Dimensional Shifting Toy Mouse

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Mouse?  Mouse!  Where’s the Mouse?

Starlight's toy mouse collection.

Starlight and I were playing with a new toy mouse last night.  I threw the mouse and Starlight chased it, grabbed it, tossed it, wacked it about, and brought it back to me.

Did you know that Siamese cats retrieve?  Well, they do.  At least they do until they teach YOU to retrieve for them, which was the game Violet likes to play.  She sits atop the cat tree and I  toss toys at her and she bats them away like a keeper in Quiddich.  Great eye-paw coordination.  Then I’m supposed to find all the toys, pick them up, and throw them again.  But I digress.

So I tossed the mouse again and Starlight chased after it again and it rolled under the hassock, which has a skirt so you can’t see under it.  Starlight dived completely underneath (she still fits), but soon emerged mouseless.

Dimensional shifting mouse?

“Where’s the mouse?” I asked her.   Starlight gave a telepathic shoulder shrug.

I saw it go under.

Starlight saw it go under.

Starlight FOLLOWED it under.

So I peeked under the hassock.  No mouse.

I looked out the other side and under the chair behind the hassock.  No mouse.

Starlight looked bewildered.  I probably did, too.

From my childhood, I knew that things sometimes dimensional shift.  This is not the same as misplacing an item and forgetting where you put it.

The other evening, I misplaced a pair of reading glasses and despite searching unsuccessfully for a long time, I gave up and went to bed.  The next morning, the glasses were still missing.  I finally found them when I decided to put some books back in a bookcase in my office.  There on the shelf were the glasses, which I probably placed there while looking for the books.  I hadn’t looked there during my search, I so can’t claim to know for sure that they didn’t shift dimensionally, but it’s probably safe to say that they didn’t.

When I was a child, my sisters and I would throw a ball to each other on the lawn.  If one of us missed the ball, we could usually go right to the spot where we saw the ball land and pick it up to resume our game.  But not always.  Sometimes, we’d go to the spot and the ball had just disappeared.  Dimensional shift!!  Weeks or months later, the ball might show up – in exactly the spot where we had looked for it!!

But back to the mouse.

I carefully checked the entire side of the room where the mouse might have rolled or been batted by Starlight.

No mouse.

A little later, while talking on the phone with a friend, I spied a mouse of the same color on the far side of the room just sitting quietly with a few other cat toys.

Starlight commenting.

Is that the missing mouse?

Did it not only dimensional shift, but shift in space as well?

I’m not sure we’ll ever know.

But you and I and Starlight will know that toy mice CAN dimensional shift.  Hmmm.


Starlight’s Escapade

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“Ethical Products, Inc.” –

Just how “ethical” are they?

Last summer I purchased a very expensive (for me) pet carrier that was light weight, with shoulder strap and several other nifty features. I did this because I was having my usual set of physical issues, and carrying my adults cats in their regular carriers had become difficult if not impossible.

Ethical Products "Fashion Pet Travel Gear"

The carrier was beautiful, although a bit snug for Sakhara, who is OK with it for short trips. I used it maybe 6 or 7 times and it remained in perfect, as new, condition.

Then Starlight went to the vet last week to be spayed. She’s about 6 months old and weighs only 5.2 pounds. I cut her nails the day before, and she was as prepared physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as any kitten could be.

Starlight at 5 months.

Starlight came through the spaying surgery with flying colors, but being a healthy, active kitten, she was frustrated with a full day of confinement that had begun when we left home at 7 a.m. that morning.

When I picked Starlight up at 6 p.m. that evening, I carefully checked all the zippers on the new carrier to make sure they were completely closed. I belted the carrier into the car seat, and started for the interstate.

Although I had greeted her lovingly while still at the vet, Starlight was protesting being confined. After turning onto the highway entry ramp, which is at least a mile long, I placed my right hand near the mesh at the front door of the carrier so she could scent it and hopefully calm down. To my great horror and surprise, I suddenly felt a cat head butting up against the palm of my hand.



I grabbed Starlight by the scruff of the neck and looked for a place to pull the car over.

It was night.  There were orange glowing streetlights lining the mile-long entry ramp. When the ramp split off in two directions, I was supposed to take the left lane.  Instead, I pulled into the space between the two lanes – not exactly a safe spot, in retrospect, but better than continuing on while holding a wiggling, escaped kitten in my right hand.

I turned on the light inside the car and discovered that Starlight had completely pulled the nylon mesh out of the stitching on one side of the front door of the carrier.  The zipper was still closed and in good condition.

What a strong kitten!! And she was so proud of her achievement! Unfortunately, I was less than happy.  Also unfortunately, I didn’t have any duct tape in the car, as after trying one or two ideas very quickly, it became very clear that there was no way to seal Starlight back into the carrier.

My only option was to hold the mesh closed with my right hand. This is not a safe way to drive.  Furthermore, it was dark. The roads were still lined with plowed up piles of snow from a blizzard just a few days before that had left 36+ inches everywhere. It was 6 p.m. and the temperature was falling. I really prefer to drive with two hands under these circumstances.

Still, I had no choice. It’s not safe to allow a curious kitten to run loose where she can crawl under the brake pedal or go flying into the windshield if a sudden stop is required.

Thanks to Mother/Father Source and the entire Upstairs Department we made it home safely.  Starlight had quieted down about half-way home, but I wasn’t taking any chances and kept holding the mesh closed.  Once in the garage with the overhead door shut, I took her out of the carrier, and made it into the house.

Before I left for the vets to pick Starlight up, Violet and Sakhara and I had discussed that Starlight would need to spend the night in the cat meditation room.  Now I unceremoniously, and without consulting anyone, carried Starlight into that room, shut the door tightly behind me, put Starlight on the floor, and proceeded to remove Violet from the cat meditation cave.

Violet was a bit dazed.  She was more out of her body than in it.  “Sorry,” I told her.  I wasn’t exactly calm, and because I know that cats after surgery often smell strange to other cats because of the drugs and antiseptics, I didn’t want to leave Violet and Star together until I could be present to supervise.  I still had to go back to the car, turn out all the lights, and bring everything inside from the trip.

As soon as I could, I took some (read LOTS OF)  5 Flower Formula (same as Bach’s Rescue Remedy) to calm myself down.  Then I had to settle everyone else down.   Starlight hadn’t eaten since 11:30 p.m. the night before and had refused food at the vets, so getting her to eat was a high priority.

So now my question was:

“What is the company that

sells this product going to do?”


It took several attempts to  reach their Customer Service department at Ethical Products, Inc., but I finally got through.  Persistence matters!!

I have been promised a brand new carrier!


Hand stitched repair to carrier door. The thread is VERY strong.

Meanwhile, I used my sewing skills and ingenuity to repair the carrier.  Violet and Sakhara would never think of trying get to out, so I feel it’s safe to use this old one for them, and since they are both receiving Advanced Allergy Therapeutics treatments, I still needed a functioning carrier.

The new carrier hasn’t arrived yet, and I keep wondering:  Is this a design flaw?  Or was this individual carrier defective?  I’ve asked the company and am waiting for a response.

I’ll definitely let you know what I find out, as safety is important when our animals need to travel.

Starlight has recovered nicely from her surgery.  Perhaps she’ll tell you all about it sometime.


P.S.  The company, Ethical Products Inc., sent me a brand new carrier.  The materials it’s made with are different from the original one, but the company was unwilling to say whether this carrier is safe for Starlight.  I appreciate their sending me a new carrier, but I’m not very confident about putting a physically strong, strong-minded kitten into it.  So for now, Violet and Sakhara get to use these, and Starlight gets the big plastic box with metal mesh.  I’m taking no chances!