Smiling Back at Yourself . . .

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Yesterday, I was speaking to one of my clients who is  in a panic about the economic chaos that is part of the group consciousness illusion at the moment.  I tried to help her see a different perspective, but she was in so much fear that she couldn’t really hear what I was saying without becoming angry and more frightened.

“How can I help her to understand?” I keep asking myself.  “How can I help people clinging to the old ways of living and the old beliefs begin to take steps towards the new ways that are being created by those of us who have taken back our consciousness creator roles? 

We don’t have the media available yet to reach out to people.  The media are controlled by those feeding off the fear of people just like my client.

We do have the internet, but even online there are “fear” sites and there are “optimistic” or what I will call “love” sites, and folks will go where they are drawn by whatever level their consciousness is at in the moment.

What we do have, for sure, is access to the Soul Plane. 

Just the other day, I taught a free teleclass to the people who are participating with me in Coco Fossland’s Wealth Manifestation Program.  The class was called Soul Plane Communication, and in the class I explain the benefits of communicating with other people on the Soul Plane and how this process works.  Then we did a guided experience of the process so that each person would learn how to do it themselves.

When I think about my client and our conversation yesterday, I realize that the only way I might be able to reach her right now is on the Soul Plane.  Our Souls know that we have the power to change our lives into anything we choose.  Our Souls want us to consciously connect with that power and use it for our own benefit and the benefit of humanity.

Not only does our Soul want this for each of us, but truly we all want this for each other, as the more people who take back their conscious use of their power, the sooner all of humanity will WAKE UP and remember as a group that we are not limited beings at all.  Rather,  we are expansive beings. 

On of my colleagues, Morgine Jurdan, recently wrote:

“REMEMBER  whatever you are facing …..  we are all an extension of Source Energy  … God  …  whatever you want to label it.  So each person is “playing” a role just for YOU!! Each face is the Divine looking up at you, smiling, knowing deep inside “you can do it” and shouting that silently from their heart to yours!!  IF you just look close enough, you can see yourself in every Divine face and then not be so afraid… (smile).  In fact you might just start laughing when you finally “get it!”

We must cheer each other on at every level.  Whenever we have an opportunity, let’s take the inner smile and put it on our faces.  Sometimes that smile is all another needs to help them shift from a contracted space to an expanded one, even if it’s just a tiny-weeny bit of expansion.

Just try smiling and staying contracted.  It’s very hard to do.  It’s like you have a facial mask on that’s dried and you try to smile and you can’t.  If you decide to truly SMILE, the mask of contraction WILL CRACK and your light will shine through more brightly.

Give someone the gift of your smile today.  Start with YOU.  Look in the mirror and smile at yourself.  GIVE YOURSELF A HUG while you’re at it.


Morgine Jurdan,  is an Animal Communicator and author with several websites.  I encourage you to visit them and sample her work.



Taking Responsibility for My Life

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When I was growing up, I was very angry and depressed and blamed my parents for everything. No surprise, this, as we are taught by the world of psychotherapy, starting with Sigmund Freud, that how we interact with our parents creates the basis for how our personalities develop and how our lives turn out.

While it is true that how we interact with others sets up patterns in our psyche that can affect us the rest of our lives, giving our power away to these patterns is more of the problem than the patterns themselves.

The first insight I had about this was while reading a book on color therapy when I was in my forties. I don’t remember the title or author, but I will never forget the message. Basically, the book said that, on the Soul Plane we make consciousness decisions regarding our next lifetime. We decide what we will experience. We make agreements with other Souls who offer to incarnate and become important individuals in our lives. We invite others to play the roles of our parents, spouses, children, friends, (even our animals) and so on who will significantly affect our lifetime. We ask them to treat us in particular ways and to share in our life path. In exchange, we offer to play various roles for them in their life paths.

This blew my mind.

For one thing, it really resonated as “true” for me.

For another thing, it meant that my parents were not responsible for how I handled anything in my life or even what I experienced. In fact, it meant that no one but I, myself, had made these decisions.

This was, for me, a critical step in reclaiming my personal power. It meant that my life was my responsibility. I had made choices before I was even born. How I chose to handle any given situation was my free will. What I had chosen to experience in this lifetime was also my free will. If I wanted to change anything in my life, it was up to me to do so.

As a result of this, I had to rethink everything about my life.

Since that time, I have also learned that the world outside me reflects the world inside me. Whatever I experience in each and every moment is totally a reflection of whatever my expectations are, whatever I energize with my thoughts and feelings, whatever I believe is true about myself.  The words I say to myself, the words I speak out loud, and how I treat others all create how I am treated and how I experience the world.

I AM in control of everything.

I AM in control whether or not I acknowledge being in control.

I AM in control whether or not I am conscious of being in control.

The power to manifest all that we experience is truly ours.

The power to decide to do this consciously is also ours.

As we grow up, we are taught to give our personal power away. We are taught this by others around us who have done the same thing. We give it away to our parents, to our friends, to our educational system, to our government, to religions, to the media, to the advertisers, and to any else who may want to control us. We are told we are sinners, weak, arrogant, prideful, and many other pejorative things when we try to claim our power.

Isn’t it time to take back our power?

I say, “YES!”

Taking back one’s power means taking full responsibility for everything in your life.

It means that, if someone treats you badly, it is not appropriate to take revenge.  It is appropriate to ask yourself some questions. “How did I create this?”  “What limiting belief do I have that brought this experience to me?”  “What am I supposed to learn about myself through this experience?”

When I can learn what I am here to learn (based on the decisions I made on the Soul Plane), when I can find the limiting belief and transform it into something expansive and enhancing to myself, I will no longer experience being treated badly.  I will learn to treat myself – and others, too – with more love, more compassion, more generosity and kindness.

I have the power to do this. 


I have already begun doing it and my life has been transformed and continues to be transformed every day.

Am I in my power every minute?  No.

But then I remind myself or a good friend reminds me, and I become even more empowered.

It’s a matter of developing new “muscles” and strengthening them by using them every day.  It can be done. 

I am the light house, the way-shower.  I shine light on this because it will show you that you, too, can be empowered. 

Only YOU can take back YOUR POWER.  Anyone who says they can give it to you is disempowering you.


Behind the Scenes: Creating the Illusion

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Each year I give myself a holiday gift around mid-winter.  This year, I bought myself the entire extended edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD.  

If you are a fan of the Tolkien books – or not; if you are a fan of the movies made from these books – or not; if you just want to understand how far movie-making technology has advanced – or not; or if you just want to understand more about the illusion we live in – then I highly recommend this set of DVD’s.

Peter Jackson and his associates have created a film in which Middle Earth and the beings who inhabit it seem as real as any place or people you and I know.  On 6 DVD’s you can visit that world.  On 6 other DVD’s you are told and shown just how that world was created.

The blend of technologies and art are so completely interwoven that while watching the films, you cannot tell a living person from a computer generated person.  Same for horses, buildings, background views, and even entire scenes.  Amazingly, one of the central characters of the story named (Gollum/Smeagle) is a blend of actor and computer generation with some very sophisticated techniques combined.  You cannot tell stunt doubles from actors.  Due to variations in the size of the many characters, some  are actually played by 3 different people.  Camera angles and other tricks (and there are MANY) used to create this illusion are explained and demonstrated.  All of this and more are seamlessly integrated so that the viewer has NO IDEA what went on “behind the scenes” to create the illusion while watching the films.

I wonder . . . are the same or similar techniques being used to create what we are told is “news”? 

How would we ever know?

By now, if you have been reading my blogs for awhile, you know I have a questioning mind.  That old message from the 1960’s, “Question Authority” has become for me, “Question Reality” – or at least the version of it that is being fed to us by so-called authorities, including TV and the media and the politicians and the religious leaders and educators and anyone else who claims that you should just lap up whatever crummy drug they serve your brain and go to sleep.

What if everything we see around us is just a movie?  What if it is created in the same way that films are made?  How would we know?

“Impossible,” you might respond. 

Really?  Just consider the possibility.  You don’t have to believe in it.  Just consider it.

Look at all the lies we have been told since 9/11.  If you are not familiar with this, search the internet and give yourself a peek at some of the UTUBE videos that challenge the official view of this event.  Allow yourself to experience some “cognitive dissonance” – big words that mean that we humans tend to feel uncomfortable when we hear or read or watch anything that challenges our view of reality.

So you are not Columbus?  Remember Columbus.  He challengee the idea that the world was flat.  That was the world view of his time.  There still is a Flat Earth Society which firmly believes in that world view.  They even had a website.

Maybe you are like Columbus.  Maybe you are ready to challenge your own existing views of reality.  Can’t hurt to think for yourself.  Really.  Give it try.