Meeting of the Minds

How Many Voices Are Reaching Out to You?


Does it feel like there are many different people living inside of you, many voices inside your head clamoring for attention?

We all have many aspects or parts of ourselves who may be holding onto past experiences, stuck in the emotions and beliefs that helped us survive or get through challenging times in the past.

Some of these parts may feel abandoned and lost, and may even be hiding, afraid to be noticed, but still craving attention.

Other parts may feel anger, resentment, even rage, and may express themselves at inappropriate times or in ways that create more pain in your life.

Still other aspects may feel guilt, hopelessness, depression, sadness, and loss.

No matter what each part is feeling, all parts of ourselves deserve to be heard, to be loved, and to heal.  Once healed, they will continue to be valuable contributors to your life.

Some examples . . .

An inner child who is hurt and frightened may also be the key to greater creativity and joy once she feels loved and accepted.

A teenager who is still “acting out” at times, may be the one who can most help you discover your true path in life, once the resentment and anger he still feels is resolved.

The young adult who chose a career that her parents wanted for her may be able to choose differently once her confusion is clarified and her self-esteem rebuilt.

A first step in accessing these parts may be to call a “committee meeting” – a meeting of the minds, so to speak.

You can invite all the parts who are ready to get to know you better to attend.  These aspects of you each have much to contribute to your life beyond what may seem to be their limiting beliefs and feelings.  Once you get to know them, once they feel loved and accepted, once they are willing to heal the past and move forward in partnership with you, your life can become more harmonious and meaningful, more joyful and fulfilling.

Getting to know each of these parts may take a little time and patience on your part, but the rewards will be far more than you might imagine possible.

So if you’re hearing many voices inside you clamoring for attention, take a quiet moment to meet these parts of you.

If you need assistance, Source Resonance Healing™ can facilitate, guide, and support you and your various aspects to create harmony, resonance, and a life overflowing with Divine Love.