Doubting Your Own Animal Communication

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Can Doubts Be Eliminated?


As a teacher of Animal Communication, I am often asked, “When do you stop doubting?”  The answer, of course, is “never” – that is, unless you have so much ego that you decide one day that you cannot make any mistakes.  I certainly do not recommend anyone becoming so full of pride that there is no room for the possibility of error in how they see themselves or in how they do psychic work.

Telepathy is a psychic ability and there is never “perfection.”  There is always some possibility for error.  Consider that, while we are in physical bodies,

  • We have “forgotten” a vast storehouse of knowledge that is available to us on in the spiritual realms, but that is mostly unavailable to us while in physical.
  • We are experiencing the world we “live” in as reality, but it is actually an illusion that mirrors our own inner world of limiting beliefs and emotions.
  • We each see the world through a “pinhole” opening through the “frabric” of the “veils of illusion” – a very small view of the vastness of the universe.
  • We are limited by our current life experiences, the language(s) we speak, the vocabulary we know, the vibrational frequencies that we have integrated, and much more.
  • Communication can be in metaphor, which is even MORE open to interpretation.

The bottom line is that we are not completely “clear channels” of information, Light, Love, or anything else.  And to communicate what we receive telepathically (or through other psychic means), we must “translate” or describe the experience in language that someone else then understands based on his or her limited viewpoint.

It makes me wonder, sometimes, whether communication is EVER possible at all.  No wonder there are so many misunderstandings between beings in 3-D.


And so the point is?

I am writing about the subject of accuracy in Animal Communication because of a conversation I had recently with a client, Faun Fenderson.  Faun has graciously agreed to share this experience, and we both hope it will help others understand how difficult it can be to really “know” what is going on in any situation. 

Faun called me with some concern about one of the felines who is part of her large cat family that live inside and outside her home in New Orleans.  The family has grown and changed quite a bit since Hurricane Katrina, due to the increase in the number of “strays” since that time.  

Blackie, one of the cats living in the yard, had disappeared for just over 24 hours.  Due to his  progressive loss of vision and because Faun, herself, had spoken with him telepathically* and felt he was quite depressed about losing his sight, Faun wanted me to check in with him.  Some of her other cat family members had also expressed concern to her about Blackie.  (*Faun is a 2009 graduate of the TWA Animal Communication Coaching Program and is quite skilled at speaking telepathically with animals herself.)

During the first session, I spoke with a few of Faun’s other cats who are “in charge” at her house.  I also spoke with Freddie (former feline family member of Faun’s, now in spirit) who is often around to help out.  I also spoke with Echo, my former equine companion, also in spirit.  In the past, I have found Echo’s information to be highly accurate, but anyone can make a mistake or certainly, I can!

By the time the session ended, I was certain that Blackie was in the process of leaving the Earth plane, i.e., dying.  I came to this conclusion without actually checking into the state of his physical body (if my memory serves me – or possibly I couldn’t find a physical body – which has also been known to happen).  I also had asked for help, insight, and information from my guides and my “I Am Presence” (my highest spiritual aspect). 

The last thing I said to Faun was, “Of course, I can be wrong.  He might just show up at your door, and if he does, please let me know.  But I will be very surprised if that’s what happens.”


Surprise!  Surprise!

Because we did not record the sessions, and because when I work with clients it is difficult for me to take many notes, I did not have much written down when Faun and I finished our initial conversation.   Still, I had a strong feeling of certainty that Blackie would not be back – at least not in the body he had recently been using.

When the phone rang later that day, it was Faun.   Blackie was in her yard.  My mouth dropped open.  I was blown away. 

My “feeling” that Blackie would not return was SO STRONG that I had allowed myself to be CERTAIN that he had transitioned.  I had even felt grief, as I’ve been speaking with Faun and Blackie for a few years now.

Faun asked me to do a follow-up session the next day.  Thanks to Faun’s copious notes from our first conversation, she was able to tell me “word for word” what I had said to her over the phone in the previous conversation.  The words I had used never actually said “Blackie is dying” or “Blackie’s spirit is definitely detached from his physical form.”   Everything I had said, according to Faun’s notes, left open the possibility of his return.

Isn’t it amazing how we fill in the spaces of information to create something? 

Isn’t it amazing how we can convince ourselves that something is “so”?

In my next blog entry I will share with you Faun’s experience of the Blackie story.   I have left many of the details to her, since she’s the one with the detailed notes.

Meanwhile, I, the professional with 16 years professional experience and a lifetime of communicating telepathically, am still amazed by what can happen when using psychic gifts to communicate telepathically. 

It’s not predictable.  It’s not measurable.  It may or may not be varing degrees of accurate. 

It’s also thrilling and challenging.

I’m just grateful that I am still open to being in error, to making mistakes, and to learning from them. 


The Seat of the Soul

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by Gary Zukov


The Seat of the Soul

While working on some newsletters today, I was drawn to reopen a book I read many years ago.  The Seat of the Soul is Gary Zukov’s divinely inspired contribution to understanding what is happening to humanity right now.

First published in the late 1980’s, The Seat of the Soul still provides insight into the evolutionary process that we humans are undergoing as, like the catapiller who becomes a butterfuly, we morph from homo sapiens to homo luminous. 

His words are still filled with Divine wisdom and insight.  His style is still easy to understand, and his message is still on target.  Here are a few of the powerful statements that resonate for me.

…a truly evolved being is one that values others more than it values itself, and that values love more than it values the physical world and what is in it. (p. 21)

…Our species has become arrogant….  We believe that we are conscious and that the Universe is not….  (p. 50)

Reverence is contact with the essence of each thing and person and plant and bird and animal.  It is contact with the interior of its beingness….  Reverence is an attitude of honoring life….  Only when we see through eyes that lack reverence, for example, does the feeding of one animal upon another appear to be a cruel system instead of one where species learn to give to each other, where there is a natural give and take and sharing of the energies between kingdoms.  (p. 50, 52)

The part of yourself that reaches toward Light may not be the strongest part of you at the moment that you choose to journey toward authentic power consciously . . . but it is the part that the Universe backs. (p. 142)

It is the health of the soul that is the true purpose of the human experience.  Everything serves that.  (p. 189)


If any of these thoughts resonate for you, I urge you to read his book for yourself.  As I remember, I would get into bed each evening and read a few pages and contemplate the messages.  That is the best way to read a book of this magnitude.

As you consider the Light (information) presented in The Seat of the Soul, ask your own Divine Self – your I Am Presence – to give you messages, insights, and understandings.  Then you will begin to open even more to your own Divinity, the source of your inner Truth.





Did You Feel the Shift?

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It was so clear to me.  December was a time of “rearrangement” energetically speaking.  Activity seemed to slow down (not just sales in stores) and it felt to me that everything was shifting around, reorganizing itself, getting rid of some old and preparing for some new energies.  A new integration took place.

Then, on January 1, 2009, all that reorganization and integration was over and it felt like the energies began to speed up again.  A “shift” from reorganization to moving rapidly forward.

2009 promises to be a year of many changes on many levels.  For those of us who hold the Light for Earth and Humanity, it is clear that this will be a time of letting go more of the denser, darker personal aspects of ourselves and all humanity to make room for more Light within.  More transmutation.  More clearing of old “stuff” and more evolving into higher frequencies.

We will each experience some of this at new levels and in new ways, for all of humanity is coming along with us.  The question is, are you awake enough to take back your power now?  Or will you get around to this later?  Don’t wait too long, because there are still those on the planet who want you to keep slumbering.

Like “Sleeping Beauty,” are you waiting for some “prince” to awaken you, take away your fears, and carry you off to “Happily Ever After?” 

OR . . .

Are you going to CREATE YOUR OWN “Happily Ever After?”

When you create your own, it gets to be the way YOU choose.  If you wait for someone else to do it, it will be what they are choosing, and in the end might not be what you would prefer at all!!

TIME TO WAKE UP and TAKE BACK YOUR POWER, then.  Come on!!  It’s much more fun to be awake and create a conscious dream!