Faith vs. Hope – Which is more powerful?

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A friend of mine just told me about a radio show where someone was talking about FAITH and HOPE.  The person on the radio was saying that FAITH is much more empowering than HOPE. 

I can immediately see/feel that this is true.  If you are intending to manifest something in your life, FAITH means KNOWING that what you intend to create has already been created, is already on it’s way to you, and will shortly arrive.  FAITH helps you remember that time is an illusion, that you have already created what you are choosing as you energized it, and only the illusion of time makes it seem that you have to “wait” for your manifestation to appear.

HOPE, on the other hand, implies that there may or may not be a creation coming.  We “hope” it will show up, but there is implied doubt.

When I want to feel empowered, one thing I can do is honor myself by having FAITH in myself.  When I know my strengths and rely on them, I become expansive and my sense of self-worth and personal power expands.

FAITH is difficult for many people today.   Many have lost faith in themselves, in the economy, in the Bush Presidency, in God, and so on. 

Can we recover our FAITH in this time of great change and confusion?


What if you are someone who feels s/he has never had FAITH in anything?

Lack of faith, to me, translates as lack of trust.  And the place I would start to rebuild TRUST is with myself.

Do you TRUST yourself?

Most of us, I imagine, have had challenging times throughout our lives.  As little children, we might have been in situations where we didn’t feel protected by the adults around us.  When we were small, we looked to parents, teachers, priest/ministers, older siblings and others for nuturance, love, protection, and in some cases for our very survival.  When we were very small and the adults failed us in some way, that was our initial betrayal of trust.

Now, as adults, we want to feel safe and we want to trust something and someone, but we many not know where to start.

The place to start, I believe is within ourselves.  Our little child aspects live on within us and are still searching for safety, love, nurturance, support, playmates, and someone to TRUST.  If not the adult aspect of YOU, then WHO?

I’ve been noticing in my Spiritual Empowerment sessions that many people have little boys and little girls inside them who want the adult aspect to show the child aspect love, nurturance, and protection.  The child aspect may not trust the adult aspect because we “dis” ourselves all the time. 

I find that the adult aspect has to prove itself TRUSTWORTHY to the inner child aspect.  This can be done, and once you make an agreement with your inner child and KEEP that agreement, you will become worthy of TRUST at the most basic level. 

In this way, you can begin to heal your inner child and at the same time, provide a basis for TRUST and FAITH in your own life.  When you can TRUST yourself and have FAITH in yourself, your personal POWER grows.

You are GOD living in this body, having this experience.  Why not use it to build FAITH and TRUST in yourself?


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Become a Conscious Manifestor

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Over the last few years, I’ve learned some simple keys to manifesting what I choose to have in my life.

1_  The words you use to make your request to the Universe are very important. 

  • Words of Power are:
    • I CHOOSE
    • I KNOW
    • I EXPECT
    • I FEEL
    • I AM
  • Words of disempowerment are
    • I need
    • I want
    • I hope
    • I think

Test this out.  Say any of the Words of Power, close your eyes, and see how you feel when you repeat them to yourself.  Then, do the same with the words of disempowerment.

Words of Power make you feel expansive. 

Words of disempowerment make you feel limited and small.

Words of Power imply that what you request is ALREADY COMPLETE.  They also express clearly that you are open to receive whatever you are choosing to manifest.

Words of disempowerment imply lack – lack of certainty on your part about what will be created and lack of completeness on the part of the Universe.

You have the creative power of Source/God/Goddess/All That Is.  There is NO DOUBT that you can create whatever you choose to create!  Therefore, you are not giving the Universe a choice here.  You are creating!!!!

2_  When you ask for anything, include in your request that it will happen EASILY, EFFORTLESSLY, and PAINLESSLY. 

Why you would you choose anything less?  Of course you wouldn’t.  Still, the more specific your request, the more likely you will be creating exactly what you want to create.

3_  The more you ask for, the more you receive and the easier it gets to use this ability.

Like any skill, conscious manifestation requires practice, and practice improves our level of performance.

 4_  Ask for whatever you choose, and then LET GO!

Just KNOW that what you are asking for will be created.  You may not know how it will arrive or exactly when, but if you are certain that it will arrive, it will arrive. 

Remind yourself that IT IS ALREADY HERE!!

 5_  Ask with LOVE and JOY!!  Ask from your HEART.

Emotions are energy that provide power to your creative process.

Try this:  put one hand over your heart and ask a question.  You will get correct information every time!


Speak Only Words of Love to Everyone.

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This is the instruction I was given yesterday by my Manifestation Guide in a 7-Day Manifestation Online Workshop with Coco Fossland:

Speak Only Words of Love to Everyone.

My Manifestation Guide is my I AM Presence, the Divine Spark which resides inside my Heart Center, and who also is my highest vibrational aspect at a frequency just below that of Source.

How, my brain wants to know, does one speak only words of Love? 

Does it mean to agree with everything anyone says?  Clearly not. 

Does it mean to give everyone what they ask of you?  Clearly not – and impossible to do, anyway.

Speaking from the Heart Center means having an open flow of Love from the Heart Center to the Throat Center.  It means putting the intention of expressing Love in all the words spoken.  This means setting personal boundaries with Love.  It means speaking difficult truths with Love.  It means allowing kindness and compassion to flow with the Love.

The emotions or transformational tools of the Heart, as I called them in my blog yesterday on “The Heart Chakra”, all flow most easily together.  While we may speak of them as separate from each other, they are really just different aspects of one thing, like facets on a jewel.  You can look at each facet individually, but they are all contained in the same energy and none can exist without the other.

So my instructions for today are to have an open Heart Center with Love and the other Heart emotions flowing into my throat, which then must also be open and clear enough to pass the energies through to my words.

Quite a challenge.