke because the steam is wetting the wood and debris that needs to burn.

As I meditate each day using my mantra, Om Namah Shivah (which means, “I offer respect to my Higher Self”), I sense the dragon/cobra called Kundalini Shakti feeding on it.  Today, for the first time ever, I experienced the Kundalini reach my throat and mouth area.  These are all signs of a successful healing with Two Feathers.

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What Is a Guru?

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All Guru’s are masters.

Not all Masters are Guru’s.

The Sanskrit word Guru is made up of two syllables, gu and ru.

Gu means darkness, ignorance.

Ru means light, knowledge, wisdom.

A Guru is someone who guides others from

the darkness of spiritual ignorance to

the light of spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

A Guru is a Master whose service on Earth is to

hold the Light for Humanity

and show A Way Home.


Since the 1970’s, when many spiritual masters started arriving in the US from India, the term guru has been used in many different ways and situations that are not focused on the spiritual path.  But the original meaning is unchanged.  And since our discussion here is about spirituality and the spiritual path, the remainder of this discussion is focused entirely on the spiritual guru or teacher who leads us back Home to our original Divine Self.

Even in India, there are many false gurus, and a few true gurus.

A false guru says, “Follow me.  I’ll show you Truth.  I’ll tell you all about it.  Rely on me.  You have questions?  I have answers.

A True Guru says, “Go inside.  The Truth is within YOU.  I’ll point you in the direction of the Truth, but you must learn to rely on your own inner Divinity, for that’s the ultimate true Guru.

You see, false gurus have a lot of that Ego we spoke about last time in What Is a Spiritual Master?.  False gurus may carry a lot of Light and have a lot of knowledge and wisdom, but they also have some remaining Ego.  They haven’t fully healed and integrated their Ego aspect.


They may tell you they’re the only ones with true knowledge, and that they have the only true path.  That is their Ego speaking.

They may tell you to behave one way and then they themselves behave differently, the old “do what I say, not what I do.”  That, too,  is because of their Ego.

These things may be very subtle, so you need to develope DISCERNMENT [1].



Send you, the Seeker, within, within, within to discover your own Divinity, your I Am Presence.

Encourage you, the Seeker, to align with your I Am Presence AND to live from there!!

May look strange and may behave in very odd ways.

When you come into their presence, you may sense the Light they carry, for they radiate it even without speaking a single word.

True Gurus often don’t follow society’s rules, so the “powers that be” are often very frightened of them.  You see, when people begin to turn within and to focus on their spiritual path and on their own spirituality , those who think they are “in charge” of life in 3D (the 3rd dimension) become afraid.  Their Egos feel as tho’ they’re losing control.  Their Egos get very upset.

This is why so many Great Beings have been tortured and killed over the millennia.  And still the Great Beings come to HOLD THE LIGHT for the rest of us.

These are very brave Souls, indeed, who incarnate for the specific purpose of holding the Light, grounding the Light, and offering to Light a way Home to Spiritual Source for Seekers.  Some of them you would never suspect as being gurus or masters.  They remain quiet and just live their Truth.  Others have agreed to take more active roles in shining the Light of Source in the world, acting as beacons for those who are Seeking.

Many have come again and again, in different cultures and ages, to hold the energy for the time when humanity, as a whole, would be offered an opportunity to return to full God Consciousness.



Today, we are living in a period when the whole Earth is Ascending spiritually.  Each human who chooses Ascension will have their kundalini awakened as they assimilate and integrate the Ascension energies.  Each human gets to choose, “Will I head for Home now?  Or do I want to continue playing in 3-D for additional lifetimes.”

More next time about kundalini and kundalini awakening.


* * * * *

[1] Discernment – Your own internal Truth-testing system that enables a Seeker/Master to create and maintain alignment their their Divine Self.  You can think about this as having good “antennas” for determining what is Truth and what is not Truth.  It is also a requirement for Mastery, because your Divine Self is YOU!!


TWA_OPG – July Practice Animal

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 Cobalt is a Vietnamese Blue Beauty native to the Vietnam-Thailand-Burma areas of Southeast Asia.  When I interviewed him on May 14, 2010, he was living with Francis, who had raised him from 6 weeks of age. 

Shortly after the interview, Cobalt moved to a new home with another man and his family.  I have wanted to contact that person, but have not been able to do so at the time I am writing this. 

Even though I may or may not be able to get current information about Cobalt’s new home, I had such a powerful experience speaking with him that I decided to keep him in the TWA_OPG program anyway.  When you speak with him and ask about his life purpose and personal goals, you will understand more about why I wanted you all to meet him.


Questions to ask Cobalt:

As you are working with Cobalt, describe how his energy feels to you.  Consider the ways his energy is similar or different from the energy of other types of animals, and the ways it is similar or different from the energy of other snakes you might have spoken with in the past.

  1. What was it like for you when you first came to live with Francis?
  2. How do you feel about being picked up and handled by humans? 
    1. Has this always been the way you felt about it, or have your feelings changed over time?
  3. How did Francis teach you to accept human contact?
  4. Which do you like more, being held by a human or being able to explore?  Please describe how each one feels to you so I understand your perspective.
  5. How does it feel to you when you sense that a human is afraid of your or of snakes in general? 
    1. How do you handle yourself in that situation? 
    2. What would you like to tell humans who might be afraid of you?
  6. What do you like to eat? 
    1. How much do you eat at one meal? 
    2. How long does it take you to digest a meal? 
    3. What do you do while you are digesting?
    4. Describe how you drink water.
  7. What are your feelings about Francis?
    1. About the world around you?
    2. About your aquarium/terrarium?
  8. I know that snakes shed their skin.  What is that process like for you?
  9. What is your vision like?
    1. Do you see in color?
    2. Do you see auras or other energies?  If yes, what do they look like?
    3. With eyes so far apart, how do you combine the information that each eye perceives in the physical world?
    4. May I look out through your eyes so I can experience this?
  10. What’s it like to smell with your tongue?
  11. Would you like some other animals around to talk with?
  12. What is your life purpose?
  13. Did you ever wish you were born in the wild?  Why or why not?
  14. What is the role of snakes on planet Earth?
  15. In what ways are snakes important to Earth and to humans?
  16. What can people learn from snakes?
  17. How can I improve my communication with you and other animals?
  18. Is there anything else you’d like to tell me?

Kundalini Awakening

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The Inner Fire


The Dream

I was asleep and dreaming.  I had asked for guidance when I lay down, something to help me understand the exhaustion I was feeling that resembled mononucleosis – where even chewing food took too much effort.  I wanted to understand and I wanted an answer.  What was wrong with me?

In the dream, I walked into a very strange store, with long, rectangular tables all around me, and on every table, from edge to edge with no empty spaces, were bottles of nail polish.  Standing behind one table was a very large woman wearing a muumuu, a loose-fitting outfit worn in Hawaii, and on it were enormous pure red flowers.  The background color was a lighter version of the same red.  The woman looked at me and immediately said, “You need Kundalini Red.”  Then she began searching through all the thousands of bottles on the table.

I woke up.  What did this mean?  I never wore nail polish.  Who was the woman?  I had never been to Hawaii.  I had heard the term “Kundalini” before, but I didn’t remember what it meant. 

Absurdly, I visited several stores that sold good quality nail polish, but none had a color called “Kundalini Red.”  The color was emblazoned in my mind.  It was a pure red, totally balanced between yellow and blue.  No one had this exact color.

Thus began my search to discover the meaning of my dream.

A few months later, I visit an ashram in South Fallsberg, New York, and met an Indian Meditation Master called Gurumayi.  She was dressed in red – Kundalini Red??? – and I received Shakipat initiation that very first day.

Kundalini – the energy coiled at the base of the spine right where the Root Chakra is located. 

Shakipat Initiation – the awakening of the Kundalini Energy by a Divine Being inhabiting a physical body – a Guru or advanced spiritual master.



Each person’s experience of Kundalini awakening is unique.  For me, it was an odd combination of sensations and feelings:

  • I felt sparks going off just above my head in my Crown Chakra.
  • I was struck “dumb” – I found it difficult to speak about anything, as if words no longer existed.  My mind had been stopped, at least temporarily (for about 3 days, actually), although I couldn’t have described this to anyone at the time.
  • Inside me, a ball of “impurities” or “dross” coalesced, about the size of a baseball.  I don’t know where it was in my body, but I could sense it’s presence.  Over the next few years, it kept shrinking until finally it disappeared completely.
  • All I wanted to do was sit in meditation.  Fortunately, I already had learned to meditate.  Doing anything else, like going to work, was very hard for the first few weeks.

As I said, each person’s experience of Kundalini awakening is totally unique.  Some people describe feeling blissful, but that wasn’t my experience.

Kundalini and the Kundalini awakening process is described in thousands of writings in the Hindu tradition.  There is very little information in the Western traditions about this.  However, all humans have the Kundalini energy in their 4-body system.

cobraThe sleeping Kundalini is curled up at the base of the spine in the area of the Root Chakra.  It is asleep because if it were awakened, we could not live the dream of 3rd dimensional reality.  We would KNOW we are Divine Beings and we would not be able to pretend otherwise successfully.

The awakening of Kundalini is a very important part of the process of Awakening your Spiritual Consciousness to the Knowledge that you are Divine.  Therefore, it is happening to everyone who is awakening now on Planet Earth. 



Kundalini is the Divine expression of  the “fire” element in the human body.  When it awakens, it uncurls, and in snakelike movements, it begins its journey up the central spiritual channel of the body (the sushumna) that surrounds the spine.

kundalini fireThis journey takes time because the sushumna is often clogged with stagnant, lower vibrational energy patterns, including past life issues, limiting beliefs, denser emotions, and habits of all kinds.  A cleared sushumna is as wide as your head and goes from the Crown Chakra all the way down to the bottom of your spine.

The first thing the Kundalini does is start to cleanse these stagnant energies in the fire of purification.    Since the Kundalini moves in a snake-like motion, it weaves up and back, higher and lower, in a process that can take years or even lifetimes.   As the Kundalini does it work, we often experience all kinds of symptoms (physcial, emotional, mental, and spiritual), many of which seem like “illnesses” or “dis-ease” and which cannot be diagnosed or treated by western medicine.

If you are experiencing symptoms that the allopathic medical community cannot diagnose, one possibility is that your Kundalini is awakening.  As I am not an expert in Kundalini awakening, I cannot tell you what to do or how to handle this, or even where to find someone who has answers to those kinds of questions.  My recommendation would be to ask your True Self for guidance in this matter.


The Heart Chakra

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The heart chakra is located in the middle of the chest.  It is the center of Divine Love in our 4-body system (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, as they are called.)  The Heart Center is our place of healing.  WIthin it dwells our highest aspect that came into our physical form at the moment of birth.  This aspect has been called many things in different cultures, but I will call it the Divine Spark.

The transformative energy center.

The transformative energy center.

The Divine Spark resides inside a multidimensional MERKABA within the Heart Center.  When seen with the inner eye, the Divine Spark is a pure flame of white light.  It is our individual soul extension and is continuously connected to higher aspects of our Self that live outside the physical form. 

When drawn two-dimensionally, the Divine Spark is shown to exist within a 6-pointed star.  While some call this the Star of David, it is actually a two-dimensional representation of a MERKABA VEHICLE.  (There is also a MERKABA surrounding our auric fields, but that is another discussion.) 

The merkaba or star-tetrahedron.

The merkaba or star-tetrahedron.

The MERKABA is a sacred geometric form that begins to spin when we reach a certain point in our awakening process.  When it is spinning, is increases our personal power in many ways.

There are many other powerful tools of transformation in the heart.  These may be called the Heart emotions, but they vibrate at much higher frequencies than the emotions of the first 3 chakras.  The tools of the heart include:  Love without conditions, Hope, Compassion, Empathy, Forgiveness, Non-Judgment, Generosity, Joy, Peace, Gratitude, Enthusiasm, Detachment, and Communion with Oneness. 

In the Hindu tradition, the Heart Center is drawn with 12 petals of a lotus flower.  Each petal represents a smaller vortex spinning inside the larger vortex of the chakra. 

According to the ancient yogis, when the kundalini, (the divine energy which rests at the base of the spine until we receive spiritual awakening) rises to the heart chakra, we are able to transform our lower vibrational energies into higher frequencies.  The direct result of this transformation is to free ourselves from limitating emotions, limiting beliefs, and limiting thought patterns.  We become expansive, filled with creativity, love, light, and joy.

The Ascension process taking place on the Earth today is, in fact, awakening humanity by literally causing all of our cells, our DNA, and our 4-body system even to the atomic level, to vibrate faster.  This causes denser, lower frequency patterns to be brought to the surface of our awareness.  Things in our lives that made us uncomfortable can no longer be ignored because they are “in our faces.”  We may experience all kinds of symptoms at all levels, and Western medicine is not able to help us.  If we resist looking at and working through the patterns that are now intesified by the energies, we cause ourselves more pain and some even are choosing to leave the Earth plane rather than do the work to transform these energies.

The place to work consciously on whatever is arising for you is in the Heart Center.  There is not only the Divine Toolbox there, but also the Divine Self, who is ready to love, support, and encourage you, as well as to directly provide healing for this process.

Go into your Heart Center today and ask for assistance.  You will never be denied.