Daily Wisdom: Storm Brings Connection

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1. WISDOM: What is the wisdom you would like to give me today?

Today, take pressure off yourself NOW.  Just because there seems to be a storm (Hurricane Irene) on the horizon, allow yourself to remain in the NOW – at peace.

Hurricane Irene - Aug. 25, 2011

Since you are a part of Mother Earth, all storms in her energy field are a part of you and reflect/express the inner storms of your emotions.  Be completely at peace – LOVE is still the answer.

Love yourself.

Love the Earth.

Love the storm – for it brings transformation and connection.

When there is flooding, it reminds us that we are part of the Earth – her partner, not her controller.  Floods wash away what may no longer be appropriate for Mother Earth to carry on her body.

When there is loss of property, it reminds us that all is transitional – that change is the only constant.  We must be ready to let go of the old to make space to receive the new.  We can then go WITH the change.  We can prepare, but do not RESIST.

When there is loss of electric power, we can choose to hear the nature sounds again, to see the night sky as it is mean to be seen, and to remember our partnership with Mother Earth and the Nature Spirits.  We can rediscover our own creativity to entertain ourselves and each other.

When there is what you falsely term a “natural disaster,” there is the emergence of community, cooperation, and the real connection between people that replaces the virtual world’s artificial imitation of connections.  You have an opportunity to see and touch and hear people who are physically present.

2. LESSON: What are you trying to teach me?

It is time to LOVE change – to TRUST completely that whatever happens




3. RESISTANCE: What have I been resistant to accepting in the past that I’m ready to receive now?

Change is not dangerous or bad.  Change simply IS.  If you LOVE it and go with the change, you eliminate or dramatically reduce the pain that resistance creates.

3 a — SURRENDER: What do I need to surrender?

Fear of change.

3 b — ACCEPT: What do I need to accept?

Love, and that you are worthy of it, and that all is truly as you have created it and mean for it to be.

4. ACTION: What action would you have me take today to serve my highest path?

Connect with the Nature Spirits and Mother Earth, and the other beings on your property.  Have a “committee meeting” to prepare for the weather that is coming.  Work together as a team.


5 a — SURRENDER: In order to receive my highest truth, what idea, behavior, or belief do you want me to surrender?


5 b —ADOPT: To live my highest truth, what new idea, behavior, or belief would you like me to adopt today?

Total Trust.

Focus on the outcome you CHOOSE to experience .

Be the Divine Creator that you already are.

Love others as you love yourself.  Love the Earth.  Love the storm.  Love the change.




To progress on our paths, we must be willing to make changes.

  • We must be willing to surrender limiting beliefs and ways of being.
  • We must also be willing to adopt new beliefs, new ways of being.

Both of these are challenging for us, at times, to do.

So to start off, we ask for the information. Then, if we are truly willing to change – to expand and to give up limitation – we begin one step at a time.

We surrender. . . and if that feels too difficult, we ASK FOR HELP and set the intention to surrender.

We accept something new . . . and if that feels too difficult, we ASK FOR HELP and set the intention to adopt the new way of being.


Meeting Elementals

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Are human beings really the only sentient life on Planet Earth? 


Ask a silly question and you get a silly answer?

OK, so you may be thinking from my other blogs that I’m a bit on the weird side anyway, so you’ll keep reading this just have a good laugh.  Great!!  If you keep reading, that’s all I ask.

Elementals, and there are many different types, live in another dimensional realm right here on planet Earth.  They have been here for eons and eons, and they have very specific roles to play on this planet.

You may have heard of faeries, gnomes, “the little people”, leprechauns, elves, goblins, trolls, and so on, and have always assigned them to works of fiction.  The general population today, at least in the western world, does not believe that these beings exist.

In contrast, when someone is truly open to meeting them, they often show up and allow human contact. 

Tanis Helliwell, in Summer With the Leprechauns, shares the true story of her summer in Ireland where she not only met some Leprechauns and other nature spirits, but began an exchange of information and experiences with one Leprechaun in particular. 

The purpose of their meeting was to exchange information.  The Leprechaun was there to learn about humans and to teach Ms. Helliwell about elementals.  In exchange, Ms. Helliwell was asked to teach about humanity and learn about elementals.  The result of their agreement to work together is this important work published in 1997.

I have also had conversations with Nature Spirits and Elementals from time to time over the last 20 years.  I know that these beings do exist and play important roles in Nature.  Although invisible to human eyes, for the most part, they have actual form and some substance.  They exist at a different vibrational frequency that that of humanity.  This is, in fact, why we don’t easily see them. 

We also don’t see them because we don’t believe they exist.  For those of you who think that “seeing is believing,” may I suggest that you educate yourself about human vision.

It turns out that we don’t see with our eyes.  Our eyes are collectors of certain types of energy frequency patterns.  These patterns are sent to our brain via the optic nerves.  Interpreting the patterns happens in the brain and is based entirely on what we BELIEVE to be true and on what we have been TRAINED TO FOCUS upon.

Among the most well known optical illusions is this one:


What you see is what you focus upon or what you expect.  A face?  A vase?

Similarly, if we can’t imagine that elementals exist, we won’t experience them.

I once visit a spot in the woods along a stream on a hot summer day.  I went there because I sensed that the energies there indicated lots of elementals.  I found a spot to sit on – moss at the base of a tree near the edge of the stream.  After asking permission of the spirits to sit there, I made myself comfortable and quiet.

There were lots of mosquitos and I’m allergic to chemical sprays, so I didn’t have any repellent of any kind on my body.  I just decided that somehow I would manage.

After being quiet for a bit and taking out a notebook to write down whatever I experienced, I soon sensed – saw – felt the presence of many other “little people” on the other side of the stream.  They were wearing bright green, brown, and some red clothing and were standing along some logs – fallen tree branches and trunks.  There was 1 stump of a tree about 7 feet high, and one stood on the very top.

I thanked them for coming and allowing me to sense their presence.  After we talked for a bit, it was time for me to leave.

Suddenly, I realized that there had not been a single mosquito around me.  I had been sitting there for 20 minutes with no insects biting or buzzing.  I had somehow shifted vibrationally to a dimension where there were no mosquitos.  Shortly after I got up to leave, the insects returned.

I was given this message song by the brook.  There had been some very severe storms that winter and many trees trunks and branches lay across its banks and in the water.

“I sing the song of history,
of light and love, and playful times;
the branches resting in my arms (between my banks)
are gifts of Mother Nature’s charms.

“I sing of faeries, elves, and gnomes,
who care for flowers, trees, and spring.
Who live within my banks and know
that past and future times are one.

“We all dance on the wheel of life.
We all meander with the Tao.
A deer drinks at my shore with love.
A bird bathes playfully . . . and now.

“Past is present, future . . . now.
We seem to come and go perchance.
But we are all One on the Earth,
expressions of God’s playful dance.

“I sing of trees resting on my shores,
of butterflys, moths, mosquitos, and ants.
We each are all and all is one.
Listen to our happy chants.”

So perhaps if you learn to shift your vision just slightly, you may surprise yourself at what you will see.




The True Meaning of Patience

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Lately, things feel like we are stalled, like the energies are rearranging everything and we cannot move forward without forcing situations to move.  This is very frustrating for me, personally speaking, and for many other people as well. 

I keep asking God to “hurry up and teach me patience,” but as you might imagine, this is not how things actually work.

In my morning conversation with my I AM Presence and other Light Beings, I received this message about Patience.

When we wait, it feels as though nothing is happening.  Actually, energies continue to flow and shift into place for the next steps to take place.  The support stsructures at eneregtic – sub-matrix and matrix levels – are being created, realigned, and integrated.

The Nature Spirits, Angels, and Elementals are all busy working to create the supportive underpinnings for what you are creating in your life.

When you are told “be patient,” think of it as a request to you to support the work of those who are creating what is needed to support your work.  “Be patient” really means “be still and focus on what you are creating together with God.”   Your mental focus, even if you are uncertain about the precise direction you are choosing, provides some of the energy for the supportive restructuring process and creation.

Of course, at this time, your bodies are part of the restructuring.  All kinds of rewiring at the various levels is going on in your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and Light bodies.  The Divine Male and Divine Female blueprints; your nerves, your brain, and the neural matrix; your chords, meaning your interconnections with other people and the musical chords that vibrate from you – the notes that you “play” and are aligned wtih – all these and more are changing.

Give yourself time/rest to integrate these new ways of being.  Just a gentle focus on what is being done to honor and support you is enough to help those doing this work.


Honoring the Weather

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Do you watch the weather reports on TV?  I do.  Bad habit, I guess, but I got into this habit when I took care of horses and had to decide whether or not it was OK for them to go outside for the day.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that, unless there is a serious drought and fire danger, the weather forecasters always speak negatively about rain.  Now, folks, without rain, grass and trees and flowers and foods do not grow.  And they need rain on a regular basis, not just once a week or once a month.

Do you eat or drink just once a week or once a month?  No, you eat every day and you drink something every day.  

Well, please don’t be surprised to hear that plants need nourishment on a regular basis.  They don’t do well with 3 inches of rain one day and then none for 2 weeks.

So what does the attitude of the weather forecaster have to do with this? 

Actually, this is about ALL of us.  When we put out the energy and thought that rain is an annoyance and we really don’t like it, we create imbalances in the weather.  We make it more difficult for the Earth to be in balance.  We interfere in the work of the Nature Spirits and Elementals who jobs it is to care for, nurture, and protect all life on Earth.

Have you ever noticed that some storms are filled with anger?  strom_angryHave you ever noticed how some storms are gentle and filled with love?  Have you ever shared in the joy of the wind as it dances through the trees?  Have you ever wanted to stand naked in a soft rain and feel it’s cleansing and nurturing energy over your entire body?

Storms serve many purposes in Nature.  We must remember that we are part of Nature.  What we are feeling can create a storm – a hurricane – a healing gentle rain.  Storms often carry human emotion because we are such powerful creators that the emotional energy of our consciousness becomes part of the ecological system and affects everything.

So it’s time to stop complaining about the weather and start respecting our role in creating it.  It’s time to take responsibility. 

It’s also time to open conversations with the Nature Spirits.  They work together, and we work with them consciously or unconsciously.  Why not do so consciously?  When we ask for and create a partnership, we are taking back our power and using it to create harmony.  Isn’t that what you’d like to experience in your life?