Tapping Into Your Inner Knowledge

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When I was growing up, I was taught by both my parents and other “authorities” to distrust my inner knowings and experiences.  Did that happen to you, too?  And do you remember some of the things you knew that you were taught to distrust?

  • I knew that, if there is a God, s/he is loving and not hateful, cruel, or vengeful.
  • I knew that there is life on other planets.
  • I knew that I could communicate with animals, or at least feel what they were feeling emotionally.
  • I knew what I didn’t like.
  • I knew what I did like.
  • I knew that if I didn’t please my parents and did, instead, what I wanted to do or what I felt was right when it disagreed with their perspective, the consequences would be dire.

How can we retrieve our own sense of knowing what is best for us?

For me, it took a very long time and a lot of encouragement and courage to break away from the conditioning and programming that I had received.  The energies were much denser then and this kind of thing was very hard work.  I succeeeded because I was very unhappy and very determined.

Today, so many people are discovering that the “answers” they have been given about how to live their lives and what is important in their lives are no longer working.  Society and the economy and relationships are changing and as we feel tossed about on the ocean of consciousness, it is time to ask the questions,

What should I do? 
How can I feel free and expansive while still feeling safe?
How can I protect myself and my family?
How can I experience Love in all areas of my life?
What is the next step for me in my life path?
How can I find the higher purpose in all this?

Seeking answers, you can talk to lots of people – friends, family, psychics, various professionals and specialists – and you can read lots of books and blogs.  But really, what good are everyone else’s answers going to be for you?  Maybe those answers are the best answers for the person giving them, but how do you know if they are the best answers for you?

The bottom line is this: 


No one else knows what is for your highest good except YOU. 

The answers are not “out there.”  For one things, “out there” is really just a reflection of your inner world.  Perhaps you can get signals that appear to be “out there” as a means of guiding you, and sometimes those signals do come through other people, but those signals are really coming from “in there” inside you.

How can you learn to strengthen and enhance the signals you are receiving?  How can you learn to notice them more and interpret them correctly?


Each day, while commuting, or when you get into bed at night, or if you sit down to meditate, as some folks do, make the following requests:

  1. Ask your higher self or “I AM Presence” to be more fully integrated into your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies (your 4-body system).
  2. Ask to be fully aligned with your Soul’s purpose for this day and for this lifetime.
  3. Ask to be given clear, neon-sign, you-can’t-miss-them signals to guide you through the day.
  4. Make a commitment to yourself to
    1. Notice the signals
    2. Write down all the signals you notice
    3. Follow through with the signals

If you do this every day for at least 2 weeks, I believe you will find significant changes in your ability to receive signals.  You will also find that there are more and more signals coming in.  You will, in fact, be getting the answers that you seek.


How do you learn any new skill, like shooting an arrow accurately?  You shoot an arrow and it misses the target.  You shoot another arrow, and it still misses the target, but it’s closer this time.  Maybe the next 3 arrows also miss and the 4th arrow hits the edge of the target.  By the 8th arrow, you are actually hitting the target 75% of the time.  By the 20th arrow you even had one bulls-eye.

All of life is a learning experience.  Your Higher Self, your I AM Presence, cannot guide you if you are standing still.  You have to take some steps in some direction.  If the steps you take are not in the direction you are being guided towards, you will get more signals to help you back “on track.”  If you are taking steps in the direction you are meant to go, you will get confirmations, which are signals that tell you that you are on track.

Sometimes confirmations and redirections come in the form of emotions.  You agree to do something, but you immediately feel horrible about it.  Or you agree to do something and you feel elated.  NOTICE these signals, and then follow through with them.  If you are distrusting them, you can ask, in either case, for additional confirmation.  But don’t keep asking over and over, as that will cause great confusion for you.

At some point you have to take a leap of faith. 


I left the world of computers without really knowing what I would do to support myself.  I kept getting the message that I had to leave or I would die, literally, as that world was making me very ill and it was not my true path any longer.  I had to learn to trust myself.  I had to learn that when I was aligned with my higher purpose everything would fall into place.  I had to learn to get out of my own way – get rid of limiting beliefs and ALLOW the energies of my life to flow and align.

Do you have the courage to trust your Self?  Now may be the time to find out, as the energies are supporting this as never before.


Behind the Scenes: Creating the Illusion

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Each year I give myself a holiday gift around mid-winter.  This year, I bought myself the entire extended edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD.  

If you are a fan of the Tolkien books – or not; if you are a fan of the movies made from these books – or not; if you just want to understand how far movie-making technology has advanced – or not; or if you just want to understand more about the illusion we live in – then I highly recommend this set of DVD’s.

Peter Jackson and his associates have created a film in which Middle Earth and the beings who inhabit it seem as real as any place or people you and I know.  On 6 DVD’s you can visit that world.  On 6 other DVD’s you are told and shown just how that world was created.

The blend of technologies and art are so completely interwoven that while watching the films, you cannot tell a living person from a computer generated person.  Same for horses, buildings, background views, and even entire scenes.  Amazingly, one of the central characters of the story named (Gollum/Smeagle) is a blend of actor and computer generation with some very sophisticated techniques combined.  You cannot tell stunt doubles from actors.  Due to variations in the size of the many characters, some  are actually played by 3 different people.  Camera angles and other tricks (and there are MANY) used to create this illusion are explained and demonstrated.  All of this and more are seamlessly integrated so that the viewer has NO IDEA what went on “behind the scenes” to create the illusion while watching the films.

I wonder . . . are the same or similar techniques being used to create what we are told is “news”? 

How would we ever know?

By now, if you have been reading my blogs for awhile, you know I have a questioning mind.  That old message from the 1960’s, “Question Authority” has become for me, “Question Reality” – or at least the version of it that is being fed to us by so-called authorities, including TV and the media and the politicians and the religious leaders and educators and anyone else who claims that you should just lap up whatever crummy drug they serve your brain and go to sleep.

What if everything we see around us is just a movie?  What if it is created in the same way that films are made?  How would we know?

“Impossible,” you might respond. 

Really?  Just consider the possibility.  You don’t have to believe in it.  Just consider it.

Look at all the lies we have been told since 9/11.  If you are not familiar with this, search the internet and give yourself a peek at some of the UTUBE videos that challenge the official view of this event.  Allow yourself to experience some “cognitive dissonance” – big words that mean that we humans tend to feel uncomfortable when we hear or read or watch anything that challenges our view of reality.

So you are not Columbus?  Remember Columbus.  He challengee the idea that the world was flat.  That was the world view of his time.  There still is a Flat Earth Society which firmly believes in that world view.  They even had a website.

Maybe you are like Columbus.  Maybe you are ready to challenge your own existing views of reality.  Can’t hurt to think for yourself.  Really.  Give it try.