Daily Wisdom: Accessing your DIRECT CONNECTION

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We all have a tendency to look outside ourselves for answers to everything.  This creates problems for us because the truly powerful answers about our lives are only available from WITHIN us.  Within each of us is a direct connection to our very own TRUE SELF – the “I Am Presence” – or Divine Spark who has ALL the answers we are seeking.

Please join me in developing a relationship with your very own direct connection to source:  your True Self.  Here’s how you can do it.

Invite your “I Am Presence” to meet with you

every day for the next 30 days and

journal the results.


Use the questions listed below to get a conversation with your I AM Presence rolling and to receive the highest wisdom from your very own True Self.

The more you converse with your direct connection, the more wisdom, insights, understandings, and personal power you will attain.

Then share your wisdom

in a comment to a daily post on my blog.


Here are the questions:

I look forward to reading your wisdom.

  • WISDOM: What is the wisdom you would like to give me today?
  • LESSON: What are you trying to teach me?
  • RESISTANCE: What have I been resistant to accepting in the past that I’m ready to receive now?
    • SURRENDER: What do I need to surrender?
    • ACCEPT: What do I need to accept?
  • ACTION: What action would you have me take today to serve my highest path?
    • SURRENDER: In order to receive my highest truth, what idea, behavior, or belief do you want me to surrender?
    • ADOPT: To live my highest truth, what new idea, behavior, or belief would you like me to adopt today?
  • ASK ANY OTHER QUESTIONS you would like to ask.

If you are choosing spiritual ascension, this is one way to align yourself with your personal path and spiritual ascension.


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Moving Through the Chaos

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Chaos . . . Part of the Creative Process


Around the end of April, I started to feel chaos everywhere.  It was inside me and outside me and all around me.

My I Am Presence told me this about chaos:

Chaos is just an appearance, part of the creative process.

The real issue is focus.  SEE what you want to focus upon and all the chaos moves away to clear a path.  The way opens.

I receive an image of a asteroid debris field in space and I’m in a small space ship traveling through it.  I sit in the cockpit of the ship and my hands are on the steering mechanism. 

The asteroids are all spinning and moving in different directions.  I am moving through this field, seeking to stay on course without being hit.  It seems chaotic, as the asteroids of varing sizes spin in different directions and move in different directions.  It seems easy for me to stare at one of the asteroids, but that’s not where I want to go.  I want to move past them, not into a collision.

As I steer through the asteroids, it seems impossible to find a clear path, yet when I remain focused on the direction I want to travel, “the way through” the asteroids does seem to open.

This is how you create.  You choose the creation.  The chaos develops as the first stage of the creation process.  If you allow yourself to be distracted by the chaos, you will lose focus and you will shift away from the creation.  Then the creative process becomes difficult, takes longer, and feels disjointed.

Learn to keep your focus amidst the chaos.  As a Creator God, you have the power to remain focused.  Find it.  Use it.

This is what humanity really is.  We are each Creator Gods of our personal reality and together we create this world called Life on Earth.  Therefore, each of us must focus on what we want to experience.  We must not allow the media or the government or even friends and family to distract us from our focus.

Do you want a healthy body?  Do you want an economy based on harmony and cooperation?  Do you want to live in a world where there is a strong sense of community and mutual support?  Do you want to live from your Heart Center?

To create these things or anything else that you choose, you must first decide what you want.   Then FOCUS on that creation.   Do not allow yourself to become distracted by what is around you now.  Focus on where you choose to be.  Use the full power of your imagination.  Daydream about it.  Allow your focus to become so strong that you feel yourself THERE right now. 

Our entire solar system is undergoing dramatic changes.  All the planets are experiencing warming.  Earth is experiencing 3500 countable tremors every week.  The magnetic pole is no longer where it was and keeps shifting about.  Our economy is poised to make dramatic shifts and at the grass roots level, they are already happening.  (If you are not reading or hearing about this in the media, it’s because those who control the media are trying to keep you in ignorance.)

It’s time to awaken to your personal power to affect the outcome of everything you are experiencing.  It’s time to choose where you will put your focus and to energize that which you choose.


Faith vs. Hope – Which is more powerful?

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A friend of mine just told me about a radio show where someone was talking about FAITH and HOPE.  The person on the radio was saying that FAITH is much more empowering than HOPE. 

I can immediately see/feel that this is true.  If you are intending to manifest something in your life, FAITH means KNOWING that what you intend to create has already been created, is already on it’s way to you, and will shortly arrive.  FAITH helps you remember that time is an illusion, that you have already created what you are choosing as you energized it, and only the illusion of time makes it seem that you have to “wait” for your manifestation to appear.

HOPE, on the other hand, implies that there may or may not be a creation coming.  We “hope” it will show up, but there is implied doubt.

When I want to feel empowered, one thing I can do is honor myself by having FAITH in myself.  When I know my strengths and rely on them, I become expansive and my sense of self-worth and personal power expands.

FAITH is difficult for many people today.   Many have lost faith in themselves, in the economy, in the Bush Presidency, in God, and so on. 

Can we recover our FAITH in this time of great change and confusion?


What if you are someone who feels s/he has never had FAITH in anything?

Lack of faith, to me, translates as lack of trust.  And the place I would start to rebuild TRUST is with myself.

Do you TRUST yourself?

Most of us, I imagine, have had challenging times throughout our lives.  As little children, we might have been in situations where we didn’t feel protected by the adults around us.  When we were small, we looked to parents, teachers, priest/ministers, older siblings and others for nuturance, love, protection, and in some cases for our very survival.  When we were very small and the adults failed us in some way, that was our initial betrayal of trust.

Now, as adults, we want to feel safe and we want to trust something and someone, but we many not know where to start.

The place to start, I believe is within ourselves.  Our little child aspects live on within us and are still searching for safety, love, nurturance, support, playmates, and someone to TRUST.  If not the adult aspect of YOU, then WHO?

I’ve been noticing in my Spiritual Empowerment sessions that many people have little boys and little girls inside them who want the adult aspect to show the child aspect love, nurturance, and protection.  The child aspect may not trust the adult aspect because we “dis” ourselves all the time. 

I find that the adult aspect has to prove itself TRUSTWORTHY to the inner child aspect.  This can be done, and once you make an agreement with your inner child and KEEP that agreement, you will become worthy of TRUST at the most basic level. 

In this way, you can begin to heal your inner child and at the same time, provide a basis for TRUST and FAITH in your own life.  When you can TRUST yourself and have FAITH in yourself, your personal POWER grows.

You are GOD living in this body, having this experience.  Why not use it to build FAITH and TRUST in yourself?


Learn more about Spiritual Empowerment Sessions.

Taking Responsibility for My Life

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When I was growing up, I was very angry and depressed and blamed my parents for everything. No surprise, this, as we are taught by the world of psychotherapy, starting with Sigmund Freud, that how we interact with our parents creates the basis for how our personalities develop and how our lives turn out.

While it is true that how we interact with others sets up patterns in our psyche that can affect us the rest of our lives, giving our power away to these patterns is more of the problem than the patterns themselves.

The first insight I had about this was while reading a book on color therapy when I was in my forties. I don’t remember the title or author, but I will never forget the message. Basically, the book said that, on the Soul Plane we make consciousness decisions regarding our next lifetime. We decide what we will experience. We make agreements with other Souls who offer to incarnate and become important individuals in our lives. We invite others to play the roles of our parents, spouses, children, friends, (even our animals) and so on who will significantly affect our lifetime. We ask them to treat us in particular ways and to share in our life path. In exchange, we offer to play various roles for them in their life paths.

This blew my mind.

For one thing, it really resonated as “true” for me.

For another thing, it meant that my parents were not responsible for how I handled anything in my life or even what I experienced. In fact, it meant that no one but I, myself, had made these decisions.

This was, for me, a critical step in reclaiming my personal power. It meant that my life was my responsibility. I had made choices before I was even born. How I chose to handle any given situation was my free will. What I had chosen to experience in this lifetime was also my free will. If I wanted to change anything in my life, it was up to me to do so.

As a result of this, I had to rethink everything about my life.

Since that time, I have also learned that the world outside me reflects the world inside me. Whatever I experience in each and every moment is totally a reflection of whatever my expectations are, whatever I energize with my thoughts and feelings, whatever I believe is true about myself.  The words I say to myself, the words I speak out loud, and how I treat others all create how I am treated and how I experience the world.

I AM in control of everything.

I AM in control whether or not I acknowledge being in control.

I AM in control whether or not I am conscious of being in control.

The power to manifest all that we experience is truly ours.

The power to decide to do this consciously is also ours.

As we grow up, we are taught to give our personal power away. We are taught this by others around us who have done the same thing. We give it away to our parents, to our friends, to our educational system, to our government, to religions, to the media, to the advertisers, and to any else who may want to control us. We are told we are sinners, weak, arrogant, prideful, and many other pejorative things when we try to claim our power.

Isn’t it time to take back our power?

I say, “YES!”

Taking back one’s power means taking full responsibility for everything in your life.

It means that, if someone treats you badly, it is not appropriate to take revenge.  It is appropriate to ask yourself some questions. “How did I create this?”  “What limiting belief do I have that brought this experience to me?”  “What am I supposed to learn about myself through this experience?”

When I can learn what I am here to learn (based on the decisions I made on the Soul Plane), when I can find the limiting belief and transform it into something expansive and enhancing to myself, I will no longer experience being treated badly.  I will learn to treat myself – and others, too – with more love, more compassion, more generosity and kindness.

I have the power to do this. 


I have already begun doing it and my life has been transformed and continues to be transformed every day.

Am I in my power every minute?  No.

But then I remind myself or a good friend reminds me, and I become even more empowered.

It’s a matter of developing new “muscles” and strengthening them by using them every day.  It can be done. 

I am the light house, the way-shower.  I shine light on this because it will show you that you, too, can be empowered. 

Only YOU can take back YOUR POWER.  Anyone who says they can give it to you is disempowering you.