Honoring the Weather

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Do you watch the weather reports on TV?  I do.  Bad habit, I guess, but I got into this habit when I took care of horses and had to decide whether or not it was OK for them to go outside for the day.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that, unless there is a serious drought and fire danger, the weather forecasters always speak negatively about rain.  Now, folks, without rain, grass and trees and flowers and foods do not grow.  And they need rain on a regular basis, not just once a week or once a month.

Do you eat or drink just once a week or once a month?  No, you eat every day and you drink something every day.  

Well, please don’t be surprised to hear that plants need nourishment on a regular basis.  They don’t do well with 3 inches of rain one day and then none for 2 weeks.

So what does the attitude of the weather forecaster have to do with this? 

Actually, this is about ALL of us.  When we put out the energy and thought that rain is an annoyance and we really don’t like it, we create imbalances in the weather.  We make it more difficult for the Earth to be in balance.  We interfere in the work of the Nature Spirits and Elementals who jobs it is to care for, nurture, and protect all life on Earth.

Have you ever noticed that some storms are filled with anger?  strom_angryHave you ever noticed how some storms are gentle and filled with love?  Have you ever shared in the joy of the wind as it dances through the trees?  Have you ever wanted to stand naked in a soft rain and feel it’s cleansing and nurturing energy over your entire body?

Storms serve many purposes in Nature.  We must remember that we are part of Nature.  What we are feeling can create a storm – a hurricane – a healing gentle rain.  Storms often carry human emotion because we are such powerful creators that the emotional energy of our consciousness becomes part of the ecological system and affects everything.

So it’s time to stop complaining about the weather and start respecting our role in creating it.  It’s time to take responsibility. 

It’s also time to open conversations with the Nature Spirits.  They work together, and we work with them consciously or unconsciously.  Why not do so consciously?  When we ask for and create a partnership, we are taking back our power and using it to create harmony.  Isn’t that what you’d like to experience in your life?




Did You Feel the Shift?

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It was so clear to me.  December was a time of “rearrangement” energetically speaking.  Activity seemed to slow down (not just sales in stores) and it felt to me that everything was shifting around, reorganizing itself, getting rid of some old and preparing for some new energies.  A new integration took place.

Then, on January 1, 2009, all that reorganization and integration was over and it felt like the energies began to speed up again.  A “shift” from reorganization to moving rapidly forward.

2009 promises to be a year of many changes on many levels.  For those of us who hold the Light for Earth and Humanity, it is clear that this will be a time of letting go more of the denser, darker personal aspects of ourselves and all humanity to make room for more Light within.  More transmutation.  More clearing of old “stuff” and more evolving into higher frequencies.

We will each experience some of this at new levels and in new ways, for all of humanity is coming along with us.  The question is, are you awake enough to take back your power now?  Or will you get around to this later?  Don’t wait too long, because there are still those on the planet who want you to keep slumbering.

Like “Sleeping Beauty,” are you waiting for some “prince” to awaken you, take away your fears, and carry you off to “Happily Ever After?” 

OR . . .

Are you going to CREATE YOUR OWN “Happily Ever After?”

When you create your own, it gets to be the way YOU choose.  If you wait for someone else to do it, it will be what they are choosing, and in the end might not be what you would prefer at all!!

TIME TO WAKE UP and TAKE BACK YOUR POWER, then.  Come on!!  It’s much more fun to be awake and create a conscious dream!


Faith vs. Hope – Which is more powerful?

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A friend of mine just told me about a radio show where someone was talking about FAITH and HOPE.  The person on the radio was saying that FAITH is much more empowering than HOPE. 

I can immediately see/feel that this is true.  If you are intending to manifest something in your life, FAITH means KNOWING that what you intend to create has already been created, is already on it’s way to you, and will shortly arrive.  FAITH helps you remember that time is an illusion, that you have already created what you are choosing as you energized it, and only the illusion of time makes it seem that you have to “wait” for your manifestation to appear.

HOPE, on the other hand, implies that there may or may not be a creation coming.  We “hope” it will show up, but there is implied doubt.

When I want to feel empowered, one thing I can do is honor myself by having FAITH in myself.  When I know my strengths and rely on them, I become expansive and my sense of self-worth and personal power expands.

FAITH is difficult for many people today.   Many have lost faith in themselves, in the economy, in the Bush Presidency, in God, and so on. 

Can we recover our FAITH in this time of great change and confusion?


What if you are someone who feels s/he has never had FAITH in anything?

Lack of faith, to me, translates as lack of trust.  And the place I would start to rebuild TRUST is with myself.

Do you TRUST yourself?

Most of us, I imagine, have had challenging times throughout our lives.  As little children, we might have been in situations where we didn’t feel protected by the adults around us.  When we were small, we looked to parents, teachers, priest/ministers, older siblings and others for nuturance, love, protection, and in some cases for our very survival.  When we were very small and the adults failed us in some way, that was our initial betrayal of trust.

Now, as adults, we want to feel safe and we want to trust something and someone, but we many not know where to start.

The place to start, I believe is within ourselves.  Our little child aspects live on within us and are still searching for safety, love, nurturance, support, playmates, and someone to TRUST.  If not the adult aspect of YOU, then WHO?

I’ve been noticing in my Spiritual Empowerment sessions that many people have little boys and little girls inside them who want the adult aspect to show the child aspect love, nurturance, and protection.  The child aspect may not trust the adult aspect because we “dis” ourselves all the time. 

I find that the adult aspect has to prove itself TRUSTWORTHY to the inner child aspect.  This can be done, and once you make an agreement with your inner child and KEEP that agreement, you will become worthy of TRUST at the most basic level. 

In this way, you can begin to heal your inner child and at the same time, provide a basis for TRUST and FAITH in your own life.  When you can TRUST yourself and have FAITH in yourself, your personal POWER grows.

You are GOD living in this body, having this experience.  Why not use it to build FAITH and TRUST in yourself?


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Become a Conscious Manifestor

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Over the last few years, I’ve learned some simple keys to manifesting what I choose to have in my life.

1_  The words you use to make your request to the Universe are very important. 

  • Words of Power are:
    • I CHOOSE
    • I KNOW
    • I EXPECT
    • I FEEL
    • I AM
  • Words of disempowerment are
    • I need
    • I want
    • I hope
    • I think

Test this out.  Say any of the Words of Power, close your eyes, and see how you feel when you repeat them to yourself.  Then, do the same with the words of disempowerment.

Words of Power make you feel expansive. 

Words of disempowerment make you feel limited and small.

Words of Power imply that what you request is ALREADY COMPLETE.  They also express clearly that you are open to receive whatever you are choosing to manifest.

Words of disempowerment imply lack – lack of certainty on your part about what will be created and lack of completeness on the part of the Universe.

You have the creative power of Source/God/Goddess/All That Is.  There is NO DOUBT that you can create whatever you choose to create!  Therefore, you are not giving the Universe a choice here.  You are creating!!!!

2_  When you ask for anything, include in your request that it will happen EASILY, EFFORTLESSLY, and PAINLESSLY. 

Why you would you choose anything less?  Of course you wouldn’t.  Still, the more specific your request, the more likely you will be creating exactly what you want to create.

3_  The more you ask for, the more you receive and the easier it gets to use this ability.

Like any skill, conscious manifestation requires practice, and practice improves our level of performance.

 4_  Ask for whatever you choose, and then LET GO!

Just KNOW that what you are asking for will be created.  You may not know how it will arrive or exactly when, but if you are certain that it will arrive, it will arrive. 

Remind yourself that IT IS ALREADY HERE!!

 5_  Ask with LOVE and JOY!!  Ask from your HEART.

Emotions are energy that provide power to your creative process.

Try this:  put one hand over your heart and ask a question.  You will get correct information every time!


The Healing Power of the Heart Center

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Of the 7 major chakras inside the human body, extending from the base of the spine to the top of our head, the Heart Chakra or heart center is the point of transition from lower vibrational frequencies to higher ones.  The major purpose of the Heart Chakra is to help us transform our consciousness from the lower to higher frequency vibrations.  This is most efficiently done in a conscious way. 

The tools of the Heart Center are the emotions that are available there.  Among these are Compassion, Love without conditions, Non-judgment, Forgiveness, Generosity of spirit, and Kindness.  The way to use the Heart Chakra to heal yourself of attachment to old emotions involves a number of steps.


Perhaps you have a grudge you have been carrying around for a long time.   When we carry anger or hatred or jealousy around, it begins to weigh heavily upon us.  It is like carrying a large backpack full of rocks.  With ever step, the backpack makes us waste our energy. 

In addition, when we hold onto an emotion from one situation, it tends to become magnetic and draws to itself more of that emotion.  The pattern of being angry or hating or being jealous tends to expand itself and draws more of the same into its energy.  Your backpack keeps expanding (it has unlimited size) to hold more and more of the same energy associated with many incidents and people over the years.  The energy grows and the weight increases.  Some of us actually are crawling, not walking, but crawling forward in our lives under burdons of our own creation.

So why are you still holding onto old grudges? 

“I don’t want the other person to win,” you might think.

Well, who has really won if you are crawling around beneath the weight of your emotions while the other person or persons are going about their lives feeling just fine?

“I want them to suffer ( — be punished; _________ — fill in the blank).”

Remember, to be empowered means to be in power over yourself.  You can’t change anyone else.  You CAN change YOUR SELF. 

Making the other suffer will not empty your backpack.  Instead, it may add a new emotional component called guilt.  Guilt is one of the heaviest emotions, rivaling lead, I sometimes think.

Remember, too, that everything outside us is a reflection of our inner world.  If you feel you are not worthy of enjoying your life, it’s your feeling – your limited belief – that is holding you back. 

You really don’t have to create a situation in which you say, “I’ll be happy when so-and-so is miserable.” 

What a waste of time and effort!  Do you realize you are giving your power away to the other person by making your happiness depend on that person’s mental/emotional state?

Insead, why don’t you TAKE BACK YOUR POWER?

You DO have the POWER to change your beliefs and feelings.  When you change them, your experience of your life will change.

Imagine that you can just put that backpack down and leave it on the side of the road.  Imagine yourself walking forward in your life with ease and freedom.  You would have more energy.  You would feel lighter.  You would BE lighter.  You would laugh and hop and skip and jump and enjoy life’s journey more.





p.s.  More on this discussion to come.