Taking Total Responsibility for My Fears

December 11, 2012 by  
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As we move through the 12/12/12 portal tomorrow, we each have an opportunity to transform ourselves and contribute that transformation to the group consciousness of humanity.  Thus we assist others automatically as we assist ourselves through the spiritual shift.

I’ve been inspired by the work of Lisa Renee’s “Energetic Synthesis” newsletter this month in which she has provided a series of questions  will help you create a Divine Contract with yourself.  By answering these questions in a journal, you will not only be clarifying for yourself what you believe and intend for your life on the New Earth, but also creating a contract of sorts – a commitment to yourself for your spiritual evolution.

As I create my own “contract,” I’ve been guided to share parts of it that might inspire you to take this same journey for yourself.

Today’s topic is:

Describe your total responsibility for the Fear.

I Am totally responsible for my fears.

My fears come from my Ego aspect, who is reluctant to change – to let go of the illusion of control – to experience expansion and freedom.

Fear is an illusion created to help me experience 3-D, but I no longer choose to live in 3-D.  I choose to live in 5-D where LOVE is the basis for all that I experience from this moment forward.

Any other fears I experience are me not noticing a permeated personal boundary.  As a powerful empath, I am capable of feeling the fear and other emotional states of others.  As part of the group consciousness of humanity, I easily sense what others are feeling.

Therefore, I am fully responsbile for maintaining a clear boundary at all times and choosing what will enter it and what will be excluded.  I have full control of what I allow into my personal space.  I do not have to be a sponge or a wimp or a carpet for others to walk on.  I can and choose to set a clear and impenetrable boundary.  I am a Divine Creator of my life, a Master, so when I say energy moves, it moves.  When I say I am creating a clear boundary, that boundary exists and works exactly as I have programmed it.

I have the power to clear all of my own fears from all of my bodies.  LOVE DISSOLVES FEAR.  When I envision my Ego as a small, frightened child and invite her to sit in my lap and to be held in my arms, and then ask for both of us to be wrapped in Divine Love, my I Am Presence immediately responds and we are both cocooned in Divine Love.  Instantly, the fear melts away.  Instantly, anxiety melts away.  All that remains is Peace, Harmony, Safety, and the Divine Knowing that I cannot ever be harmed and that ALL IS WELL.

I Am totally and completely SAFE and SECURE

in the arms of Mother/Father Source.

I Am the Divine Creator of my life and


When I remember my True Self,

my I Am Presence,

I know who I AM.


As the Divine Creator of my life,

I now create a life FREE from all fear!


Do you want to create your own commitment to be free from fear?  You have a choice to make.  It’s entirely up to you.