When My Own Animals Die

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Guest Blogger Morgine Jurdan

I‘m delighted to share with you the perspective of Morgine Jurdan,
an Animal Communicator colleague of mine.

All professional Animal Communicators have to face and
work through the passing of their own animals.

In each instance, we bring to our own situation our very best efforts to
assist the animal and to handle our own grief.

In answer to your inquiry regarding how I personally deal with my own animals dying…

I spend time telling my animal friend the various ways I have appreciated having them in my life and the lessons I lave learned, so when they pass on, I have no doubt they know how much I have loved and appreciated them. Sometimes I create a book with photos and stories as I remember them.

My daughter’s dog Chetwin was at home when his time came and he needed assistance. He wanted to see some people in his life, including our daughter who was teaching at a camp about 3 1/2 hours away. So I put a beautiful blue bow he wanted on his neck, and took him around to see these people and know he really appreciated it.

Chetwin had been very ill and he wanted assistance and it was early spring and I took a nice blanket and we sat out in nature in the sun and I lit some rainbow candles and talked again how much he helped changed our family’s life at the vet’s office. Our vet gave him an anesthetic and he relaxed. She came to check and said he was ready and she would be back in a couple minutes.

After she left, a bee appeared buzzing around his head and he appeared totally under the influence of the drugs and asleep. It was too early for bees and I was surprised and told the bee he or she was very lucky. This was Chetwin’s last day and he was an expert bee catcher. In fact, we always worried he would be stung, but could never get him to stop biting at them. At that moment, Chetwin opened his eyes and caught the bee!! I will never forget that moment ever. I KNEW right then, the bee had appeared so Chetwin could have that Last Wonderful memory of his physical life!! It was so magical I just cried.

Morgine's dog, Rowan

When I adopted Rowan, a Sheltie, he had bent legs from poor feeding. Many years later, he suddenly could no longer get up and walk and told me he did not want to live this way. He wanted to pass on his own and did so, not eating or drinking for 10 days. I had him on several blankets and then plastic and towels under him which I would change a few times a day.

I knew Rowan was not afraid of death. I know he would live forever and I could communicate with him as I have my other animals. I asked Rowan what he wanted and how could I support him through his process. If feelings come up, I sometimes journal or meditate with the Divine and ask questions and let go, and answers would come in some form, either I hear it or someone says something or I read something.

I had been with him every day and the last day, Jerry and I had to leave for 2 hours to sign some legal papers and left him outside on all his blankets under to deck roof. It was raining lightly and birds were singing and Rowan loved standing in the rain, so we thought he would enjoy hearing it. I told him we would be back soon.

When we returned, I wish I had taken a picture!! It was if a Groomer had come while we were gone and combed his hair back. It was perfectly combed, I kid you not!! All swept back, his tail up in the air and his front paws stretched up like he was taking off for the sky!! He passed while we were gone and we had NO doubt it was a blissful passing.

I strive to live “in the moment” when my animals time comes near, the way they do. I know the time is precious and so when they ask, I stop and spend time with them. Often they want to be left alone for periods as well. I sing, play music, cry, meditate and follow my inner guidance.

I hope this answers some of your questions…


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Smiling Back at Yourself . . .

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Yesterday, I was speaking to one of my clients who is  in a panic about the economic chaos that is part of the group consciousness illusion at the moment.  I tried to help her see a different perspective, but she was in so much fear that she couldn’t really hear what I was saying without becoming angry and more frightened.

“How can I help her to understand?” I keep asking myself.  “How can I help people clinging to the old ways of living and the old beliefs begin to take steps towards the new ways that are being created by those of us who have taken back our consciousness creator roles? 

We don’t have the media available yet to reach out to people.  The media are controlled by those feeding off the fear of people just like my client.

We do have the internet, but even online there are “fear” sites and there are “optimistic” or what I will call “love” sites, and folks will go where they are drawn by whatever level their consciousness is at in the moment.

What we do have, for sure, is access to the Soul Plane. 

Just the other day, I taught a free teleclass to the people who are participating with me in Coco Fossland’s Wealth Manifestation Program.  The class was called Soul Plane Communication, and in the class I explain the benefits of communicating with other people on the Soul Plane and how this process works.  Then we did a guided experience of the process so that each person would learn how to do it themselves.

When I think about my client and our conversation yesterday, I realize that the only way I might be able to reach her right now is on the Soul Plane.  Our Souls know that we have the power to change our lives into anything we choose.  Our Souls want us to consciously connect with that power and use it for our own benefit and the benefit of humanity.

Not only does our Soul want this for each of us, but truly we all want this for each other, as the more people who take back their conscious use of their power, the sooner all of humanity will WAKE UP and remember as a group that we are not limited beings at all.  Rather,  we are expansive beings. 

On of my colleagues, Morgine Jurdan, recently wrote:

“REMEMBER  whatever you are facing …..  we are all an extension of Source Energy  … God  …  whatever you want to label it.  So each person is “playing” a role just for YOU!! Each face is the Divine looking up at you, smiling, knowing deep inside “you can do it” and shouting that silently from their heart to yours!!  IF you just look close enough, you can see yourself in every Divine face and then not be so afraid… (smile).  In fact you might just start laughing when you finally “get it!”

We must cheer each other on at every level.  Whenever we have an opportunity, let’s take the inner smile and put it on our faces.  Sometimes that smile is all another needs to help them shift from a contracted space to an expanded one, even if it’s just a tiny-weeny bit of expansion.

Just try smiling and staying contracted.  It’s very hard to do.  It’s like you have a facial mask on that’s dried and you try to smile and you can’t.  If you decide to truly SMILE, the mask of contraction WILL CRACK and your light will shine through more brightly.

Give someone the gift of your smile today.  Start with YOU.  Look in the mirror and smile at yourself.  GIVE YOURSELF A HUG while you’re at it.


Morgine Jurdan,  is an Animal Communicator and author with several websites.  I encourage you to visit them and sample her work.