Ascension Preparation: Welcome to Hogwarts

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Please Take This Invitation Seriously!


Become the Wizard That You Already Are!

Our spiritual ascension – the awakening of our consciousness – requires that we make a leap of faith.

“You’re a wizard, Harry.”  says Hagrid, gameskeeper at Hogwarts, to a young boy who can hardly believe his ears.

You, too, my dear ones, are wizards.  Take the leap of faith and accept your Divinity, your Mastery, your Wizardry.

So last night, I invited each person on the call, and all of you who listen to the recording, to consider yourself a wizard, to connect with your inner creative child, and to pretend that you could create an entirely new way of living and being for yourself and all of humanity.

You can learn to do this very quickly because the time to do it is NOW!

Today, I hope some of you will comment about your experience of the teleclass and also ask questions and help stimulate others to begin to believe that they, too, are wizards and capable of SO MUCH MORE than we have allowed ourselves to imagine in the past.

Just wave your fingers (aka magic wands) and say your magic words (make some up), and create a new world today!!


The Power to Celebrate

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by Morgine Jurdan


Guest blogger, Morgine Jurdan, is enthusiastic about life and learning and creating joy!  Here she shares all of that plus a few powerful insights on how to have more happiness in your own life.

Would you like to wake up in the morning totally refreshed from a great night’s sleep, happy and excited, filled with enthusiasm and wonder at what magical things might happen today?  There is a smile on your face, a lightness to your step, you are filled with self confidence and trust.  You are glowing, on fire from the inside out, in love with life!

For most of us there is little to support this new journey of reality creation.  Media of all kinds inspires anger, depression, frustration, overwhelm in attempt to sell you their products, which they hypnotize you into believing will somehow bring you happiness and resolve your pain!   Many people define their lives by the “news” which they assume is giving an accurate description of world conditions.  Yet nothing could be further from the truth if you know “the truth” about “which world” you are creating inside, with your own thoughts, and living in every single moment of  your day!! 

Take a few minutes to remember one of those magical moments, when you felt so connected to everything.   Perhaps you were standing on top of a mountain, or inhaling the fragrance of flowers and absorbed in the glorious symphony of a waterfall and birds singing.   Maybe you were gazing at God through the newborn eyes of a baby or sitting under your favorite tree.   It might have been a moment in a workshop, a lover’s first kiss, or in a meditation.   It is in that state of being you were meant to live more often!

Most enlightened teachers today remind us “happiness is our natural state of being”.  When we live from inside our Unlimited Self, there are no problems to fix, only Gifts filled with treasures waiting for us to discover and use.   It is up to each one of us to remember and live in this state of being all the time.   Now I have discovered a way to do this!   

Oprah once said, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” 

Young children know how to celebrate life, as do animals, insects, Nature itself!   We are surrounded with these kinds of role models if we begin to look around.  

The Aborigines celebrate the rising of the sun everyday as a rare and wonderful gift!  You can begin this practice as well, today!   Each day, you take new steps, hundreds of them.  You choose to get up, eat breakfast, meditate, ask for guidance and take action, drive to work, stop and listen to your children, take the dog for a walk.  Unlike people with no arms or legs, limited vision or hearing, you have so much to celebrate!

Sometimes you are on automatic pilot and you don’t even stop to think.  Before you know it, the day is over, and you are often exhausted and feeling as if you got little accomplished when you go to bed.  Your life is filled with stress and often sadness or feelings of overwhelm.

Celebration transforms your life from ordinary to extraordinary with little effort on your part!   Remember how a simple compliment from someone else can lift your spirits during the day?   Someone says “Thank you!” and  your vibrations rise, you feel a little lighter and your next task becomes a easier.  You can provide yourself the same energy boost and by the end of the day, you will feel a lot more energized and looking for new ways to celebrate yourself tomorrow!  

Begin and take a moment today to honor yourself for all the things you do!  Stop for a few seconds, smile, clap your hands and give a little cheer, or give yourself a hug, arms across your chest.  Stand up and walk around the room with a smile on your face and then sit down again, marking the moment, listen to a favorite song.  You might go to lunch with friends, or plan to take a special bath before bed!  It is these simple magical moments of recognition that can fuel your day!  Yet, we seldom take even a moment to Breathe in Gratitude for all we accomplish every day, and for the amazing person we truly are!!

You can begin by congratulating yourself for getting up in the morning.  There are people who choose to stay in bed, remain stuck, or not move forward in their life.

Smile at yourself when you are getting ready for you day!  Appreciate it took some effort to do that!  

Celebrate making some necessary phone calls you have been putting off. Good job!  Hurray!

Find a way to celebrate You in a way that resonates with you in a positive way.  Treat yourself to lunch, take a five-minute walk, or just sit for five minutes and do nothing at all!   

How about a little smile for stopping to really listen to your children,  planting those flowers in the yard, helping someone carry boxes, or getting your car washed.  There are dozens of opportunities throughout the day!  

Then finally the magic begins to expand outwards.  You develop an inner glow!  People can benefit just by being in your presence.  Then you begin to look for opportunities to compliment others around you.  It becomes an endless circle of Celebration!  Your life becomes a Celebration!

Celebration Process  

1.  Make a list of very simple things you could enjoy doing to Celebrate You:  taking a walk, reading a chapter in a book, calling a friend, walking around the room .. keep adding to it.  

2.  Make a list of things to Celebrate Yourself for:  getting up, fixing and eating breakfast, preparing the children for school, driving to work, getting several things accomplished on your job, grocery shopping, meeting a friend, seeing how long you can make it!  

3.  Create a CELEBRATION Box, Envelope, Poster:  Buy or decorate a box, be creative:   Use a cork board and involve the entire family and make it a game!   Draw or write the celebrations you remember and put them in the box.  Draw or write your current celebrations.  Put mementos that remind you of celebrations.  Gather ideas on the internet to plan future celebrations:  

© Morgine Jurdan

Morgine Jurdan loves communicating with animals and Nature.  She is an inspiring teacher, mentor, speaker and loves writing about her experiences and sharing time with Rowan, her Sheltie, and her cat, Magic. You can find out more at about Morgine at her websites or write to her regarding coaching you to Celebrate You!!