Hawk Messages

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When an Animal Appears,

Ask for the Message

Red Shouldered Hawk
Red Shouldered Hawk

Over the last 10 days, I’ve had a hawk come to my front lawn and land on the bird feeder pole that sits in the middle of a flower bed.  There’s no bird feeder there – just a set of chimes that rings with earth tones when the wind blows.

When an animal shows up in this way, there is always a message.  So every time I see the hawk, I ask, “What message have your brought me?”  And the hawk keeps asking, “Are you feeling the joy yet?” or “Are you being playful today?”

Considering that I’ve been going through enormous energetic reorganization of all my bodies since I started acupuncture treatments in late April and considering that they have frequently left me feeling like a limp rag, I haven’t exactly been filled with joy.  So having the reminder is a blessing.

Remembering to find the joy within us is essential because we are in charge of whatever we choose to feel.  I never used to believe this, but I’ve been coming around to the notion that we are truly in charge of what we feel.

This understanding finally dawned on me recently.  If I allow myself to become angry because of something someone else does, then I’m giving my power away to the other person.  This doesn’t mean that I have to accept mistreatment or abuse.  But it does mean that I’m in charge of how I react when someone else behaves disrespectfully or is doing an “anger dump” in my direction.

Instead of becoming angry, I have a choice.  I can step back from the situation and allow myself to be in a peaceful place observing what the other person is doing, feeling, and saying. With practice, I can learn to do this while the other person is still ranting and raving in my presence.

I can also choose not to participate in the conversation or situation.  I can keep love flowing through my heart.  I can set a clear and firm boundary with the other person, offering to speak with them another time when they are feeling better.

I don’t have to take on their upset or accept their disrespect.

If I do feel anger, I need to ask myself, “What button has been pushed inside me?”  When I ask that question, I’m taking responsibility for my own feelings.  This opens me to receive the information I’m asking for.  Sure enough, there is always something deep inside that is being replayed, like a old recording of a past hurt.

When I’ve identified what’s being triggered, I have options.  I can ignore it, or I can heal it.  When I heal it, I disconnect the button that was pushed so that I never have deal with it again.  Of course, there may be residue that calls my attention to this one or two more times, but after I clean up the residue, I’m free of it.

Talk about being in JOY!!

So the energies right now are bringing us opportunities to dig even deeper.  What?  You thought you had already reached the bottom of the barrel of old emotional debris?  Hmmm.  Maybe there are hidden compartments yet to be discovered, explored, and cleansed?

Learning How to Fly

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Are You Ready to Soar?


© Felicia Murray 2012.  Hawk over Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts.

When it’s time for the baby bird to leave the nest, the baby bird has to take a great leap of faith, stretch it’s wings, and jump.

Are you ready to learn how to fly?

So many students of Animal Communication want constant confirmation of what they are receiving telepathically.  When is it time to say,

No more.  I’m not going to give you any more confirmation.  You must now learn how to fly – take a chance – trust what you get.   If what you receive isn’t always 100% accurate, that’s ok.  That’s how you learn.  You’ll discover this on your own and you’ll keep practicing and you’ll improve over time. 

I have many students who have taken three, four, or even more classes in Animal Communication, and they are still seeking confirmation from a teacher about what they get.  As I work from higher guidance in all areas of my life, I asked my I Am Presence to help me understand how to help my students.  Here’s what I was told:

Stop.  Stop giving them confirmation.  The confirmation is a crutch and handicaps the student.  Only by learning to rely on themselves will someone become self-reliant.

Whoa!!  What a powerful message.

In my course called Receiving Higher Guidance, students practice speaking directly to their I Am Presence.  When they want me to provide confirmation, I totally refuse. This is their own higher guidance, and who am I to say, “this is right and that is wrong?”  What a bunch of nonsense to allow them to think that they have to go outside themselves to confirm their own internal messages.

Do you understand how you disempower yourself when you expect someone outside of you to tell you that your internal messages are correct or incorrect?

If you are working with your own higher guidance, your I Am will give you feedback.  If you ask for guidance and then act on that guidance, you’ll be nudged along on your path.  You’ll receive course corrections naturally.  It’s part of the process.  It interferes in that process to have someone else tell you “yes” or “no” about the messages you are receiving.

This is called Tough Love, or as I’ve heard it termed from the Buddhist perspective, “Fierce Compassion.”

Red Tail Hawk family.

Red Tail Hawk family.

In the neighborhood where I live, there are red hawks with nests in the tops of some very tall 60+ foot trees.  Each summer, there are baby hawks born and raised here.

As the end of summer approaches, you can hear the screams of the babies.  They are screaming because Mom and Dad have decided it’s time for them to fly and to learn to hunt on their own.  The parents have stopped bringing food to the nest, and the babies are protesting.  They don’t want to grow up – to take the leap of faith.  But they have to do it.

What would happen if the baby bird refused to leave the nest?  Would it’s parents have to keep feeding it for the rest of it’s life?

So are you like these baby hawks, screaming your protests at the world, constantly wanting confirmation of your own internal messages and telepathic reception?   Or . . .

Are YOU ready to fly? 

Take a leap of faith? 

Trust in yourself? 

 Spread your wings and soar?

Isn’t it time for you to find out just how amazing and magnificent you are?