Daily Wisdom: Appreciating Every Moment

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Are You Appreciating Every Moment of Your Life?


1. WISDOM: What is the wisdom you would like to give me today?

When you get up in the morning, what is your first thought?

Yes, it does matter what your first thought is for the day.  Your first moment of consciousness is as important as ever other and can even set the tone for the day.

Do you think, “Another beautiful day.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

I Appreciate You.

Do you think, “Oh, Lord, another day,” with your voice full of dread or sarcasm?

Maybe you don’t even remember what you thought this morning when you awoke?

2. LESSON: What are you trying to teach me?

Be aware of your thoughts and feelings.  Being aware is the first step to exercising consciousness about them – taking control of them.


You CAN choose what to think.

You CAN choose how to feel.

You CAN choose what actions to take.


3. RESISTANCE: What have I been resistant to accepting in the past that I’m ready to receive now?

You are resisting being in charge of yourself and your life FULLY.  “I want to be in charge.  I want to take back my power.” you say.  But to do that, you must accept responsibility for EVERYTHING.

3 a — SURRENDER: What do I need to surrender?

Surrender all unwillingness to be responsibility for yourself at all levels of your being.

3 b — ACCEPT: What do I need to accept?

Responsibility for yourself.  Since the world outside you reflects the inner you, looking outside and blaming others just replays the old way of being.  It’s time for a new approach.  ACCEPT your own power and being responsible for all that is, for you are GOD in this body.

4. ACTION: What action would you have me take today to serve my highest path?

TODAY – Use this affirmation:  I AM fully responsible for myself and my life!


5 a — SURRENDER: In order to receive my highest truth, what idea, behavior, or belief do you want me to surrender?

That you are small, weak, or a victim in any way.  This is subtle.  You’ve been working on this a long time, but there are still stray remnants that can now be dissolved through surrender.

5 b —ADOPT: To live my highest truth, what new idea, behavior, or belief would you like me to adopt today?

I AM THAT I AM.  I appreciate all that is, for whatever I experience I have created it for my own amusement and understanding.





To progress on our paths, we must be willing to make changes.

  • We must be willing to surrender limiting beliefs and ways of being.
  • We must also be willing to adopt new beliefs, new ways of being.

Both of these are challenging for us, at times, to do.

So to start off, we ask for the information. Then, if we are truly willing to change – to expand and to give up limitation – we begin one step at a time.

We surrender. . . and if that feels too difficult, we ASK FOR HELP and set the intention to surrender.

We accept something new . . . and if that feels too difficult, we ASK FOR HELP and set the intention to adopt the new way of being.